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Simon Sinek

What Does it Mean to Be a Good Leader?

Each day our world is constantly changing and becomes more competitive. Good leaders brings their teams toward progress and success. However, what does it really mean to be a good leader? World-class author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek might have an answer.

Taiwan’s Badminton Queen

Tai Tzu-ying’s Road to World No. 1

Tai Tzu-ying has become Taiwan’s first-ever female badminton player to be ranked No. 1 in the world. How did Tai get there and does she have what it takes to stay on top, considering her fear of the limelight?

Anny Chan, founder of Otto2 Artistic Aesthetics

Not Giving Up Was Worth It

She saw her business go from profitable to hemorrhaging money in the blink of an eye. Scarred by the global financial crisis and a misguided investment strategy, she clawed back to breaking even, meanwhile learning to recognize her weaknesses and stop trying to do everything herself.

Jane Chi, chair of Chaheng Precision

The Heroine of Taiwan’s Aviation Industry

Growing up, she dreamt of becoming a knight in shining armor defending the weak and downtrodden. As an adult, she worked to save mold maker Chaheng Precision Co. Ltd. from bankruptcy, transforming the conventional company into a Tier-1 supplier for the world’s leading aircraft makers.

Indigenous Singer Jia Jia

Working Hard at Being Herself

Long recognized on the music scene as an exceptional talent, two-time Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Female Singer Jia Jia tells how she learned to believe in herself…

Angela Duckworth

What is Grit and Why is it the Secret of Success?

Angela Duckworth is an American psychologist, best selling author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research shows that the key to excellence is not about talent but 'grit'. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, Prof. Duckworth shares her insights about the idea of 'grit'.

Labor Law Revisions

Our Goal: A Five-Day Workweek for Everyone

Faced with criticism over the introduction of a new workweek system under the revised Labor Standards Act, Hsieh Chien-chien, Director of Department of Labor Standards and Equal Employment in the Ministry of Labor, says the aim of the amendment was to create a legal basis for a five-day workweek for all. Following are the excerpts from our interview:

Labor Law Revisions

Responsibility System Needs Appropriate Compensation

Photojournalist Cheng Chao-wen believes that journalists should be allowed more free time to enhance their skills and be properly compensated to ‘keep the flame burning.’

Labor Law Revisions

More Paid Leave Brings Greater Personal Flexibility

Software Engineer Huang Pei-en appreciates the paid annual leave that comes with the revised Labor Standards Act, but misses the seven national holidays he used to enjoy.

Trend Micro Chairman Steve Chang

Seeing through Power

For many years, Trend Micro founder Steve Chang was caught in the rat race running his very successful company. But he decided to get out soon after turning 50 to devote himself to more charitable pursuits and has not looked back.

Yu-Chien Tseng

‘ I Work Hard at Being Myself ’

Embarking upon a promising career as a professional musician, Yu-Chien Tseng is in the first movement of his dream of performing into his eighties.

Chang-Tai Hsieh:

Taiwan Mired in 1980s Mentality

Professor Chang-Tai Hsieh, an expert on economic growth and development, discusses how Taiwan can break free from its current economic predicament.

Soichiro Fukutake

Regional Entrepreneur Rejuvenating Forlorn Isles

Japanese billionaire Soichiro Fukutake, known for the company behind the animated tiger cub Shimajiro, and for the Setouchi Triennale international art festival, which has generated tourism for several islands in the Seto Inland Sea, will share his experiences at the upcoming CommonWealth Economic Forum.

Fleur Pellerin

From Korean Orphan to French Minister

Fleur Pellerin has overcome both racism and sexism to find success in con-servative French political and business circles. At the invitation of Common-Wealth Magazine, she will make her first visit to Taiwan in January to take part in the 2017 CommonWealth Economic Forum.

52Hz, I Love You

Wei Te-sheng Wants Audiences to Feel Happy

Film director Wei Te-sheng has turned his hand to making a musical. Featuring original songs and lyrics, 52Hz, I Love You is a film that awakens the ears, gets the heart pumping, and is sure to warm your heart.

Exclusive Interview: Premier Lin Chuan

Taiwan’s Big Infrastructure Ambitions

Premier Lin Chuan’s approval ratings have plummeted in his six months in office. But in an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he insists he will remain focused on addressing Taiwan’s problems and let others worry about the polls.

Minister without Portfolio Chang Jing-sen:

Tear Down New Illegal Factories

Taiwan is littered with factories operating illegally on land not zoned for industrial use. The government has put Minister without Portfolio Chang Jing-sen on the problem, and he shares his plans in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine.

Godspeed Director Chung Mong-hong

The Alluring Vicissitudes of the Real Taiwan

A society news story has become a Taiwanese road movie in the hands of film director Chung Mong-hong, an auteur who breathes life into the frustrations of everyday characters, transforming them into Taiwan’s most authentic landscape.

Chen Chi-chung, Vice Chairman of COA:

Public Should Monitor Agricultural Land Use

Tens of thousands of factories have been built illegally on farmland in Taiwan. While manufacturers hope to see these operations made legal, others fear that such moves would encourage the illegal occupation and destruction of farmland, jeopardizing the nation’s food safety.

Interview with Richard Saller

Don’t Abandon the Humanities

Stanford University is renowned for its innovate approach to learning. One of its top educators insists that liberal arts and the humanities are key to higher education, even in this digital age, but admits to still figuring out how to best get the message across.

Education Revolution vs. Industrial Transformation

Time to Reinvent College Education

Taiwan desperately needs a new wave of digital talent to cope with the increasing use of digital tools throughout the country’s economy. Universities have done a poor job in preparing this talent, but a revolution is underway to change that.

NTU Plans Innovative Cross-Disciplinary Courses

Chinese Literature Meets Information Engineering

At first glance, Chinese literature and information engineering seem to be worlds apart. Nevertheless, National Taiwan University (NTU) is planning to bridge the gap with an innovative “Computer Science Plus” project.

