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Opinions @CommonWealth

Opinions @CommonWealth
The Unknown Brains Behind The Brands

Who Puts the Performance in Performance Sportswear?

Taiwan deserves to be known to consumers globally for its leadership in functionally advanced and eco-friendly textiles. However, Taiwan suppliers remain content to stay behind the scenes, so long as brands such as Nike and Adidas continue to bring big orders. What disadvantageous position does such a mindset leave Taiwan over the long term?

Opinions @CommonWealth
Mark Stocker:

Taiwan Must Market Itself as a Global Steward of Green

A concerted effort by the government and private enterprises to market Taiwan's green achievements abroad would not only benefit the nation's image, it would also create more business opportunities for Taiwan's brands, products and services.

Opinions @CommonWealth
Mark Stocker

An Opportunity to Turn Taiwan into the Cannes of Asia

Taiwan’s five golden Awards have the potential to establish Taiwan as the arbiter of huaren creative arts, not only bringing economic advantage but also bolstering Taiwan’s national identity.

Opinions @CommonWealth
Letters to the Editor: A Letter to the Future President of Taiwan

Dwiita Vita: Our Aspirations as Indonesian Migrant Workers

As a migrant worker from Indonesia, Dwiita Vita tries to gather opinions from Indonesia fellow workers at the informal(caretaker) and formal (manufacturer) sector. What are their aspirations?