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Across the Strait

Across the Strait
No Bounderies For This Taiwanese Top Chef

A Chinese Culinary Creator – André Chiang's New Position

"Many Taiwanese restaurants have been expanding their business to Mainland China or other countries. This does not mean they are betraying Taiwan," said Sandra Lee, Vice President of Marketing of Hasmore Ltd. Restaurant Group.

Across the Strait
China's Annual Shopping Craze

Startling Statistics from Singles' Day

These statistics show the amount spent this year for Alibaba's annual Singles' Day.

Across the Strait
The World is Flat for Innovation

China's Mobile Economy, Explained

Despite the stagnation of the global market, China's mobile economy is growing rapidly and this booming is changing the country's industrial landscape. Why?

Across the Strait
The Foshan Model

A Harbinger of China’s Future

Foshan in the Pearl River Delta has established itself as a testing ground for Xi Jinping’s economic policies as it moves up the value chain. How has it transformed its economic structure to emerge as a home to a cluster of hidden champions?

Across the Strait
Wooing Taiwan's Independence-Minded Youth

Can Xi’s ‘National Treatment’ Strategy Work?

A continued stalemate appears to be on the horizon for official cross-strait relations following the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress. Yet it is worth watching to see how far such substantive measures as “national treatment” aimed at facilitating cross-strait “fusion development” rolled out by PRC President Xi Jinping could go towards winning over a generation of Taiwanese naturally favoring independence.

Across the Strait
After the 19th National Congress of CPC

China’s $900 Billion New Silk Road, Explained

East to west ... who stands to gain from China's controversial trade route?