Exclusive Interview with Morris Chang

One Key to Success – No Unions

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang, one of Taiwan’s most respected business people, opens up in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine about the future of the high-tech and semiconductor sectors and the state of labor-management relations in Taiwan.

Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu

Turning Employees into Tigers

Sharp’s first foreign president, Tai Jeng-wu, has brought a sense of urgency to the money-losing Japanese electronics giant, insisting that pressure is necessary to foster growth. He explains his strategy in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine.

FieldOffice Architects

Stunning Europe with Taiwanese Architectural Design

After over two decades of silently pioneering modern spatial design in rural Taiwan, FieldOffice Architects are drawing international attention this month, becoming the first Taiwanese architectural bureau to showcase their work in Europe.

Ang Lee:

Cinema Keeps Telling Me It is About to Change

Already at the top of the film world, why does director Ang Lee still insist on doing things others won’t? As the first to adopt the 3D, 4K, 120fps format, what sort of experience will he give the audience?

Victor Sports

Returning to Taiwan for R&D and Production

Having gone to China for the huge market, only to move the production line back to Taiwan, Victor Sports found that only a racquet designed and produced in Taiwan could topple the industry leader. From Taiwan to Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia, many national team players are now sporting Victor’s distinctive corporate logo.

New Kinpo Group’s Simon Shen

Betting Big on 3D Printers

Global makers are using 3D printers to reach for their dreams, and helping them do it is global market share leader, the New Kinpo Group. New Kinpo President Simon Shen is leading the company along an unorthodox road to sustain its past success.

Tsing Hua University

Finding Talent Where Tests Cannot

As the proving ground for the government’s Multi-Star Project, National Tsing Hua University continues its admissions reform measures, taking just 30 percent of its students via examination. The institution believes that the solutions of the future will not be found in standardized tests.

Mailiao High Schoool

Education for More than the Top 1%

As a community high school in a fairly remote part of Taiwan, Mailiao High School should be struggling to survive. Instead, it is thriving by helping meeting the diverse needs of all of its students rather than focusing solely on getting them into college.

Fighting for Taiwan: Tsai Sheng-da

Revitalizing Indigenous Villages

The “Island Puzzle” created by OBL Taiwan co-founder Tsai Sheng-da has raised awareness of the relationship between people and nature but even more importantly injected new life into Taiwan’s aboriginal villages.

Fighting for Taiwan: Chang Shu-mei

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Top female executive Chang Shu-mei, founder and chairperson of electronic components maker Jess-Link Products Co., Ltd. (JPC), devotes much of her time lending financial and emotional support to women who want to start their own businesses.

Fighting for Taiwan: Leslie Koo

Forging the World’s No. 1 Species Platform

Fighting for Taiwan: Designer Johnason Lo

Taking Local Design International

A veteran in his field, notable for designing visual identities for major TV stations worldwide, JL Design founder Johnason Lo has identified a suitable niche for Taiwanese design in the Chinese-speaking world.

Fighting for Taiwan: Architect Hsieh Ying-chun

Bringing Affordable Shelter to the World

Taiwanese architect Hsieh Ying-chun has developed inexpensive, easy-to-build homes that have helped rebuild communities in Taiwan hit by disaster. He’s now hoping they can house refugees across the globe.

Fighting for Taiwan: Architect Borden Tseng

Turning Heads with Public Projects

Borden Tseng has been highly acclaimed internationally for designs that have brought a cool vibe to Taiwan’s sometimes drab public projects. He now hopes to reverse the negative stereotype associated with social housing.

Fighting for Taiwan:Tong Yang-tze

Reviving the Joy of ‘Characters’

Passionate about calligraphy and its charm her entire life, Tong Yang-tze has set out to help the younger generation appreciate the beauty of written characters and transform their contours into a unique Taiwanese treasure.

Fighting for Taiwan

In this 35th anniversary edition, CommonWealth Magazine is using the stories of someTaiwanese who have fought to make things better to present a different side of the country.

Fighting for Taiwan: Chen Yu-chin

Above Any Label – A New Kind of Taiwanese

The daughter of a veteran soldier from China and an Indonesian-Chinese mother, Chen Yu-chin used her writing to define herself in a way that transcends established labels, paving the way for others in Taiwan with atypical family backgrounds to freely define themselves.

Fighting for Taiwan: Ming-yang Yu

Sowing the Seeds of Dreams

With a swipe and a click, mobile games developed in Taiwan achieve wild popularity worldwide. Under CEO Ming-yang Yu, Rayark’s success has ushered in a new chapter for Taiwanese gaming.

New Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang

Taiwan’s Democratic Innovation ‘Connector’

Audrey Tang will soon become Taiwan’s youngest Cabinet minister when she starts as minister without portfolio on Oct. 1 to lead open government initiatives. Describing herself as a “connector,” she is uniquely qualified to play this role. Here’s her story.

Cheng Li-chiun, Minister of Culture

Taking Responsibility for One’s Ideals

New Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun is an advocate of Taiwanese subjective consciousness. How does she plan to handle cross-strait cultural exchanges given that China balks at any assertion of the Taiwanese cultural element?

Designing Victory

Engineering the Look of a Presidential Campaign

Tsai Ing-wen's political campaign and Aaron Nieh's designs turned out to be a perfect match as well as an ideal example for Taiwanese brands.

The Happy Hogs of Yunlin

Taiwan’s Secret Weapon against Pork Imports

Local produce and meat featured high at the inaugural banquet of President Tsai Ing-wen in a clear signal that food safety will be at the top of her agenda. "Happy Pig" from a family farm in rural Yunlin County in central Taiwan was one of the featured homegrown ingredients.

Nelson Chang, CEO of the L'Hotel de Chine Group

Success in the Age of AI

While the replacement of humans is already underway, the key to success, according to Nelson Chang, is finding the canary in the coalmine.

Robert Wong, Chairman of CMC Magnetics

AI Supports Corporate Decision-Making

For a company, profits and investments are like the black and white stones in the traditional game of Go. Which move should be made in the current situation? There is no harm in listening to what artificial intelligence has to say.

