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Super-Aged Society

Bank Chairman Quits for His Father's Long-Term Care


Bank Chairman Quits for His Father's Long-Term Care

Source:CommonWealth Magazine Video

“As long as I have the money, I can get a private room in a long-term care home.” This is perhaps what most people have been planning for their elderly at home. Yet when there is no room available, no hands to help, a bank chairman would also have to quit to take care of his father.



Bank Chairman Quits for His Father's Long-Term Care

By CommonWealth Magazine Video
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In 2017, the number of disabled in Taiwan has exceeded a million. The population of the aged is estimated to reach 7 million in 2050, while the population of the productive will drop 6 million. It only took 8 years for Taiwan, the fastest aging population, to become a super-aged society.

Over 2.31 million people had caregiving responsibilities that affected their work, including 0.13 million who have quit. In the end of 2017, Victor Kuan, ‘The Youngest Chairman of Foreign Banks,’ has announced his retirement at the age of 50, shocking news for the banking industry.

Reluctant to see the heavy burden of caregiving falling on his mother’s shoulders, the former Citibank Taiwan Chairman had no choice but to quit. Yet this was just the start of a hard journey. Never had he known that bigger challenges from lack of help, resources, and coordination between medical and long-term care were yet to come.

Translated from CommonWealth Magazine Video by Sharon Tseng.

Produced by Huiju Huang, Yiting Lin, Filmed by Minhuang Lin, Edited by Minhuang Lin, Yuchung Lin

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