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Sylvia Chang

Love Education from Asia's Leading Actress-Director


Love Education from Asia's Leading Actress-Director

Source:Golden Horse Academy

"Find that little girl back to your heart," a gentle yet rippling reminder from Asia's first and foremost actress-director. "As our world keeps getting more complicated, it's even more important for us to live our lives to the bravest, the purest, and the simplest."



Love Education from Asia's Leading Actress-Director

By CommonWealth Magazine Video
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It's hard to imagine that Asia's first and foremost actress-director, nominated for 22 Golden Horse Awards and winning 2 as Best Leading Actress, Sylvia Chang, had once been embarrassed by calling herself an actress. She had not started building her illustrious career of 40 years in filmmaking until the day her brother asked her a question that brought her to her epiphany.

With her latest directed work, Love Education, nominated for 7 Golden Horse Awards this year, Chang once again proves her versatility by getting nominated as Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Leading Actress.

Through her attentive eyes, Chang tells a story of love with a gentle yet rippling irony about the change in definition of love over the generations. “Everyone should find that little girl back to their heart,” she sympathetically reminds us.

Translated from CommonWealth Magazine Video by Sharon Tseng.

Produced by Chi Ho. Filmed by Minhuang Lin.

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