Kevin Wu + Toshio Oh

Building A New Image for Hog Farming

Few people know that famous fashion designer Jason Wu has a brother who brings his creative streak to a much less glamorous industry – hog farming. Together with creative marketer Toshio Oh, Kevin Wu turned the company's meat processing facility into a place where visitors can experience the new values of Taiwan's agricultural business community.

Meimei Ding

Conquering China’s Fashion Realm

Starting in Hungary, DFO International founder Meimei Ding skillfully employed the latest Western fashion business model to boldly take on the China market, establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur bridging Europe and Asia in just two years.

Chih-han Yu

Making Big Things Happen in Taiwan

Taiwan native Chih-han Yu is building a business that applies artificial intelligence to online advertising solutions and in the process destroying the myth that Taiwan may not be a good environment for startup companies.

Dr. Colin Soskolne

Searching for Solutions to Taiwan’s Industrial Pollution

Dr. Colin Soskolne, renowned international epidemiology authority and a strong advocate of public policy formulation on contagious diseases based on solid scientific data, recently toured the contaminated Mailiao region during a visit to Taiwan. He then compiled his recommendations for addressing industrial pollution and policy formulation.

From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Owned By China’

The Insidious Spread of Red Wealth

Chinese capital is pervasive in Taiwan, much of it entering the country through legal loopholes to steal technology and poach talent. Is there any way Taiwan can manage this onslaught of "red wealth?"

Chen Chu

‘I Don't Like to be Defined as Female’

Although Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu is one of Taiwan’s brightest female political stars, she does not the like the fuss over female politicians. She says she has never been discriminated against or treated differently during her entire career for being a woman.

Chang Yu-ching

Nurturing Airline’s Jumbo Jets

In the traditionally testosterone-laden world of commercial aircraft maintenance, a young lady from a family with deep ties to aviation has distinguished herself with her deep passion for airplanes and attentive devotion to her work.

Jolin Tsai

Who Needs Silly Love Songs?

Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai once obsessed over everything said about her and her love ballads, but she has since matured and is now more confident, to the point of taking on such social issues as gender equality.

Cindy Tu:

A Female CEO Willing to Get Her Hands Dirty

Hailing from the foothills of Alishan, she guided a company to become Taiwan’s industry leader, and nurtured another enterprise to become one of the largest in the world.

The ‘She’ Age

The world has entered a “she” era now that women no longer doubt themselves but hold their heads high, breaking into once-male domains. We are going to see an age of female leadership as “soft power” becomes more important.

Chen Shu-hui – Former Taitung County Tourism Director

Civil Servant Reverses County’s Fortunes

Taiwanese Manga Creator Ponjea

Using SOP to Sustain Brilliance in a Demanding Market

Taiwanese manga creator Ponjea, the first non-Japanese cartoonist to have a short manga published in Japan’s most influential manga periodical, is stunning fellow artists and manga lovers alike not only with his high-quality manga but also his productivity.

Table Tennis Star Chuang Chih-yuan

Eyeing One Last Olympic Games

Taiwanese table tennis veteran Chuang Chih-yuan is still going strong at age 34, rare for an Asian player. Still full of competitive juices, Chuang is preparing for one last shot at an Olympic medal in August.

Wu Nien-jen:

Young People Are Behind Every Great Achievement

At an age where the edge might have been worn away from his idealism and faith, Wu Nien-jen is putting his "residual value” to work, supporting the group Generation Next.

The Invisible Social Crisis

Work Leaving Families Behind

More than 1 million Taiwanese families live apart because of professional obligations. How are couples coping with this new social phenomenon and dealing with the challenges it entails?

Andy Yang

The Real Cost of Working in China

A professional headhunter admits misgivings in sending talented people over to China. He suggests that some invisible costs be considered when people make the move.

Yu Lee and Tiffany Liu

Bridging the East-West Fashion Gap

Taiwanese fashionistas Yu Lee and Tiffany Liu feel that Europe could use a dose of creative input from up-and-coming fashion labels from Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Eliana Kuo

Taking Taiwanese Fashion Labels to Europe

Eliana Kuo, one of only a handful of Taiwanese who have built careers in the fashion mecca of Milan, has gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the European fashion industry. Now she hopes to help Asian fashion designers bring their labels to Europe.

Athena Chuang

Fendi Taught Me How to Run a Brand

Respectful and rebellious, yet seasoned beyond her years, Athena Chuang went to Milan to pursue fashion, with the goal of eventually founding her own brand. Now she has turned her unexpected homecoming into a new venture.

Jamie Wei Huang

A Visual Language that Amazed Lady Gaga

Jamie Wei Huang quickly learned after arriving in London that there was nothing soft about fashion. But she has persevered and developed a distinctive style playing on materials and silhouettes that has won her an increasingly sizable following.

Johan Ku

Fashion – A Mind Game between Intellect and Art

Taiwanese avant-garde fashion designer Johan Ku, who debuted on the international fashion stage in New York and studied in London, decided to build his label from Asia, designing his collections in Taiwan and launching them in Tokyo. His haute couture and ready-to-wear lines are now available at his first flagship store in Taipei.

Shao Yen Chen

Bucking Convention

Having worked hard to build his own Shao Yen fashion brand in London over the past five years, Yilan native Shao Yen Chen found that life as a designer can be tough, even if you garner widespread acclaim.

Apu Jan

A Quiet Storm of Talent, Ambition and Acumen

From anonymous art school student to rising fashion icon, Taiwanese designer Apu Jan is a calm force at the center of a colorful creative storm. Not yet 30, he works tag-team across continents to produce visually pleasing designs with an intellectual flair.

Grand Rower Su Tar-zen

Kayaking the Globe

Retirement is not an end, but the beginning of the pursuit of dreams. Former National Taiwan Ocean University professor Su Tar-zen is helping young, old, and wheelchair-bound people to pursue grand ocean dreams via kayak.

Peter Chou Goes for Virtual Reality

Chinese Capital Allegations Cause Concerns

Even as the world stage beckons, suspicions of ties to China's princelings lurk behind the scenes. Why did Peter Chou, the former CEO of Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, decide to join Digital Domain, a Hollywood-based, Hong Kong-listed special effects company?

