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Kungadavane Suspension Bridge

Suspending over the River Valley, Walking on the Cloud


Suspending over the River Valley, Walking on the Cloud

Source:Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government

Heading towards the unknown can be challenging but also rewarding. The high and exciting Kungadavane suspension bridge is one of these kinds of challenges. This extremely beautiful bridge is located in Maolin, Kaohsiung, attracting adventurous travelers with magnificent scenery and remarkable experience.



Suspending over the River Valley, Walking on the Cloud

By Fei-Qian Wang
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If you take a close look at the famous Shetou Mountain and Longtou Mountain in Maolin, you will find they’re actually created by sand and rocks brought by the river over time. The over 100-meter high and steep meander core (環流丘) is a rare scenery even in a global scope. If you look closer, you will then find the Kungadavane Bridge, located on the Longtou Mountain, between Wanshan Tribe (萬山部落) and Kungadavane Tribe (多納部落).

Image: Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government

Although the suspension bridge has undergone several reconstructions, it has long been the ‘Farewell Bridge’ for the Kungadavane people ever since the Japanese ruling era, even before the old Maolin tribe was relocated. To the Kungadavane people, the bridge is where they leave home and say goodbye to their families and friends. It connects departure, home and nostalgia.

Image: Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government

Kungadavane Suspension Bridge can be reached in 200 meters from the entrance of Meiya Valley. The bridge is 232 meter long and 103 meter high, making it a one-of-a-kind suspension bridge in terms of height in Taiwan.

Walking on the bridge can be a terrifying and challenging experience for people who are afraid of height or suspension bridge itself. Nevertheless, the magnificent unique landscape of Maolin usually makes travelers overcome their fears and take a chance on the beautiful suspension bridge.

Edited by: Shawn Chou

This content is sponsored by Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government.

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