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Vol. 627 / Content

Battling for the Mekong River

Vol. 627

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Customized Medical Care Making Thailand Healthier

This cloud-based healthcare system, which is set to expand to hospitals throughout Thailand, made it to the ASEAN market after a detour in Africa provided valuable lessons on localization and customization.


Chailease International Leasing

Turning Small Sales into Big Business

A Taiwanese leasing company had the highest asset growth of any leasing firm in Vietnam in 2016, topping more established rivals. To achieve the feat, it adopted a strategy that could guide other Taiwanese businesses eager to shine in the region.


China’s Silent Soft Power

Can Alipay Conquer Asia?

In Southeast Asia, the deafening sound of road construction work reflects the fierce competition among China, Japan and South Korea for lucrative infrastructure projects. But in stores and shopping malls, the sound of Alipay transactions indicates China’s even-greater ambition to establish its home-grown mobile financial services abroad.


OPPO in Thailand

Upstart Brand Challenges Samsung’s Dominance

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO is now the second-largest brand in the ASEAN region, having surpassed Apple and trailing only Samsung.


Meiho University

Tailor-made Programs Attract Vietnamese Students

Taiwan’s universities compete with other Asian universities for students from Southeast Asia. Some use scholarships; others their reputation. Meiho University possesses neither money nor fame, yet its cooperation program with a Vietnamese university is successfully attracting students.


China, Japan, Korea Going All In

The Battle for the Mekong River

Building strength in Southeast Asia means developing strongholds along the 4,000-kilometer Mekong River. This strategic waterway has become a strategic battleground for China, Japan and South Korea.


A Micro-look at an ASEAN Border

China’s Ubiquitous Shadow

Though Japan, South Korea and China are battling it out for overall economic influence in the Greater Mekong region, Beijing is on the way to winning the fight at the microeconomic level, as these three stories from the Thailand-Laos border show.