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Vol. 612 / Content

2017 Asian Economic Forecast

Vol. 612

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Top 2000 CEO SurveyChin

Majority of CEOs Dissatisfied with Tsai Administration

While Taiwan’s CEOs are cautiously optimistic about global economic prospects, they are pessimistic about relations with China, and the percentage with "nil intention” to invest is at a four-year high.


2017 Forecast for Taiwan

Can Demand, Investment Rebound?

Sluggish private consumption. Stagnant domestic demand. Weak investment. These and other factors portend a challenging run for Taiwan’s economy in 2017. CommonWealth Magazine takes a look at what next year has in store for the country.

Politics & Society

2017 Forecast: Domestic Politics

Reform Gets Underway as Approval Plummets

In the course of its first year in office, Tsai Ing-wen’s administration has barely gotten reforms rolling, only to face ire at every turn. Yet for Tsai there is no turning back, making for a bumpy ride ahead in 2017.

Across the Strait

2017 Forecast: Foreign Policy

US-China Power Reshuffle Chills Cross-strait Ties

Taiwan’s role in the power struggle between China and the United States means that it must be prepared for difficult times ahead. Not only is Taiwan unlikely to benefit from trade, the cross-strait stalemate is sure to continue.


52Hz, I Love You

Wei Te-sheng Wants Audiences to Feel Happy

Film director Wei Te-sheng has turned his hand to making a musical. Featuring original songs and lyrics, 52Hz, I Love You is a film that awakens the ears, gets the heart pumping, and is sure to warm your heart.


Exclusive Interview: Premier Lin Chuan

Taiwan’s Big Infrastructure Ambitions

Premier Lin Chuan’s approval ratings have plummeted in his six months in office. But in an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he insists he will remain focused on addressing Taiwan’s problems and let others worry about the polls.