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Decoding Amazon

Vol. 630

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A Threat to South Korea?

Terry Gou’s American Dream

Foxconn’s plan to build an LCD flat panel factory in the U.S. still has to be approved by the Wisconsin State Senate. If it does go forward, what does Foxconn boss Terry Gou really want from it, and why is he seen by South Korea as its biggest threat?


Decoding Amazon

Ruthless Management Tactics Foster Innovation

Named Wired magazine’s most innovative company for 2017, operates according to principles many people find shocking, such as forbidding Powerpoint presentations and requiring employees to write six-page reports. The precise management approach keeps this e-commerce icon efficient and employees confident.


Taiwan Launches Its First Home-Grown Satellite

Satellites, once the domain of a handful of national space agencies, have become smaller and more affordable, leading to more accessible satellite-based ventures. The recent launch of Formosat-5, the first space mission entirely manufactured on the island, was a major milestone for Taiwan’s space program.


Targeting Thailand 4.0

PChome Stakes Out its Territory

The key to the ‘Thailand 4.0’ plan is digitalization, with e-commerce participation a critical element of development. Taiwan-based PChome has set its sights on the opportunities presented by Thailand’s digital transformation.


Retail Revolution

New Tech Unlocks Potential of Unmanned Stores

Late last year, U.S. online retail giant Amazon launched Amazon Go, pioneering a new kind of store without a checkout counter. China and Japan are also battling to deliver a checkout-free shopping experience in unmanned stores. What are their secret weapons in this battle for new retail service models?