Taiwan's Health Care Crisis

Is Your Medicine Working?

Life-saving medicine can be cheaper per unit than candy, and intravenous nutritional supplements may fetch even less than bottled water. But does such cheap medicine come at an unbearable cost?

Taiwan’s Health Care Crisis

Low-cost Drugs Showing Side Effects

Taiwan’s national health insurance system has been praised for providing affordable health care, including by keeping drug costs in check. But the relentless emphasis on driving prices lower has begun to show some unwelcome side effects.

Vicky Liu

Finding Happiness in the Family Business

Liu is the key force behind YouBike, a wildly popular form of urban transportation and recreation.

Germany and Japan

A Lesson in Preventing Farmland Diversion

By insisting on the principle of "agricultural land solely for agricultural use," Taiwan could crack down on the rampant diversion of farmland, thus preventing a national food crisis and the destruction of our environment.

The Late Y.C. Lo

A Catalyst of Taiwan's Electronics Industry

The late Y. C. Lo helped persuade Philips to invest in fledgling TSMC, advice that earned the electronics giant NT$600 billion on a NT$2 billion investment. Though Lo worked for a foreign company, he made major contributions to Taiwan's economy his entire life.

Exclusive Interview with Terry Gou

Drawing Strength from Misfortune

Terry Gou, chairman of the Hon Hai Group, tells how disaster struck at the top of his game, and what he learned from it.

Daniel Seah

Saving Hollywood's Heroes

Once proud Hollywood visual effects company Digital Domain 3.0 fell on hard times in 2012, and it was left to 31-year-old Taiwan native Daniel Seah to bring it back to life. How has he done so far?

Boris Palmer

Architect of a Non-exploitative Economic Miracle

Who says economic and development and the environment must always be at odds? After being re-elected last October Boris Palmer, mayor of the German city of Tübingen, is out to prove that the future is green.

The Invisible Killer

Coping with Persistent Drought

More frequent droughts and reservoirs with shrinking capacity mean constant water shortages in Taiwan. An integrated approach outlined in a national drought management policy is needed to deal with this threat.

ITRI President Jonq-Min Liu

Accelerating Innovation, Making Elephants Fly

Named a Top 100 Global Innovator by Thomson Reuters, the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) capabilities have won great acclaim. Yet for the elephant that is ITRI to take off and fly, it must innovate more and faster.

Alibaba Vice President Che Pinjue

Applying Big Data – Shoot First, Target Later

Taiwanese companies hoping to make big money by mining big data lack the method and direction to do so. Alibaba Group Vice President Che Pinjue, who heads the group's Big Data Committee and wrote The Business Revolution: Big Data, shares his experience.

Kai-fu Lee :

Old KPI Models Stifle Innovation

Venture capitalist Kai-fu Lee believes the new wave of startups by young entrepreneurs will disrupt established business models, and he argues in this interview that the power of youth should be feared and respected.

Exclusive Interview with Peter Thiel

Competition is a Zero-sum Game

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel shares his desires and disappointments, his views on business, religion and the future of mankind, as well as his interest in the pursuit of immortality in this extensive interview.

Lighting a Fire in Taiwan's Entrepreneurs

Thiel's Four Steps to Success

Peter Thiel won over Taiwan's young Internet innovators by offering a vision of success that stresses avoiding competition, creating value and starting small in an exclusive niche.

American Novelist Jonathan Franzen

Challenging the Internet Age

Jonathan Franzen is known for taking on Twitter and Facebook and lamenting how reading is becoming a lost art. In this exclusive interview, Franzen talks about how reading and literature have an important role in the new digital era.

Ex-Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai

Taiwan: A Depressed Model Student

Never bashful about voicing an opinion, ex-Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai defends her performance in office, upbraids Taiwanese society for its impatience, and talks about the big generational challenge Taiwan is facing.

Takeshi Kaneshiro:

I Am not a 'Dream Guy'

CommonWealth Magazine talked to Takeshi Kaneshiro when he returned to his native Taiwan recently to promote his latest film. Out of the limelight, Kaneshiro is very different from his melancholic heartthrob on-screen persona.

Taipei Mayor-elect Ko Wen-je

Aspiring for a More Just Society

Ko Wen-je was elected as Taipei mayor by promising to be a different kind of city leader. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he expressed the desire to change the way city residents think as much as changing the face of the city.

Tainan Mayor William Lai

Three Things President Ma Should Do

Tainan Mayor William Lai says the recent local elections represent a turning point in Taiwan politics and may show greater acceptance for his brand of understated governance that focuses closely on people's needs.

Social Enterprise Founder Peter Chuang

Reviving a Rural Community

Taiwan's young generation is discovering that finding work may mean creating your own job. Here's the story of Peter Chuang, who started a business in a relatively nondescript rural township.

Legislator Tien Chiu-chin

Holding on Only Preserves Regrets

Few trials in life are more difficult than saying goodbye to a loved one. Oftentimes a prolonged illness devoid of hope for a turnaround is harder on the living than the dying, and when nature gains the upper hand, not knowing when to let go only results in lasting regret.

How Can Supermarkets Do Good and Profit, Too?

Can items removed from shelves save the store's entire electricity costs? Can unappealing fruits and veggies add value? Environmentally- and consumer-friendly approaches can be profitable, as initiatives undertaken by French, British, and German supermarkets have proven.

Charles Han, Chairman of DaChan Greatwall Group

Choosing Blue Ocean over Red Ocean

Food industry veteran Charles Han sees the sector's recent problems in part as the result of negative market forces squeezing producers. His company has sidestepped the turmoil by forged its own "blue ocean."

Taisun Enterprise Chairman Kenneth Chan

Food Sector Must Solve Its Own Problems

Amid a spate of food scandals that has people fuming at the government for lax oversight, one food industry kingpin says in an interview with CommonWealth Magazine that it's up to the industry itself to clean up its act.

Morris Chang

Who Do Corporations Fight for?

