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Welcome to CommonWealth

An Introduction to CommonWealth Magazine

Launched in June 1981, CommonWealth magazine is Taiwan's first political- economic magazine run by professional journalists.With a current circulation of 120,000, CommonWealth magazine is Taiwan's most respected publication on economics, politics and current events.

CommonWealth Magazine gives objective and extensive coverage of Taiwan's political, economic and social trends. The magazine regularly runs profiles of government and business leaders, corporate strategies, management trends, as well as in-depth reports and analyses on the nation's political and economic developments and social changes.

CommonWealth magazine has long been devoted to introducing new ideas to Taiwan, and is well known for its unrivaled strength in overseas country reports. The magazine has featured in-depth explorations of such countries and territories of the Asia-Pacific region as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, and such countries in Europe as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands Demark, Finland, Sweden and Austria, to name a few. Political leaders like Minister Mentor Lee Kuang Yew of Singapore, former Minister Prime Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed of Malaysia, former Prime Minister Jim Bolger and Helen Clark of New Zealand, and former Prime Minister Paul Keating of Australia all broke precedent in giving exclusive interviews to CommonWealth magazine, an affirmation of its reputation for authoritative reporting.

In addition, international figures such as Nobel Prize laureate Robert A. Mundell, Michael E. Porter, Lester C. Thurow, Peter Senge, John Naisbitt, Kenichi Ohmae, Michael Hammer, Anthony Giddens, Immanuel Wallerstein and business leaders such as Andy Grove of Intel, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Ellison of Oracle, and Carly Fiorina of HP have granted exclusive interviews to CommonWealth magazine.

In response to Taiwan's rapidly changing business environment, starting July 2002 CommonWealth doubled its publication frequency with a bi-weekly format, giving its readers more timely and in-depth interpretations of the fast-paced world.