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A self-described risk taker whose philosophy rests on encouraging imagination through play might seem more like PIXAR or Tesla than a government agency. But Tekes,...


With all transactions these days completed on computer networks, auditors need to be competent not just in accounting, but must know how a program was written and if any alterations have been made to it.


The Department of New Media Art at TNUA hopes to train creative individuals who are equally adept at using the analytical-logical and artistic-creative parts of their brains.


Giant Manufacturing founder and chairman King Liu has been instrumental in leading the global cycling lifestyle trend. Liu believes that if you want to win you have to anticipate trends before others, and never let the present affect your thinking about the future.


Highly profitable smartphone camera lens maker Largan Precision Co. Ltd. is expected to see shipments soar if demand for dual camera smartphones doubles as forecast next year.


TSMC Chairman Morris Chang, one of Taiwan’s most respected business people, opens up in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine about the future of the high-tech and semiconductor sectors and the state of labor-management relations in Taiwan.


Pile after pile of waste tires stacked in small mountains comprise a “Taiwanese landscape” that Enrestec is determined to eliminate. The company’s turning junk tires into new tires and toner cartridges has attracted global attention.


Countries around the world are embracing the idea of a “circular economy” in which resources remain in use for as long as possible and nothing goes to waste. Taiwan was late to jump on the bandwagon, but a few companies are showing the way.

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