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Vol. 623 / Content

The PRD Megacity

Vol. 623

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2017 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

Is Taiwan’s Star Fading?

CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 1000 Survey pointed to potential threats to Taiwan’s competitiveness – fewer companies making the cut, the fading aura of the semiconductor and flat panel sectors, the lack of new blood and China’s rise.


From Reservoir to Rooftop

Everyone Can Generate Green Energy

Starting this year, electricity use will be like browsing the market for food - just pick and choose whatever you like. The liberalization of the electricity industry enables everyone from individuals to large corporations to freely invest in, buy or sell renewable energy.


The PRD Megacity

Taiwanese Startups Flock to Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta, which outshines other areas in terms of startup support, is luring young Taiwanese entrepreneurs with attractive incentives.

Politics & Society

Lin Chuan-neng

Striving for Energy Transition

According to Bureau of Energy Director-General Lin Chuan-neng, while working toward the goal of a nuclear-free Taiwan, equal attention must be paid to ensuring a stable power supply and low greenhouse gas emissions.

Across the Strait

The PRD Megacity

The Survivors are Kings

In the Pearl River Delta, the city of Dongguan is known as the “capital” of Taiwanese-invested businesses. A decade ago, Dongguan experienced an exodus of Taiwanese companies that were no longer competitive due to rising labor costs. But those who are still active in Dongguan today are well established in their niches and there to stay.

Across the Strait

The PRD Megacity

A Colossal Metropolis Takes Shape

The Pearl River Delta is merging 11 big cities to create an economic juggernaut that promises to turn the region’s copycat past into a Silicon Valley future. CommonWealth looked into how this colossus is taking shape and what it portends.