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The Sad Truth Behind the Smiles

'No More Migrant Workers Will Ever Be Deceived Again, I Wish'

Behind a humble birthday wish lies countless heart-breaking stories of the always-smiling migrant workers in Taiwan.

Interview with RSF Chairman Pierre Haski

The Specter of ‘Illiberal Democracy’

The chairman of Reporters without Borders (RSF), Pierre Haski, was in Taiwan recently to talk about “illiberal democracy.” In this interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he spoke about the rise of this phenomenon and what could be done to reverse the tide.

The Dividing Social Media

It’s Time for Facebook to Fix Itself

In recent years, Facebook has been haunted by serious problems like online abuse and fake news. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself addressed that something has to be done due to the situation. Can Facebook really fix itself?

The Rise of AI & Automation

How Machines Will Not Replace Human Workers

It's reasonable to be alert that AI and automation can eliminate jobs. However, it's also irrational not to look into the benefits and higher productivity brought along with human-machine collaboration. At certain point we will have to ask the question: Do machines necessarily have to compete with humans?

Can Taiwan Transition to Electric Scooters?

Nearly as many motorcycles and scooters are registered in Taiwan as there are people. Despite their tremendous convenience and low cost, scooters clog both the atmosphere and city sidewalks, diminishing quality of life for everyone. Can the advantages of electric scooters and emerging shared motorcycle services convince enough consumers to complete Taiwan’s transition to electric vehicles by 2030?

Tasting Home in a Restaurant in Jordan

The Secret Relation Between an Arabian Dish and Taiwan's

"Never knew how close they were, Middle East cuisine and Taiwan," said the 'Daughter of Taichung' when she first encountered Mulukhiyah in a restaurant in Jordan.