The private sector is coming under increased pressure to play a greater role in strengthening society and helping raise up the weakest elements. In Taiwan, TSMC CEO Morris Chang is leading by example and helping build a brighter future for all.

Health Minister Chiang Been-huang

Ready to Crack Down on Bad Food Practices

Taiwan's food industry is reeling from a series of edible oil problems uncovered in the past two months. The country's new health minister, Chiang Been-huang, explains how he will try to get it back on track.

Yu Ying-shih

Intellectuals Must Speak Up for the Poor

When prominent Chinese American historian and Sinologist Yu Ying-shih was in Taiwan in mid-September to collect the Tang Prize for Sinology, he had a clear message for Taiwan's intellectuals: be advocates for those in need.

Cheng Shin Rubber Chairman Lo Tsai-jen

Staying a Step Ahead with Foresight

Cheng Shin Rubber's new chairman, Lo Tsai-jen, is determined to sustain the "quality first" emphasis of his father, with a modern twist. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, Lo reveals his vision of the company.

Johnason Lo

Seeds of Creativity Sown in Taiwan's Parched Earth

At the recent 25th Golden Melody Awards, Johnason Lo demonstrated to the world that Taiwan can step out and show off world-class design.

FlyingV Founder Light Lin

Building Dreams with Crowdfunding

Known for co-founding the popular social networking site, Lin "Light" Hung-chuan now helps others realize ventures whose time has come. He may look like a rebel but is actually as accommodating as anybody.

Economics Minister Woody Duh

Can the "Consummate Staffer" Unlock the Economy?

Woody Tyzz-Jiun Duh has remained behind the scenes for most of his career. Now thrust into the spotlight as the new minister of economic affairs, can he lead Taiwan's economy out of the doldrums?

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang:

World-class Board Key to Ongoing Success

In this exclusive interview, one of Taiwan’s most legendary executives offers an inside look at Taiwan Semiconductor’s board of directors and its secrets to stable governance.

Japan's New Voice on Aging:

Chizuko Ueno on Dying at Home

She wrote Japan's "bible on aging," and now bestselling author Chizuko Ueno has carried the discussion forward, with a thought-provoking series of articles on dying a dignified death at home.

Taiwan's Outlying Islands in Distress

Blue Tears and Green Dreams

Are Chinese tourists and casinos the only hope for prosperity on offshore islands? Relying solely on their distinctive natural landscapes and resources, Taiwan's smaller islands have what it takes to lure backpackers from around the world.

A Mother's Tale of Woes

Make Children's Sacrifices Worthwhile

One Taiwanese mom relates the travails of her junior-high son as he struggles to gain admission to high school, and shares her thoughts on how the new, chaotic system could be fixed.

Tsai Ing-wen:

Election Win Will Shift China toward DPP

China policy has been seen as the Democratic Progressive Party's Achilles' heel in national elections. How does DPP chairwoman and likely 2016 presidential nominee Tsai Ing-wen intend to overcome the doubts?

Chuang Chih-chao

Showing Taiwan to the World in 30 Minutes

Concerned about his native Taiwan's obscurity, an MIT graduate launched an online platform that shares the overseas experiences of Taiwanese, showcases the island's talent and encourages more young people to go abroad.

Interview with Alan Lin of PwC

Who Is Keeping Talent from Blossoming?

How can enterprises train, retain and deploy competitive talent in a fiercely competitive international environment? A senior HR chief takes on this pressing issue.

Hollowed-out Human Resources

Where is Taiwan's Chief HR Officer?

Talent is deciding countries' fates in today's globalized world. That means trouble for Taiwan, which is hurting on the population, manpower and talent fronts and does not seem to have anybody stepping up to deal with the challenges.

NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang:

Internationalization Can't Wait

In this exclusive interview the head of National Taiwan University spells out his vision for remaking Taiwanese education to facilitate a world of online learning and global connections.

The Global Talent Battle

Taiwan under Siege

Taiwan is facing the potential collapse of its talent pool and could face the most serious talent shortage of any country in the world by 2021. What can it do to fend off raids from other countries and get back in the talent game?

Alibaba's Jack Ma

Turning ChinaUpside Down

For the past 20 years, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma has forged new rules of the game in China that have left their mark. Now he's launching a brand new O2O era that is stirring up the pot again.

O2O (Online to Offline)

The Mobile Web Conquers China

With the touch of a smartphone screen, the people of China can hail a cab, make a dinner reservation, or invest in stocks. With 500 million mobile Internet users, China's retail giants, real and virtual alike, are scrambling to stake their claim.

Mobile Electronic Payment

The Digital Wallet Is Here

Soon Taiwanese consumers will be able to pay for a wide array of goods and services with nothing but a mobile phone. Traditional banks and new nonbanking enterprises are all scrambling to become Taiwan's PayPal or Alipay.

Gong Ji-young:

This Is Not Freedom, It's the Law of the Jungle

South Korean writer Gong Ji-young, author of the bestselling novel The Crucible, muses on the dwindling hopes of Korea's younger generation, and what the true source of happiness is.

Insights from Korea

The Beauty and Beastliness of Free Trade

With a vast network of free trade agreements, South Korea's trade volume has surpassed Taiwan's by leaps and bounds. Yet its society is polarized by a widening wealth gap. What lessons can Taiwan learn?

A Touch of Sin Director Jia Zhangke

Tackling Taboos, Because of Love

In this exclusive interview acclaimed filmmaker Jia Zhangke discusses the plight of ordinary people in an age of growing income disparity, and the need for artists brave enough to speak out.

Lativ CEO Richard Chang:

'What Not to Do' Matters Most

Without relying on the China market, venture capital funds or preferential policies, Richard Chang is breaking the contract manufacturing mold, and building a colorful dream of taste and human spirit.

Film Director Wei Te-Sheng:

Driven by a Sense of Crisis

As a continuity clerk, Wei Te-Sheng never saw himself becoming a director. But his dreams got bigger and bigger. What was it that could push him forward like a knife in the back?

