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Golden Service Awards
Interview with Fubon’s Richard Tsai

Building a National Brand

The Fubon Group has bucked convention in growing its business, whether moving into southern Taiwan or expanding into non-financial fields. In this interview with Richard Tsai, the Fubon Financial Holdings chairman explains how the company has evolved into a national brand.

Golden Service Awards
Nike’s Sports Ecosystem

Every Customer a VIP

Combining real-world and virtual services, Nike brings consumers into the “circle of runners,” providing expert training and encouragement, and delivering service with passion to take the loneliness out of running.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Awards : Pinkoi

Selling Creativity, Custom Recommendations

Why is business booming for Pinkoi in countries around the world? Using a recommendations function and analyzing consumer preferences to target their needs, the company acts as a bridge between supply and demand to successfully navigate the intense competition of the e-commerce space.

Golden Service Awards
A NT$300 Billion Gold Mine

Wellness – The New-Age Luxury

The new fashion trend in the service sector has nothing to do with the usual suspects, like glamorous apparel, sparkling jewelry or fast cars. It’s wellness, and companies are using many strategies to capitalize on soaring demand for this hot commodity.

Golden Service Awards
2017 Golden Service Awards

Winners Embrace New Trends

One third of Taiwan’s 24 service industry sector champions were toppled in the 2017 Golden Service Awards, a testament to the challenging, changeable and competitive nature of the economic environment.

State of the Nation
2017 State of the Nation Survey

Neglected Voices Hound Tsai Administration

President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration is having a hard time satisfying socie-ty’s expectations. The voices of middle-aged people, residents of remote areas, and those demanding educational reforms must be heard.