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CommonWealth Magazine Digital Transformation Report

The Print vs. Digital Dilemma

The most difficult part of going from developing print content to integrating print and online content was combining different processes and work routines. To overcome the problem, CommonWealth adopted a “Central Kitchen” concept that relies on an editorial team to rework content and then reuse it through multiple channels.

A New Financial Crisis Rears its Ugly Head

Tensions were high at the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings in Bali this October. After a decade of recovery, there are warning signs of an impending financial crisis. The United States hold the key to helping the world survive this new emergency, but will they take action?

Research & Reflections

Why Study in Taiwan?

Taiwanese and American cultures are at once different and the same—even with origins on opposite sides of the world, globalization and urbanization have created a cosmopolitan environment in Taipei that makes me feel at home.

Here I am, a Vietnamese in Finland, Missing Taiwan

A fascination with Chinese period costume dramas and Taiwanese idol TV shows when I was little led to a love of the Chinese language. I watched so many Taiwanese idol dramas that I could guess what the leading lady’s next line would be. When I came to Taiwan to study Chinese for three months at the age of 24, I finally realized my humble dream to spend a short time living in Taiwan.

A Conversation with Andrew Zimmern

From Bizarre Foods to Haute Cuisine

Take a seat and enjoy the talk with Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s popular show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Jamie Lin Column
Three Reasons You Should Not Worry

Will China Dominate Artificial Intelligence?

There are certain ways of thinking I don’t admire. One is the fallacy that everything we do in Taiwan must be compared with China. The other is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately at forums and conferences related to artificial intelligence.