Taiwanese Cosmetics

Louis Vuitton Loves Dr. Wu

Women care about their looks – that's what makes skin care recession-proof. The Dr. Wu brand has been growing in popularity since it launched more than a decade ago. Now, foreign investors have been knocking on its doors.

Kaohsiung's Entertainment Software Cluster

Taking Fun Global

Kaohsiung's once drab harbor area is teeming with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, as a number of gaming software and entertainment industry companies have moved their R&D centers to the city's blue waterfront.

Taiwan's Youth Exodus

The New Migrant Workers

Taiwan's youth are leaving in droves to serve as low-wage workers in Singapore. Could Taiwan become the next major Asian source of migrants after the Philippines and Indonesia?

Wang Ju-hsuan:

How Cheap Must Taiwanese Workers Get?

In this exclusive interview, former Council of Labor Affairs minister Wang Ju-hsuan considers the deleterious effects of a cost-down labor strategy, and the need for a fresh approach to development.

Chu Yun-han:

Hope Begins by Confronting Problems

When a society tackles its problem squarely, it builds positive momentum. In this exclusive interview, Academia Sinica distinguished fellow Chu Yun-han explains why he sees hope for reforming Taiwan.

Sisy Chen:

I Refuse to Believe It's Hopeless

In this exclusive interview senior media commentator Sisy Chen considers how the Taiwanese, despite their disenchantment with politics, are taking the future into their own hands, building strong grassroots forces in society.

New Pxmart CEO Hsu Chung-jen

Retail Revolution No. 2

Hsu Chung-jen used to be in charge of Taiwan's biggest convenience store chain. He's now plotting a second revolution with Pxmart, the country's biggest supermarket chain. What is he up to?

Raising Salaries

An Investment in Taiwan's Future

Faced with stagnant or even declining pay, ordinary Taiwanese find it hard to move forward, and so does national competitiveness. As the global economy begins to rebound, only enterprises that invest in their workforce will prevail.

Uni-President's Alex Lo

Dominating the Business of Living

Uni-President Enterprises and its many affiliates have more influence over the daily lives of Taiwanese consumers than any other conglomerate. How will things change under the leadership of new chairman Alex Lo?

IMF Senior Economist Wu Tao:

Recovery, Bottlenecks in 2014

What does 2014 hold in store for the world economy? According to the IMF's Wu Tao, a modest but unmistakable recovery for the developed world, and straitened growth for emerging economies.

Taiwan, Singapore, Korea

The Search for New Momentum

2014 may be the "year of transition" for Asia's "Little Dragons." What development strategies will Korea, Singapore and Taiwan take looking ahead?

Health & Fitness, Relaxation, Home Cooking

The Ten Hottest Products in 2013

What were Taiwan's ten hottest products in 2013 that grabbed market share and consumers' hearts? Will they still sell like hotcakes in the coming year too?

Small Enterprises, Big Revolutions

Innovation Breathes New Life

Instead of moving production overseas, many Taiwanese SMEs are boldly creating new business opportunities through innovation. Here are some of the "hidden champions" finding surprising new niches in conventional industries.

Teachers' Dilemma in Taiwan

Trying to Adapt to the 21st Century

Expectations for teachers have gone up in the 21st century, but Taiwan, without a viable teacher development system, remains stuck in the Dark Ages. What are the prospects for change?

Junior High Teacher Chien Chih-hsiang

Getting Students to Want to Learn More

The Bio Potluck teachers' study group started by Chien Chih-hsiang has rallied biology teachers from around Taiwan to share innovative teaching methods that have students wishing class won't end.

'Shanghai Miracle'

Education Reforms Envied by the World

Education experts from around the globe are flocking to Shanghai to find out why China's largest city has emerged as a world leader in quality school education. But they haven't any magic secrets behind the "Shanghai miracle."

The Global Education Revolution

Preparing Students for an Uncertain Future

Countries around the world are in a mad dash to figure out the best way to give students the skills needed to cope with a rapidly changing world. There are plenty of trends Taiwan could learn from.

Don't Underestimate Small Startups

The key to creating economic prosperity is not company size. When small startups across a wide spectrum of industries create high output value, they can achieve startling success.

China's Express Delivery Hegemon

Seizing Taiwan by Stealth?

S.F. Express controls 70 percent of the cross-strait logistics business. Originally billed as a "Hong Kong-invested firm," it has quietly become a quasi-State Owned Enterprise of China. Has the invasion begun?

Medeon Biodesign, Inc.

Boldly Bridging Research and Industry

Biomedical R&D is like a relay race that begins with great ideas and courage. Yue-Teh Jang chose to concentrate on the front end of the development chain – the riskiest area – to nurture good ideas into medical equipment that helps society.

Brand Cosmetics

Taiwan's New Export Hit

Having led a wallflower existence as contract manufacturers, Taiwanese cosmetic makers are transforming themselves into to name brands, and steadily staking a claim in major export markets.

CID Group's Steven Chang

Integration: Taiwan's Next Big Opportunity

Steven Chang's CID Group has been Taiwan's most successful venture capital firm for nearly a decade. As he looks to the future, what are his latest strategies, and what investment opportunities does he see in Taiwan?

MediaTek Chairman Tsai Ming-kai:

Technology Leadership Is the Only Way

In this exclusive interview, the chairman of MediaTek Inc. shares the strategy that turned his middle-of-the-pack fabless chip company into a global smartphone powerhouse.

Sheryl Sandberg

Be Authentic, Don’t Be Afraid

In an exclusive interview with CommonWealth Magazine, the COO of Facebook and author of Lean In talks about women, social media, and creating a more equal world.

Shigeru Ishiba:

Constitutional Revisions Not a Return to Militarism

In this exclusive interview, the secretary general of Japan's ruling party, the LDP, ponders Japan's future role in the Asian region.

Akira Amari:

Solving Japan's Problems May Save the World

In an exclusive interview, Japan's Minister of State for Economic Revitalization summarizes his country's plan for putting "Abenomics" into action.

