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Winter Travel in Taiwan

7 Places to Inhale Snowy Fragrance on The Tropical Island


7 Places to Inhale Snowy Fragrance on The Tropical Island

Source:United Daily News

Nothing is better than a plum-blossom-viewing trip in a cold winter! Lately, blooms of ‘Mei’ (梅) have spread over many tourist spots on the island. The weather might not be fair, yet having a drizzly walk beneath the snow-white blooms might offer a different delight.



7 Places to Inhale Snowy Fragrance on The Tropical Island

By Yuting Wei
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Xinyi and Renai Township, Nantou

Waves of blossoms have bloomed over the plum tree zones in Nantou. From famous plum-blossom-view-spots such as Fong Guei Dou (風櫃斗), Niu Chou Keng (牛稠坑), Wai Ping Ding (外坪頂), and Tu Chang (土場) in Xinyi Township, to aboriginal clans such as Alang Gluban (清流部落), Alang Nakahara (中園部落), and Qalang mb’ala (眉原部落) in Renai Township, plum blossom trees in Nantou have reached peak bloom in mid-January, and will last until the end of the month.

Nanxi Meiling, Tainan

A typhoon-less cold winter has nurtured a massive bloom of plum blossoms in Nanxi Meiling (楠西梅嶺), bringing a sea of snow-white flowers to one of the most well-known mountains for plum-blossom-viewing in Southern Taiwan. 30-40% of all 16 species in the low-altitude areas have blossomed by mid-January, while the middle-high altitude areas will reach its peak bloom in the end of the month. The blossom scenery this year is said to be no inferior to that of Feng Guei Dou in Nantou. It's even said to be the most beautiful over the decade. The blossoms are estimated to last until Chinese New Year (mid-February).

Taroko National Park

In Taroko (太魯閣), beside its marble canyons, gorges, and ravines, a hundred plum blossom trees planted down the path from Tian Hsiang (天祥) to Wenshang Hot Spring (文山溫泉) have been awoken by the cold weather. More than 40 plum trees have blossomed in Tian Hsiang Mei Garden, a view that will last until the end of January.

Shililn Official Residence & Zhicheng Park, Taipei

A canopy of mature plum blossom trees can be found in the west side of the Rose Garden in Shilin Official Residence (士林官邸). It is said that the planting of the trees were ordered by former president Chiang Kai-Shek, to echo with the roses admired by Madame Chiang Soong Mei-Ling. 20-30% have blossomed by mid-January. In Zhicheng Park (志成公園), a Chinese-style garden in the capital city, some plum blossom trees complement finely with the old-fashioned window-shade fence and garden trails.

Tian Yuan Temple, Tamsui, New Taipei City

Along the San Sheng Dian Garden Trails (三聖殿) hidden in the hills behind Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮) stood 10 plum blossom trees that lasted more than a month, until mid-January.

Limen Trails, Xizhi, New Taipei City

Ten plum blossom trees line up along Limen trail (禮門步道), blanketing the secret path in New Taipei City with snowy fragrance.

Six Turtles, Kaohsiung

In the district named after its six turtle-shaped mountains, plum blossoms have dotted the Ancient Housings of the Lais in Baolai (寶來賴家古厝), Pulai Stream Xitoushe Battle Trail (浦來溪頭社戰道), and the recreational farm Sancha Campground (三叉工坊). In Sancha Campground, about 60 century-old plum blossom trees stand in the misty high mountains. A stroll in the faintly-white landscape would bring you the romance of a northern fable.

Translated by Sharon Tseng.

The original Chinese article was posted on January 10th, 2018 by United Daily News, with the title 猶如雪花飄落超浪漫!全台7大賞梅花景點懶人包.

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