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No. 400    July 03, 2008
Cover Story
By Isabella Wu

Having been through several close calls and critical conditions, legacy company IBM has spent a lot of time, effort and resources redefining its business values. That's perhaps why it can accurately grasp hold of visionary trend and innovative ideas.

By Lo Yi-hsiu

Whether in Taiwan or New York, in amateur baseball or the major leagues, the quiet and reserved Chien-ming Wang's world has always been limited to the batter he's facing.

By Joanna Hong

Tenacious K.S. Pua has shown daring in turning his company into a global leader in NAND flash memory products, but it's been anything but a smooth road.

By Grace Chin

Six years in a troubled region have shown Sam Lai his own pride and weaknesses, as destitute refugees have taught him the true meaning of strength and happiness.

By Fuyuan Hsiao

Trendsetting TV show producer Wang Wei-chung grew up poor, and even got the sack at the beginning of his career. If you want to know where Wang gets his sense of humor, look no farther than his bittersweet.

By Yueh-lin Ma

Multitalented Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has become a synonym for innovative, non-traditional Chinese-language pop music. What is the source of the energy driving his success?

By Yu-chi Su

The long career of retired Acer CEO Stan Shih had its ups and downs. But no matter how serious his predicament, Shih's altruistic ideals have never wavered.

By Sun Hsiaoping

Eighteen-year-old Go prodigy Hsieh Yi Min has stunned Japan by winning several major Go tournaments. Her rise to the top is a story of perseverance in a fiercely competitive environment.

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