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Option B

Vol. 633

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Morris Chang’s ‘Last Contribution’

Resolving TSMC’s Succession Dilemma

The face of TSMC for 30 years, Chairman Morris Chang, announced on Oct. 2 that he will be retiring in June 2018, and he laid out a succession plan involving “dual leadership.” Can this new model really replace the semiconductor legend?


The Gamer Generation

Changing the World through Entertainment

Do we have to be dead serious to change the world? A group of young people in Taiwan are convinced there are fun, entertaining ways to make the world a better place.

Politics & Society

A Growing Class of ‘Down and Out Elderly’

Indifferent to Life, Ready to Die

The term “karyū rōjin,” or “down and out elderly,” highlights the rising poverty, loneliness, and chronic disease of aging populations. Takanori Fujita, the author who coined the term, talks to CommonWealth about the looming crisis in Taiwan.


‘Option B’ Co-author Adam Grant

Finding Resilience after Major Setbacks

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, “Option B” co-author Adam Grant explains how the book set out to help people deal with tragedy and ended up also serving as a beacon for those trying to help others suffering from grief.


Charlie Chu

Cancer Survivor Opens Senses to Taiwan’s Beauty

Having lost hearing in one ear, normal sight in one eye and nearly losing his life 15 years ago to brain cancer, Taiwan’s leading 3D film director Charlie Chu unexpectedly found his mission in life.


Japanese National Brand Expands Globally

Why is Uniqlo Opening Stores in Zara’s Territory?

Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo keeps adjusting its global strategy as it grapples with slowing growth in China and experiments with new store concepts and sales channels.