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How To Foster A Sound Global Mindset

Speaking English Does Not Mean Going Global

When a Japanese nods yes, it does not always mean yes. It seems that English is not enough for communicating with others from different cultural backgrounds. How can we deal with that?

The Higher Education ‘Yushan Project’

An Initiative that Misses the Point

Taiwan’s government has proposed a “Yushan Project” to stem the brain drain it says is plaguing academia. But in a commentary done for Crossing, writer Chen Kuan-ting takes issue with the program’s focus.

Jack Hou

Survival Guide of a “Small Market” Nation

With Taiwanese companies losing global presence and opportunity, Jack Hou, the vice general manager of UNEO, thinks there must be a realization amongst ourselves that Taiwan is a small nation that and we need to develop a survival strategy that is fitting of our status in the global market.