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Vol. 608 / Content

Everyday Fashion

Vol. 608

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Everyday Fashion

After four centuries, the fashion realm has descended from the top of the pyramid to embrace the 99 percent. And the 99 percent’s taste is sure to have a tighter focus on the “everyday.”


People Tree

Slow Shopping Means More Joy

Fair trade starts at the source. That’s why the Japan-born fair trade label People Tree set out to transform the fashion supply chain, making Japanese society realize that buying organic, fairly traded garments brings more joy than pursuing the latest fashion craze.


Everyday Fashion

Tokyo Enjoys Life in the Slow Lane

Instead of chasing short-lived western trends, Japanese consumers are seeking a better quality lifestyle rooted in local culture. In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 and amid a prolonged recession, the Japanese have rediscovered the virtue of slowing down and returning to the basics.


Fanatical Shanghai

Fanatical young Shanghainese are bringing the world to Shanghai, from as far afield as Europe and America, and as nearby as Taiwan, carrying their cultural momentum forward, reproducing, tweaking and surpassing it… with the goal of taking Chinese design to the world.


Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu

Turning Employees into Tigers

Sharp’s first foreign president, Tai Jeng-wu, has brought a sense of urgency to the money-losing Japanese electronics giant, insisting that pressure is necessary to foster growth. He explains his strategy in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine.


A Rising Center of Creativity

‘Hot’ Taipei

Romantic yet practical, Taipei’s free-flowing creative energy is surging beyond Taiwan and into ethnic-Chinese communities around the world. Even countries in the West are showing fascination with the city’s creative expression.