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Vol. 625 / Content

Let's Eat, the Taiwan Way

Vol. 625

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Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry Co., Ltd.

Raising Pigs with a Good Conscience

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry is showing that pork from humanely raised pigs can be a commercial hit while offering a “safe” choice in a market that has been plagued by food safety scandals.


Lettuce Empire

Crafting a Winning ‘Food Safety’ Formula

The Taiwan Lettuce Village’s modern practices are redefining how to grow, harvest and store fresh produce. After conquering Taiwan, the company’s iceberg lettuce is now making waves on the global stage.



ID Cards Ensure Good, Safe Food

Is quality food always expensive? The Carrefour supermarket chain is proving otherwise with affordable produce sourced from certified farms. All foods, from pineapples to ready-to-eat roast chickens, come with an ID card that allows consumers to trace their origin.

Politics & Society

Rethinking Taiwan’s Food Safety System

Is Your Kitchen Really Safe?

The shadows of successive food safety scandals continue to cast a pall over Taiwanese consumers. At a time when government regulation has proved inadequate and even top brands have faltered, how should Taiwan go about addressing the issue?

Politics & Society

Land Dyke Feminist Family Farm

Women Create Farming Community

The female farmers group “Land Dyke” has established a new model of communal living and farming, using environmentally friendly farming methods, while also engaging in exchanges with local farms to share good food and good ideas with a greater audience.

Politics & Society

Food Education in Tainan Schools

Elementary Students Grow their Own Lunch Produce

A first in Taiwan, the curriculum in elementary schools in Tainan, one of the island’s major agricultural regions, includes “food education”. By growing their own food, students gain greater self-confidence and develop a stronger bond to the land.


The Time Is Now for Taiwanese Cuisine

Let’s Eat, the Taiwan ‘Way’

In Mandarin, “flavor” is pronounced “way,” so we’ve decided to call authentic Taiwanese flavors the “Taiwan Way.” Up to now, it has defied definition but efforts are afoot to give it a clear identity and have it resonate around the world.


Milk House

Revolutionizing Milk Distribution

Veterinarian Kung Chien-chia witnessed the problems of Taiwan’s dairy industry first-hand on his daily visits to rural dairy farms. Realizing that the farmers are at the mercy of the island’s three major milk brands, Kung decided to rewrite the rules of milk distribution.