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A Container Market of Colorful Vocabularies


A Container Market of Colorful Vocabularies

Source:Fei-Qin Wang

KUBIC, a cultural and creative market in Kaohsiung captures the eyes of both the city's visitors and residents. It is built by containers and will definitely challenge your imagination and concept of architecture.



A Container Market of Colorful Vocabularies

By Fei-Qin Wang
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Spreading and stacking on the grass like Lego blocks, “KUBIC”is actually a new experimental market constructed with used containers. It presents the life and energy of a certain “space”. KUBIC is short for Kaohsiung, Urban, Boxes, Innovation, and Creative, which are the five key elements of this experimental community space.

Here at KUBIC, travelers and local residents come and meet each other. They all participate in the enrichment of the space’s vitality. The high-low and curvy space has multiple functions. It can be used for walking, leisure, even 'hiking', providing a different angle to view the community.

With the food, architecture, design, handcraft and fashion, KUBIC collects all the essence of culture and creativity. Its creative architectural design and unique experimental spirit embody the soul of the ever-progressing city. Do you want to subvert your imagination of architecture? Come to visit KUBIC. It will not let you down.

Address: No. 5, Fuxing 3rd Road, Qianzheng Dist., Kaohsiung City

TEL: 07-334-7310

Edited by: Shawn Chou

This content is sponsored by Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government.

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