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Taiwan’s First Successful Media Paywall


Taiwan’s First Successful Media Paywall


Focused on a target audience of decision-makers around the Chinese-speaking world, “CommonWealth All Access” features in-depth analysis of major economic, business and financial issues and also delves into political and social topics.



Taiwan’s First Successful Media Paywall

By CommonWealth Magazine
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Founded in 1981, CommonWealth Magazine is Taiwan’s most influential business publication and has also emerged as a leader in digital innovation. It was the first news outlet to release an interactive iPad version of the magazine and has invested in recent years in long-form digital features that have earned SOPA and SND awards. “CommonWealth All Access”, which became Taiwan’s first “metered paywall” product when it was launched on March 15, 2017, is CommonWealth Magazine’s new digital paid content service.

About “CommonWealth All Access”

Focused on a target audience of decision-makers around the Chinese-speaking world, “CommonWealth All Access” features in-depth analysis of major economic, business and financial issues and also delves into political and social topics. Subscribers can pay a monthly fee (NT$249) or an annual fee (NT$2,490) to get full access to CommonWealth Magazine’s archives of more than 40,000 articles from the past 37 years, online daily news briefings and insight, and interactive digital features, simply by going to the website or using a smartphone app. It offers readers the most user-friendly way to access the best and most timely news content.

The product has shown considerable promise since it was launched, attracting more than 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2017, and it has established a new business model for the Taiwanese news media’s digital transformation.

Subscribers of “CommonWealth All Access” can get unlimited access to articles from latest edition of CommonWealth Magazine.

Innovative Features

1. Innovative Business Model

CommonWealth All Access relies on a metered paywall to create the foundation for a business model combining digital paid content and advertising revenue.

To date, it is Taiwan’s first and only system of its kind, and it is helping develop new and loyal paid content customers while at the same time preserving the existing ad revenue model.

You deserve better news. There are three ways to support good coverage: CommonWealth Magazine, CommonWealth All Access, Daily News app.

2. Innovative Customer Experience

The subscription function and reading interface for the CommonWealth website and Daily News app were redesigned based on standards from the tech and video game sectors to put the customer first.

Subscribers-only Daily News app

The monthly subscription system offers a low fee, a one-month trial period and the right to cancel at any time, increasing its appeal to the younger generation.

3. Innovative Content Generation

Building on the magazine’s high-quality news content, CommonWealth has revamped the organization and re-trained staff to turn itself into a new-age production/publicity/marketing team with seamlessly integrated print and online content.

Major issues are presented as digital features combining text, photos, video and data analysis, resulting in unique, high-quality and interactive content that is disseminated through CommonWealth’s strong social community, constantly upgraded search technology, and big data analysis.

The Day’s News Special Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Stressing a long-term outlook, identifying/capitalizing on changes in trends, and focusing on news quality are the All Accees’s keys to success.

All Access uses CommonWealth’s signature red as the dominant color and builds on CommonWealth Magazine’s print brand with an injection of language and elements catering to a younger audience to drive interest, while also encouraging readers of the paper magazine to cultivate digital reading habits.

Besides, the All Access site’s landing page stresses insightful perspectives and highlights the content’s value, while offering a clean, tech feel to attract users who accept the concept of paid content.


The number of people subscribing to CommonWealth All Access has steadily risen since the service’s launch and is expected to become a steady source of revenue in the future.

Edited by Sharon Tseng

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