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Vol. 613 / Content

Will TaiEx Regain Its Glory?

Vol. 613

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FSC Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng

How Can TAIEX Overcome Low Trading Volume?

Although Taiwan stock exchange index had a strong showing in 2016, turnover and trading volume have hit a record low. In this interview, FSC Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng discusses what can be done to heal the market’s ills.


Micron Technology

A Taiwan-US Coalition?

Bullish about DRAM and Taiwan’s technological capabilities, Micron Technology is going forward with NT$120 billion acquisition of Inotera Memories, dashing the hopes of potential buyers in China.


MediaTek, Fubon and Foxconn

Lackluster Stock Market A Headache for Investors

Why is Taiwan’s stock exchange failing to retain strong, successful companies? Share prices are falling short of expectations, raising capital is difficult, and fewer promising companies are going public here.


Singapore’s Low-Profile Diplomacy

The Superpower Balancing Act

China and the United States are battling for influence in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea. Sandwiched between the two, Singapore has kept its distance from both superpowers while fighting to stay competitive amid external threats.


Singapore Sociologist Daniel Goh

Political Liberalization the Right Track

Singapore’s strong economy and social stability have fuel the city-state’s rise as ASEAN’s most advanced country. But as activist and sociologist Daniel Goh explains, political liberalization is now needed to deliver the innovation economy Singapore wants.


Fleur Pellerin

From Korean Orphan to French Minister

Fleur Pellerin has overcome both racism and sexism to find success in con-servative French political and business circles. At the invitation of Common-Wealth Magazine, she will make her first visit to Taiwan in January to take part in the 2017 CommonWealth Economic Forum.