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Former Executive Yuan Secretary General Wang Chao-ming:

The Natural Healing Experience


Two decades ago, this busy government official began suffering from an enlarged prostate, but with natural treatment and a regular lifestyle, he regained a state of health that has lasted well into his eighties.



The Natural Healing Experience

By Ming-ling Hsieh
From CommonWealth Magazine (vol. 412 )

Former Executive Yuan secretary general Wang Chao-ming jumps up from his office chair to meet his visitors halfway. Full of energy, Wang, now head of the K.T. Li Association for the Promotion of Digital Knowledge, greets his guests with a broad smile and a sonorous voice that belies his age.

Were it not for the shock of white hair and a slight limp in his left leg resulting from a stroke that Wang suffered four years ago, few would believe that the springy gentleman in the trimly tailored dark blue suit is already 88 years old.

"So far I don't need anyone to look after me," Wang says with a proud smile. Wang takes walks with his wife along the tree-lined walkways of Dunhua South Road. He also plays an 18-hole round of golf with his buddies at the Chang Gung Golf Club in Taoyuan County every Tuesday morning. On Wednesday afternoons he plays a few games of Go at the Haifong Cultural Foundation.

Wang ails from cardiac arrhythmia and four years ago suffered a stroke. But he feels that healthwise he had his most difficult time almost two decades ago when he developed an enlarged prostate.

Back then Wang was serving as Executive Yuan secretary general under Premier Hau Pei-tsun. The restrooms in the Executive Yuan building were some 100 meters away from Wang's office. Consequently, the busy top official often put off going to the toilet, which eventually caused the prostate problem.

As the condition progressed, Wang had to make frequent trips to the toilet at night, which took a heavy toll on his sleep.

Wang's attending physician suggested that he try surgery, but Wang had his doubts, because friends told him that the prostate would continue to grow after such a procedure. He was also generally skeptical about surgical intervention.

Healing the Natural Way

When Wang stayed at the Vancouver home of his daughter two years later, she insisted that he try the natural healing methods of Dr. Jonathan Wright.

"His theory is that you should pay attention to keeping yourself healthy instead of starting treatment when you get sick," says Wang in explaining Wright's approach. Wright recommends taking Vitamin C and eating vegetables and fruit to prevent colds. "Just like an elevator, the body requires regular maintenance," Wang observes. Before Wang started his prostate treatment he had to collect urine for a day, which was sent to a laboratory in Seattle together with a blood sample. Based on the test results, Wright designed a regimen for Wang which included taking four vitamin capsules per day and the daily application of a natural hormone extract to his testicles.

One month into the treatment Wang felt little difference. But after a few more months, his nightly trips to the toilet became less frequent. Eventually, he would have to get up only once, and often he was even able to sleep through the night.

Wang does not use the natural hormone at the moment, but he has started his second course of vitamin therapy. Wang presently takes eight to ten pills per day, including the vitamins and Western medicine for controlling his cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

But he says most important for staying in good health is maintaining a regular lifestyle. Wang and his wife stick to their daily routine, which includes a 40-minute walk, and weekly games of golf. At the same time he eats and drinks in moderation, does not eat a lot of meat and drinks little alcohol. Psychologically, Wang tries to stay calm and composed.

"Just as a river has the ability to cleanse itself, the body also has its own forces to fight disease," says Wang. "Wright's natural healing method is meant to help people maintain a strong resistance to disease."

Translated from the Chinese by Susanne Ganz

Chinese Version: 王昭明的自然療癒體驗