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Letters to the Editor: A Letter to the Future President of Taiwan

Dwiita Vita: Our Aspirations as Indonesian Migrant Workers


Dwiita Vita: Our Aspirations as Indonesian Migrant Workers

Source:Kuo-Tai Liu

As a migrant worker from Indonesia, Dwiita Vita tries to gather opinions from Indonesia fellow workers at the informal(caretaker) and formal (manufacturer) sector. What are their aspirations?



Dwiita Vita: Our Aspirations as Indonesian Migrant Workers

By Dwiita Vita

Editors' Note: This article is translated from an op-ed from Opinion@CommonWealth

An election means a new chapter for a government in a country. A means are also include aspiration for citizens to be released by new government when elected.

As we know beginning in January 2016 Taiwan will hold an election for a new president that will be a leadership for change Taiwan to be a better for 4 years later. Taiwan as a country who employed labor migrants from other countries in Asia such as Filipina, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Generally this election not only for Taiwan society, but as a labor migrants we indirectly also become part of the Taiwan publics for a few year later.

And of course, we as labor migrants has aspirations and expect the best programs from the elected government especially related the rules for the labor migrants welfare. I as migrant worker from Indonesia trying to gather opinions from Indonesia fellow workers at the informal(caretaker) and formal (manufacturer) sector via social media and who I met randomly on the schedule of my job as caretaker. From the Indonesian migrant worker respondents, everyone have the different aspiration but the view point is for the worker welfare. Among them are:

- Get the day-off schedule once a month (for informal sector)

- Be the national holiday for migrant workers on their religion big day.

- Allowing women Muslim workers to wear hijab when work.

- Guarantee the freedom of migrant workers to worship according their religion.

- Increase the protection for migrant workers.

- Give sanction for agencies who oppressive migrant workers.

- Equivalent of salary between migrant workers with domestic workers.

That's our aspirations as Indonesian migrant workers who indirectly participate in the Taiwan progress and become part of the society in Taiwan to be heard and released. So it could be a symbiotic mutualism for Taiwan and other countries.

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