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Across the Strait

Why is Taiwan’s stock exchange failing to retain strong, successful companies? Share prices are falling short of expectations, raising capital is difficult, and...


Kibiing Group President Ge Wenyao stresses that, even if Taiwan refused investment from Chinese enterprises, his Group would team up with Western corporations to face off against Taiwanese businesses.


Wealthy Chinese investors have been searching the globe for promising ventures involving established brands and advanced technologies in Europe and the United States.Yet while both regions welcome "red capital" to boost their economies, they see different risks attached.


Chinese investment is everywhere, but Taiwan's fabless semiconductor sector remains off limits. Some domestic IC design firms would like to see the policy change, but questions abound over whether it could be done without compromising national interests.


China’s electronics industry, backed by its government’s deep pockets, is feasting on global companies to build a high-tech supply chain that is overwhelming rivals. Taiwan’s businesses face a bleak future if they don’t face up to the looming menace.


Sociologist Kao Cheng-shu is optimistic that the Ma-Xi Meeting will open up new opportunities, should Taiwan have the foresight to take advantage of them.


Former DPP Legislator Lin Chuo-shui feels that President Ma Ying-jeou made things even more difficult for Taiwan during his meeting with PRC President Xi Jinping.


Poet and activist Wu Cheng expresses his disappointment in the KMT’s administration and calls for caution in dealing with cross-strait issues.

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