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Vol. 632 / Content

The ’35 Generation’

Vol. 632

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HTC Chairperson Cher Wang

Google Deal Good for Both Sides

In an exclusive interview, HTC Chairperson and CEO Cher Wang reveals how she convinced Google Inc. to pay US$1.1 billion for a large part of HTC’s smartphone developer team.

Politics & Society

The ’35 Generation’

Seeking Freedom, Living for the Moment

They’ve been derided as the “strawberry” generation, but Taiwan’s 30-somethings defy stereotypes. Born into an era when freedom began taking root in the country but economic growth slowed, what motivates them and how do they see their futures?


35 Generation: R-Ladies Taipei Co-founder Ning Chen

Programming Language Group Founded in Hope and Courage

Life and investment can go both ways – getting what you want or losing out. But without trying, you’ll never even find out whether your venture is headed for success or failure.


35 Generation: Asuka Lee, Editor in Chief of Migrants’ Park

Our Generation Sees ‘Others’ More Openly

Bearing a journalist’s sense of mission, Asuka Lee chose a path rarely taken, writing about anonymous figures hard at work in Taiwan and speaking on behalf of the rights of migrants.


35 Generation: Tag-Along Director Cheng Wei-hao

Blazing One’s Own Trail in an Adverse Environment

A young director is taking on a variety of projects as he strives to make a name for himself while also bringing about a renaissance for Taiwan’s feature film culture.