Former Health Minister Yang Chih-liang:

Keeping Taiwanese Doctors in Taiwan

The migration of medical personnel is a global problem, and Taiwan is not immune. Can medical parks be the solution to Taiwan's health professional brain drain?

New Finance Supervisor William Tseng

No Enemies, Only Friends

An experienced technocrat popular with industry insiders, the new Financial Supervisory Commission minister shares his take on the future direction of Taiwanese finance in an exclusive interview.

Tsai Ying-wen:

Legislature Should Oversee Cross-Strait Talks

In this exclusive interview, the former DPP chairwoman and presidential contender argues for greater caution and broader responsibility in the pursuit of trade agreements.

Taiwan – NZ FTA

Ratcheting Up Regional Trade

Taiwan's recently concluded service trade pact with China has yielded its first fruit – a free trade agreement with New Zealand. Yet Taiwan could lag behind regional competitors like China and Korea in sealing similar deals.

Taiwan's Education Crisis

Who's Teaching Your Child?

The massive rise of temporary workers in Taiwan's teaching ranks has created an unstable education environment and a decline in quality, with few solutions in sight that might reverse the trend.

Confidential Interview:

A Precariously Employed Teacher

The more effort she puts into quality teaching, the less time she has to cram for her own exams, and the slimmer her chances of ever getting a full-time position. An inside look at the travails of Taiwan's temp teacher work force.

Public Education

An Excess of 'Stray Teachers'

In a merciless race for permanent jobs, Taiwan's teachers find themselves sitting for one exam after another. Island-wide, 130,000 certified teachers are vying for official positions, and only 44 percent will find one.

Canmeng Aveda Founder Chu Ping

'Alternative' Entrepreneurship

A self-described "daymaker" rather than hard-nosed businessman, Chu Ping has some unconventional wisdom for today's younger entrepreneurs in this conversation with management professor Ji-Ren Lee.

Sinphar Pharmaceutical Co.

Old Pharma Shifts to New Cancer Drugs

No longer content producing low-end remedies, Sinphar is moving away from contract manufacturing toward brand-name products. Chairman Tim Lee is seizing the initiative in developing new breast cancer drugs.

Neoliberalism Cannot Save Taiwan

Taiwanese economists overwhelmingly favor laissez-faire policies. Yet after all these years with neoliberal academics steering policy in the Cabinet, why does Taiwan's economy remain in the doldrums?

Innovative Manufacturing

'Made in America' Renaissance

3D printing, robots and urban manufacturing are helping reverse the United States' three-decade obsession with outsourcing by turning everybody into entrepreneurs.


Pragmatic Inspiration

Making pretty designs is not difficult; making them good and inexpensive is an art. For 70 years the world's biggest furniture brand has been surprising consumers with sensible, stylish designs created within strict limitations.


Start-Up Powerhouse

With a population of just eight million, Israel boasts 64 companies on Nasdaq. How has tiny Israel become one of the world's leading havens of innovation? What can Taiwan learn from Israel? And how are the two nations joining forces?

KKBox Founder Chris Lin

Entrepreneurship Decoded

What are the secrets of Taiwan's new-generation entrepreneurs? Management professor Ji-Ren Lee launches a dialogue with online music provider Chris Lin, to unravel the enigma of startup success.

Shimon Peres:

'Our Greatest Fortune: We Had Nothing'

In this interview, the president of Israel considers the crucial role of human capital, the possibilities of new technology, and the way of the start-up nation.

Revitalizing Taiwan

Reignite the Entrepreneurial Fire

Stuck in the doldrums, its conventional strengths less valued than before, Taiwan's economy desperately needs new catalysts for growth. Unleashing a new entrepreneurial spirit should be one of them.

Japanese Invasion

Heating Up the Drugstore War

The Taiwanese love affair with all things Japanese has spread to the drugstore market, where Japan Medical is heating up the fray with health products and cosmetics once completely unavailable on Taiwan's shelves.

Japanese Invasion

Taiwan: the First Stop

The elite among Japan's SMEs are flocking to Taiwan in record numbers, viewing the island, with its Japanophile population and its knack at doing business in China, as the perfect hub for overseas expansion.

Jim Collins:

My Odyssey Is Curiosity

In this exclusive interview, one of the great gurus of management theory considers how the right blend of creativity and discipline can help you get your head above the problems, and do something big.

Choosing to Be Great

The Edison of Petrochemicals

Suhon Lin, the founder of Taiwan's most profitable privately held company has always scorned such corporate status symbols as a personal assistant, chauffeur or bodyguards, but refuses to scrimp when it comes to R&D.

Choosing to Be Great

Creativity Comes from Grit

"The non-professional has to work the hardest." What creativity requires most is not inspiration but discipline, like bestselling author Giddens Ko, who continually challenges himself with extreme rules.

Choosing to Be Great

What makes a "10Xer" – an individual or enterprise that surpasses the competition by an order of magnitude? Which Taiwanese companies have attained the traits to succeed spectacularly in the face of adversity?

Taiwan's Apparel Leader

The Secrets behind Makalot's Winning Ways

A consistently high EPS and huge garment shipments made at lightning speeds. Why is Taiwan-based Makalot Industrial such a powerful force in the global garment industry and what does its future hold?

Ruentex Chairman Samuel Yin:

Setbacks Are a Spur from God

In this exclusive interview, teenage hooligan turned billionaire philanthropist Samuel Yin ponders the crucial role of tranquility in forging leadership.

Premier-designate Jiang Yi-huah

A Moderate yet Headstrong Reformer

Jiang Yi-huah has climbed Taiwan's political ladder by being an adept "policy implementer." But as the country's new premier, he now must prove himself as a political leader.

The Magic of Tranquility

One in every four Taiwanese suffers from anxiety, depression or other mental disorders. The more turmoil we face, the more we need tranquility for clearer thinking.

Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih:

Ingenious Strategies, Heroic Products

In this exclusive interview, the boss of Asus shares the five skills he sees as necessary for stronger management, and how he uses "design thinking" to stay in the race.

Jonney Shih's New Tactics

Asustek Moves In on the iPad

Asus beat the market in 2012, generating growth in a slumping notebook sector. Here are the four strategies Asustek chairman Jonney Shih used to drive innovation – and success.

