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Keelung Wild Bird Society Director Shen Chin-Fung

Debate More Critical Than Referendum Result

Nuclear power is a sensitive issue. While numerous members of environmental groups have adopted a low profile in this area, the Wild Bird Society of Keelung openly supports an interim approach that would use nuclear power to transition to green energy. Below are excerpts of our interview with Shen Chin-fung, director of the Keelung Wild Bird Society.

Major Advocate for Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Prize

Yesterday’s Red Guard Has Something to Say to Today’s Taiwan

Xu Youyu was one of the first signatories of Charter 08, a manifesto drafted by the late Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo advocating that China institute a modern political structure of democracy, separation of powers, and constitutional government under the universal values of freedom, equality and human rights.

World Economic Forum

Time to Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws, but What's the Best Alternative?

Companies in Taiwan and the world are phasing out the use of plastic straws in the name of protecting the environment and marine life. How much impact could banning plastic straws really make? What is the best replacement for plastic straws?

Charting the World

Here Are the World's Biggest Importers

Which countries can throw their weight around the most with tariffs and retaliatory measures? The United States takes home the number one spot with $2,409 billion of imports in 2017. Also, where does Taiwan rank?

Taiwan’s Tourism Challenge

Opinion: Sign Designs for Global Travelers

Designing signs and services at tourist attractions that resonate with visitors from different countries can be a real challenge, and using English alone may not be enough. How can services be designed so that they are easily accessible to everyone?

Invisible from Birth - The Undocumented Children of Runaway Migrant Workers in Taiwan

Without national health insurance coverage, the presumably stateless, undocumented children of runaway migrant workers are caught in eternal limbo in a no-man’s land between national borders.