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Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Mercedes-Benz Taiwan

German CEO Takes Lead in Local Reforestation

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, the country’s leading seller of luxury automobiles, continues to rack up sales records year after year. Despite being a foreign corporation, MBT has given back to society through two locally attuned programs.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Water-free Dyeing Puts Taoyuan on the World Map

The textile industry is notorious for using vast amounts of water throughout its milling processes, putting an enormous strain on the planet’s dwindling water resources. But Far Eastern New Century Corp. has had the foresight to invest in a novel “water-free dyeing” technique, saving resources and cutting costs.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Taiwan’s Sustainability Challenge

Time to Eat a Green Apple

Apple is quietly going green, including making new products out of recycled materials and pushing a 100 percent renewable energy goal for its own stores and suppliers. With Taiwan a critical part of Apple’s supply chain, how will it adapt?

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Yung Shin Pharm Ind.

Little Giant Serves CSR with Volleyball

From a minor volleyball tournament to one of the biggest sporting events in Taiwan, the Yung Shin Cup is a prime example of private corporate sports sponsorship. Boosting the local economy and community development, the tournament is a platform of exchange for the sports and health communities.

Greater China Top 1000
2017 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

Is Taiwan’s Star Fading?

CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 1000 Survey pointed to potential threats to Taiwan’s competitiveness – fewer companies making the cut, the fading aura of the semiconductor and flat panel sectors, the lack of new blood and China’s rise.

Taiwan Top 2000
EVA Airways

Eyeing Prospects for the Long Haul

EVA Airways has set a new record for revenue by concentrating on North American routes, not only weathering the economic climate but proceeding according to its own flight plan.