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Lin Hsiu-tzu:

Don’t Tell the Japanese to Visit Jiufen Anymore!

Repeat visitors from Japan are interested in delving deeper into Taiwan’s culture and geography than can be experienced on typical guided tours.

Workplace Hack

Should Laptops be Banned from Meetings?

Could using a laptop to take notes in meetings undermine your overall performance? Research from Princeton and UCLA might have the answer.

Chinese Taipei Cheering Their Way to The Global Stage

Teamwork and Tenacity Takes Taiwan to The Top

They fight in the name of Chinese Taipei, but for the name of Taiwan.


Bubble Milk Tea? Not for Indians

In India, a country where life can never be completed without tea, milk, and sugar, how can a beverage that has dominated the market of Taiwan and even many Western countries disappear entirely from New Delhi in just a short two-year period?

A Different Take on Taiwan’s Low Wages

The ‘Hidden Costs’ of ‘Hidden Champions’

Labor groups have long blamed Taiwan’s low wages and long working hours on exploitative employers. But in this Op-ed piece, Universal Cement Corporation Vice President Jack Hou offers a more expansive view of what the real problems are.

Patrick Y. Yang

Fighting Cancer with Precision Medicine

Instead of resting on his laurels and enjoying retirement life, biotech industry veteran Patrick Y. Yang has returned to the frontline to help Taiwan catch up with the world leaders in precision medicine.