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From Factory Owner’s Daughter to Rancher’s Wife

A Taiwanese Immigrant’s Tale from the Last Generation

On this new patch of earth, they erected a hotel. Lots of their staff were immigrants like them, people struggling to win their share of the American Dream. Everyone had a story.

World Opinion
Can Health Insurance Boost Fertility?

The Fertility Effect of National Health Insurance in Taiwan

"Without the high level of immigration that the U.S. has traditionally enjoyed, we might have fertility problems as severe as Taiwan’s, and be facing the challenges of shrinking workforce that Taiwan is facing today—we might yet in the future."

Red Candle Games

‘Devotion’ Gaming Controversy: Taiwan’s ‘Soft Power’ Meets China’s ‘Tough Power’

Heated discussion has flared up on Internet forums across Taiwan and Hong Kong in recent days after an online game contained reference to the “Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh” meme.

A Dutch Wife and Taiwanese Mother’s Letter to Her Unborn Child

Yizhuo L. is always being suspected by her Dutch in-laws of trying to turn their only grandson Taiwanese, or being hounded by her own parents to make sure the heritage of traditional Chinese culture is not lost in her son. She teaches Chinese to foreign students and embraces sinology while bring bombarded by cultural differences. Right now, her greatest challenge is nurturing her cross-cultural marriage.

NT$30 Million Spent on System Codification

Why Are Foreign Visitors Still Getting Lost on Taipei’s MRT System?

How is “Yongan Market” pronounced? Foreigners not conversant in Chinese could easily mistake the phonetic spelling for a phrase in Mandarin that could cause significant embarrassment, and still end up missing their station as well. For people who are lost in the Taipei Metro system, proper spelling is more important than assigning a code to each station.

World Opinion
Nojima Tsuyoshi Column

Tokyo’s Kabukicho - City of the Taiwanese

Who would have thought that three Taiwanese people would be instrumental to the establishment and growth of Japan’s number one red light district? Not only is this true, but it points to the considerable role certain Taiwanese quietly played in Japan’s overall post-war history.