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2018 Youth Forum

The Uniqueness and Inclusivity of Taipei


The Uniqueness and Inclusivity of Taipei

Source:2018 Youth Forum

This Sunday afternoon at Taipei Artist Village, art workers from different nationalities and youth representatives of Taipei will be sharing their observations on the uniqueness and inclusivity of the city with the Mayor of Taipei.



The Uniqueness and Inclusivity of Taipei

By 2018 Youth Forum
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“The uniqueness of Taipei lies in her inclusivity,” once stated a Parisian traveler artist.

On a typical Taipei street lined with restaurants of all cuisines from local to exotic, anyone gets to immerse in the unique charm of the inclusive atmosphere of Taipei. The city seems to be embedded with a mysterious gift of attractiveness, friendliness, and diversification.

For nearly a decade, cross-disciplinary, cross-field, and cross-generation have become major key words surrounding the topic of youth and innovation. Youths have been encouraged to “cross” out of the box, to blend in different elements, and to spark new ideas and reforms. Yet, at the same time, worries and concerns over one single cross-gender issue boil down to one fundamental question: Is the society well-prepared to face these “crossings?” At the 2018 Youth Forum, art workers from different nationalities and youth representatives of Taipei will be sharing their observations on the uniqueness and inclusivity of the city with the Mayor of Taipei, for the reference of future city development policies.


3.18 Sun 14:00-17:00

Bamboo Room, Taipei Artist Village (NO.7, Beiping East Road, Chongcheng Dist. Taipei City)

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Part One: Unique Experiences from 2017 Taipei Universiade 14:00-15:20

Last year, Taipei Universiade lit up a grand stage for youths, who eventually won the city worldwide recognition, along with a total of 90 medals. As grand events, games, exhibitions and forums serve as valuable opportunities for a city and its youth to brand themselves, the first part of the Forum will be a discussion of the uniqueness of Taipei explored during its most recent grand international event.

Part Two: Inclusive Diversity through Art and Creation 15:40-17:00

Wandering through cities around the world, seeking beauty in cultural collisions, and disclosing new perspectives and conversations, art workers break boundaries, explore the extremes, and challenge a city’s inclusivity. Do these art workers think the city Taipei is ready to embrace their unconventional, anti-logical forms of expressions and creations? At part two of the Forum, foreign art workers at Treasure Hill will be invited to share their creating experience in Taipei.

2018 Treasure Hill Light Festival

Translated by Sharon Tseng.

【Reflexive Taiwan Series】
In Taiwan, some see a limit in the market, a lack of global thinking, and a lag in the pulse of the world. Some see a small island of people perching besides a large nation, huddling in their own comfort, blunting their wolf spirit. Some even see Taiwan as a ghost island, a jump board for those who leave, but a jail for those who can’t. Yet we also see many visitors in Taiwan, reminding us that Taiwan is good, genuinely good. Through a series of report, from a self-reflective perspective, we would see, would believe, and would achieve the richness and virtue of Taiwan.

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