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How Banks Are Facing the Tech Threat

Warm Service the Key to Success

The relentless advance of financial technology has many believing tech companies will soon replace traditional banks. But CTBC Bank President James Chen does not agree. At the CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF) in January, Chen explained how his bank is turning the tech threat into an advantage.

When Home and Economics Collide

Opinion: The Opaque Market of Foreign Domestic Work in Taiwan

Foreign domestic workers are very commonly-seen in Taiwan, yet it doesn't mean Taiwan's current system and market are friendly to them.

2019 CommonWealth Economic Forum

Sustainability Is for Humanity, Not the Earth

Arthur Huang, founder and CEO of Taiwan-based Miniwiz, has attracted notice in recent years from China to Europe as a green building architect and young entrepreneur. Wearing many hats as an architect, professor, engineer, and businessman, he has led the R&D efforts of Miniwiz, a company founded by a group of young people working together to put the “loop economy” concept into action by turning waste into new materials.

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Founder

Lin Hwai-min: Taiwan, See Thy Own Beauty

Art is a medium, and when the muse of inspiration alights on a town or village, young minds may be stimulated. Lin Hwai-min, founder of Taiwan’s famous Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, is retiring this year. Speaking at the 2019 CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF), Lin expressed his hope that art will become an integral part of our lives, and of society as a whole.

Opinion: Bilingual Education for a Better Worldview?

Our schools promote English courses and our students learn about nations from outside the Asia-Pacific region, but they remain ignorant of—or even biased towards—the neighboring countries closest to us. This is the fallacy of the much-touted bilingual education and the “international perspective” educators work so hard to foster.

Digital Transition Challenges

Creating an Innovative Business Model

Faced with dominant online platforms monopolizing ads as well as dwindling print ad revenues, CommonWealth Magazine had to find a new business model to survive. The result was the “CW Lab” and six sub-channels catering to distinct audiences.