CWEF Forum: Richard C. Koo

More Spending, Less Austerity

Austerity has been the rage in Western economies, but Richard Koo argued at the CommonWealth Economic Forum that deficit reduction is exactly the wrong prescription for their economic woes.

Taiwan's Source of Injustice

You're in This Game Too

At a recent national industrial development conference, organizers pushed through a raft of recommendations amidst cries of objections. But the media buried the true story with hype, and the public blissfully ignored it.

Taiwan's Source of Pride

'Straight' Gays, Great Parades, and A-mei

In 2003, Asia's first gay parade was held in Taiwan. From the few hundred who marched that day, the parade now draws 65,000 people from around Asia.

Taiwan’s Source of Pride

A Chance Encounter with a Youth

Just a freshman in junior high, his father ill with cancer and mother afflicted with depression, he takes care of his family. Unbowed by classmates’ derisive comments, he finds strength in the words and deeds of his parents.

Taiwan’s Source of Injustice

The Cost of a Free Lunch

When bureaucrats and conglomerates collude to exploit workers and grab land instead of earning their wealth, the price the government pays for neglecting its duties is growing public anger.

PwC Chairman Dennis Nally

Three Keys to the Future

The call of new markets, emerging technologies, the need to constantly keep abreast with a world that never pauses – one of the world's foremost business consultants shares his views on the current, shifting paradigm.

Citicorp Vice Chairman Hamid Biglari

Water Will Be the New Source of Conflict

In this exclusive interview, Citi's executive in charge of emerging markets offers a cautious forecast for the global economy, and considers five transformational concepts that are set to reshape our world.

Jason Hsuan Interview:

A Six-Month Lead Means Power

Display industry magnate Jason Hsu considers the way forward for cross-strait high-tech, the impact of a new administration in China, and the advantages Taiwan still enjoys in the game.

Michael Sandel:

A Broader Vision for Generational Justice

In this exclusive interview Harvard University professor Michael Sandel reveals the story behind his personal romance with politics, and his passion for re-establishing a place for ethics in public discourse.

Shanghai Gueva Chairman Anning Wei

Mining Profit from Food Safety

In this exclusive interview, one of China's foremost experts on food economics considers how integrated quality control along the entire agricultural production chain can turn crisis into opportunity.

Taikang Life Insurance Founder Dongsheng Chen

Life Insurance with a Chinese Touch

China's life insurance market is far from saturation. The rise of the middle class and an aging population portend great market potential for life insurers. Taikang Life Insurance has taken the lead in developing products tailored for retirees.

Chinese State Economist Yansheng Zhang:

Economic Slowdown Nothing to Fear

In this exclusive interview, the chief economist for China's National Development and Reform Commission considers the silver lining to China's ineluctable economic entropy.

Charmy 'Snow Ice' Desserts

Stirring a Flurry of Interest

Taiwanese self-made entrepreneur Kao Wen-wan has successfully turned shaved ice with sweet toppings, a traditional Asian dessert, into an international brand.

Chang-hai Tsai

Taiwan's New Medical 'Godfather'

In just over a decade, this pediatrician has built Taiwan's second biggest medical group and emerged as the new luminary of the local medical community. How has he done it?

Labor Affairs Minister Wang Ju-hsuan

Higher Wages Better than More Foreign Labor

How should Taiwan entice enterprises that have moved abroad to come back home, while ensuring quality employment for Taiwanese workers? In the following exclusive interview, Wang Ju-hsuan, minister of the Council of Labor Affairs, tackles this thorny question.

Christina Liu and Lin Chuan

Straight Talk on Tax Code Reform

In exclusive interviews, two former finance ministers speak out on Taiwan's unbalanced tax policies, the daunting obstacles in the way of reform, and what is needed to cure the island's chronic revenue shortfalls.

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus:

Build a Social Business that Outlasts You

Even though forced to retire, he has refused to slow down. In this exclusive interview, Muhammad Yunus speaks of unleashing the creativity latent in us all.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee:

Partnership with People

San Francisco's first Chinese-American mayor Edwin M. Lee has been on board throughout the city's long process of urban renewal. In this exclusive interview, he explains how people, not government, ultimately drive success.

Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing

Partnering with Taiwan to Innovate

China-based Lenovo has left Acer and Dell in the dust to become the world's second biggest computer brand. What have been its key strategies, and what is Taiwan's role in its continuing ascent?

Interview: MOTC Minister Mao Chi-kuo

Making the Station the Destination

As highway service areas offer the amenities of shopping malls and holidaymakers ride "cruise-style trains," transport services are no longer a means to get from point A to point B – they've become recreational draws in themselves.

Pegatron Chairman T. H. Tung

Giving the World an Unending Dividend

Although he is known as a technology entrepreneur, at heart T. H. Tung is a devotee to the humanities. His support for bookstores, documentaries and the environment represent the legacy he hopes to leave to Taiwan.

Exclusive Interview: Premier Sean Chen

Pursuing a Balanced, Sustainable Taiwan

Taiwan's new premier considers the challenges of providing for national well-being, and shares his objectives for future development.

Can Japan Go Nuclear-free?

On May 5, Japan shut down its last active reactor for maintenance, launching a nuclear-free era. CommonWealth Magazine visits Japan, investigating its ambitions to wean itself of nuclear power, and how much it will hurt.

Web Marketing Platform Fever38

Mobilizing 1.3m a Month

Within the course of a year, two enterprising women developed eight different Facebook marketing tools that amass myriads of fans, becoming Taiwan's biggest Facebook event platform.

Hiwin Technologies

Balancing Vision with Precision

Motion control specialist Hiwin Technologies is Taiwan's hottest manufacturer. Here's a look at how chairman Eric Y.T. Chuo has built a "Made in Taiwan" innovation and R&D legend.

Charlie Tseng

The Man Behind the Queen of Golf

LPGA superstar Yani Tseng reigns supreme in women's golf. Her father shares his secrets to raising a world champion.