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The Asian Silicon Valley vision of President Tsai Ing-wen is startin...


Although Taiwan stock exchange index had a strong showing in 2016, turnover and trading volume have hit a record low. In this interview, FSC Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng discusses what can be done to heal the market’s ills.


Bullish about DRAM and Taiwan’s technological capabilities, Micron Technology is going forward with NT$120 billion acquisition of Inotera Memories, dashing the hopes of potential buyers in China.


Since Morris Chang returned as CEO of TSMC in 2009, the company has fought off spirited challenges from its closest rivals regardless of the technology and seen its stock price soar. How has the semiconductor giant been able to sustain its success?


Pension reform is of vital importance as Taiwan faces the challenges of industrial transformation as well as an aged society. Can the long-overdue reform succeed this time?


Taiwan’s rapidly aging population has made its different pension systems – especially that for public employees – unsustainable. The stakes are high as the country tackles pension reform, and we look at the possible directions the initiative might take.


Taiwan’s new government is pushing closer economic ties with Southeast Asia, but the Taiwan-based Namchow Group doesn’t need any prodding. It has operated there for 25 years with a record of success few Taiwanese companies can match.


Taiwanese solar power cell maker Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. was able to win a lucrative contract for a solar power plant in the Philippines because it made efforts to build trust with the locals.

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