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Vol. 517 / Content

Thailand, Malaysia Hit Their Stride

Vol. 517

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YTL Corporation's Francis Yeoh

The Man Who Brings Water to Bath

One of Asia's 25 most powerful entrepreneurs, he controls electricity transmission in South Australia and water services in southwest England. But what's on his mind right now is some down-home cooking...


The New Stars of ASEAN

Thailand and Malaysia Hit Their Stride

Southeast Asia now stands as the world's most promising market, and the brightest jewels in the crown are up-and-comers Thailand and Malaysia.


Investment in ASEAN

Taiwan Goes on a Shopping Spree

Property, equities, bonds, currencies... the bull is roaming the markets of Southeast Asia, and ASEAN has taken the place of the U.S. and Europe in the hearts of Taiwanese investors.

Politics & Society

Taiwan's Nuclear Dilemma

Coping with Nuclear Power's Downsides

Taiwan faces considerable risks if it blocks completion of its fourth nuclear power plant. But operating the plant may pose just as many questions, judging from other countries' experiences.

Politics & Society

Taiwan's Energy Dilemma

Can It Survive a Nuclear-free Future?

The uncertain fate of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant will have major consequences for the country's energy future. Is Taiwan really ready to go nuclear-free?