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Vol. 619 / Content

The New Age of Independence

Vol. 619

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Elderly Residences + Smart Care

Furoto Lets Seniors Feel at Home

Most elderly people want to continue living in a familiar environment. How can we utilize modern technology to create long-term care programs the elderly can trust and enjoy?


Changing Approach to Health Care

The Home Care Medical Revolution

Cloistered in their hospitals, many Taiwanese physicians have not realized that patients’ homes can turn into prisons harmful to their health. That is now changing as a home care revolution takes shape, but plenty of obstacles remain.


Alex Osterwalder

The Essence and Strategy of Innovation

Starting a business is easy, but continuing to make profits is really difficult. Many enterprise operators are afraid of innovations, because once the existing business model is altered, it will be hard to expect profits. Then, what is the key and strategy for companies to innovate successfully?


Record Low 3% Mortality Rate

Taiwan’s Burn Care Shines on Global Stage

Taiwan’s response to an amusement park tragedy that left hundreds of revelers severely burned prompted over 300 medical professionals to travel to Taipei to learn about the experience at a global conference. The last survivor to be discharged as well as her attending physician shared with CommonWealth what they went through nearly two years ago.


Lu Ping:

Beijing’s 'Safest' Candidate Least Trusted in Hong Kong

Taiwanese writer Lu Ping, who served for seven years as director of the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, Taiwan's cultural window in Hong Kong, comments on the former British colony’s first female chief executive.

Politics & Society

Preparing for the Golden Years

Have you pictured what your life will be like when you’re old? Whether living alone, or in the company of family, or growing old with a group of good friends, old age can have many forms.


Taiwan’s Badminton Queen

Tai Tzu-ying’s Road to World No. 1

Tai Tzu-ying has become Taiwan’s first-ever female badminton player to be ranked No. 1 in the world. How did Tai get there and does she have what it takes to stay on top, considering her fear of the limelight?