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Greater China Top 1000
2017 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

Is Taiwan’s Star Fading?

CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 1000 Survey pointed to potential threats to Taiwan’s competitiveness – fewer companies making the cut, the fading aura of the semiconductor and flat panel sectors, the lack of new blood and China’s rise.

Taiwan Top 2000
EVA Airways

Eyeing Prospects for the Long Haul

EVA Airways has set a new record for revenue by concentrating on North American routes, not only weathering the economic climate but proceeding according to its own flight plan.

Taiwan Top 2000
China Steel Corp.

Boosting Profitability with Pre-sales Services

Thanks to customer-oriented “pre-sales services” and strong R&D capability, Taiwan’s largest integrated steelmaker, China Steel Corporation, has doubled its profits and made inroads into the Asian market for high-end steel materials.

Taiwan Top 2000
Largan Precision

The Making of an Optical Lens Legend

Largan Precision’s dominance in the high-end lens industry was confirmed when Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus ushered in the dual-lens smartphone camera era at the end of 2016. How has Largan reached this pinnacle, and where does it go from here?

Taiwan Top 2000
2017 Top 2000 Survey

AI: A Wave Taiwan Must Ride

Artificial intelligence is poised to explode, much like the internet in the 1990s. But with no clear market and no advanced research, how can Taiwan find its niche in this global tsunami and what will it need to do to strike success?

Taiwan Top 2000
Top 2000 Survey : Service Industry

Green Energy, Green Economy Avert Decline

Cultural creative, environment-related industries are finding growth while retail and hospitality sectors are expanding markets. The service industry is developing profitable streams even as profits have declined overall.