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Vol. 606 / Content

Exclusive Interview:Ang Lee

Vol. 606

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2016 City Happiness Survey

Taiwan’s ‘Well-Being’ Revolution

CommonWealth Magazine’s latest City Happiness Survey has found that residents’ trust in their local leader may go a lot further in promoting a sense of “well-being” than a community’s resources and infrastructure or tangible initiatives.


2016 Local Leader Approval Survey

Political Shifts Point to New Leadership Trends

As the leaders of Taiwan’s 22 cities and counties near the second half of their four-year terms, their approval ratings have taken some unexpected turns. Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-te lost his crown, while the chief executives of two offshore counties grabbed ranks 1 and 2, and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je came in second to last.


UA CEO Kevin Plank:

Chasing the Cheap is Being Lazy

On a recent visit to Taiwan, Under Armour (UA) CEO Kevin Plank warned Taiwan’s contract manufacturers: Cost cutting no longer results in any meaningful competitive advantage, as rapid innovation disrupts existing business models and revolutionizes manufacturing.


Ang Lee:

Cinema Keeps Telling Me It is About to Change

Already at the top of the film world, why does director Ang Lee still insist on doing things others won’t? As the first to adopt the 3D, 4K, 120fps format, what sort of experience will he give the audience?