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About 2008 Most Admired Company Survey




About 2008 Most Admired Company Survey

By CommonWealth Magazine Editing Department
From CommonWealth Magazine (vol. 407 )

This year's Most Admired Company Survey investigated the 24 industries influencing Taiwan's future development, based on the criteria for categorizing CommonWealth Magazine's list of 1,000 top Taiwanese enterprises.

The companies surveyed were derived mainly from the top 1,000 list, and other reliable surveys were referenced, as well as expert recommendations. Controversial companies and enterprises operating at a loss were disqualified, and only those companies showing a market lead in profits in 2007 were selected.

Appraisal and comparison were conducted according to the same standards as those of international media. A total of 262 companies were chosen for adjudication. Each was appraised by industry peers and experts, and scored according to ten key indicators.

Industry peers were selected from CommonWealth Magazine's research database of the 1,000 top Taiwanese enterprises, and expert analysts in Taiwan from the fields of banking, securities, investment consulting, investment trusts and accounting, as well as government bureaux and academic institutions were invited to make assessments.

All the corporate representatives participating in the Most Admired Company Survey were allowed to vote for the businessperson they held in highest esteem, and the winners of this selection process topped the Most Admired Entrepreneur Survey.

A total of 4,901 surveys were distributed from August 29 to September 30, 2008. Of those, 1,744 (36%) were completed and returned – 979 from companies and 765 from expert analysts. A total of 893 surveys were completed for the Most Admired Entrepreneur Survey.

(Surveys conducted by the CommonWealth Magazine Survey Research Center)