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Open Call for Submissions

What's your #Taiwander story?


What's your #Taiwander story?


What's your #Taiwander story? Share it with us, let us broadcast it to the world through CommonWealth Magazine and then find yourself on an exciting MyTaiwanTour this year!



What's your #Taiwander story?

By CommonWealth Magazine
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Taiwanders from abroad, what is the place, the food, or the object that can best describe your wandering experience in Taiwan?

Tell us what it is. Share with us the story behind it. Let us broadcast your #Taiwander story to the world, and win an exciting trip brought to you by MyTaiwanTour.

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Subject Matter

We are looking for articles or videos of insightful, entertaining, rich, or in-depth original content. There is no set length or format, yet we encourage polished, presentable and readable submissions. Articles or videos published elsewhere are accepted, but required to include evidence of permission from the copyright owner(s) for both the print and online format.

Submission Article Examples:

♦ Circle Taiwan With a Bike – A New Trend for Japanese
♦ Climb Every Mountain
♦ For Me, Movement Defines Taipei
♦ 'Cruise' Around the Island by Train

Citing Sources

Please properly cite sources of shared quotes, images, or videos. If they’re your own, please give us your consent to use them in whatever capacity we need to for the purposes of your article on our site or social media marketing.


Catchy quotes are greatly encouraged!

Submission Process

Step 1. Send your #Taiwander story to with your name, title of your piece, and ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject heading. We will do our best to respond but cannot promise we will be able to get back to everyone.

To let us learn more about you, we strongly recommend you to hashtag #Taiwander #CWmagazine at your public posts on any social media.

Step 2. Selected submission(s) will be featured on our Reflexive Taiwan Series.

【Reflexive Taiwan Series】
In Taiwan, some see a limit in the market, a lack of global thinking, and a lag in the pulse of the world. Some see a small island of people perching besides a large nation, huddling in their own comfort, blunting their wolf spirit. Some even see Taiwan as a ghost island, a jump board for those who leave, but a jail for those who can’t. Yet we also see many visitors in Taiwan, reminding us that Taiwan is good, genuinely good. Through a series of report, from a self-reflective perspective, we would see, would believe, and would achieve the richness and virtue of Taiwan.

Reflexive Taiwan Series example articles:

♦ Mark Stocker: Taiwan: A Nation 'Half Empty' or 'Half Full'?
♦ Jenna Lynn Cody: Traveling in Taiwan as A Woman (But Not Only)
♦ Samuel Galler: Even In the Hardest Time, Engage and Listen

Step 3. On June 29, 1-3 best submissions will be selected by the editorial team. The winner(s) will be offered a MyTaiwanTour e-voucher (value USD$105).

Submission Time

Start Time: 12:00 March 31, 2018

Deadline: 23:59 June 29, 2018

Editing Process

Please note that we reserve the right to edit your post for grammar errors, punctuation, spelling, etc, yet we will do our best to perserve the voice of the author.
We shall also clearly state source of submission, credit at author, and add links to related blogs (if any).

Contact Information
If you have any questions, you may reach us at
Happy Taiwandering!