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Vol. 634 / Content

Dividends and Challenges

Vol. 634

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A Turning Point for SMIC?

Liang Mong-song Jumps Ship Again

Former TSMC R&D executive Liang Mong-song, dubbed the biggest traitor in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry for leaking trade secrets to South Korean rival Samsung, has jumped ship again, this time taking the post of co-chief executive with China’s SMIC.

Politics & Society

Wooing Taiwan's Independence-Minded Youth

Can Xi’s ‘National Treatment’ Strategy Work?

A continued stalemate appears to be on the horizon for official cross-strait relations following the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress. Yet it is worth watching to see how far such substantive measures as “national treatment” aimed at facilitating cross-strait “fusion development” rolled out by PRC President Xi Jinping could go towards winning over a generation of Taiwanese naturally favoring independence.

Across the Strait

The Foshan Model

A Harbinger of China’s Future

Foshan in the Pearl River Delta has established itself as a testing ground for Xi Jinping’s economic policies as it moves up the value chain. How has it transformed its economic structure to emerge as a home to a cluster of hidden champions?