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Ya-che Yang

'It’s Not Our Revenge, But Our Quiet Wishes For Them.'


'It’s Not Our Revenge, But Our Quiet Wishes For Them.'


"Long live to you" is what the director of the movie The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful said to the corrupt officials he based his characters on.



'It’s Not Our Revenge, But Our Quiet Wishes For Them.'

By CommonWealth Magazine Video
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“Like a rotten flower drowned in water, it’s the decadent everyday lives of the corrupt officials that I want to write about,” said the gifted creator of The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful, Ya-che Yang, who turned the story of the ‘White Gloves’ family into a remarkable success – A film that garnered 7 Golden Horse Award nominations including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

With nobody really meaning what they say, the film is laden with beautiful lies in the name of love, embodied by classic quotes that are often heard in a family or the political world, such as “Wake up and you’ll find Taiwan different,” or “I did it for you,” leaving its audience either bewildered, or overwhelmed.

Though telling a story drowned in cold blood, corruption, and backstabbing, Yang did not do this for revenge, but to give his sincere wishes to his fictional characters, as well as the real-life people he based his characters on.

Translated from CommonWealth Magazine Video by Sharon Tseng.

Interviewed by Yuehlin Ma, Chi Ho. Produced by Chi Ho. Filmed by Minhuang Lin.

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