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IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

3 Priorities for the Global Economy

In a speech in Hong Kong ahead of the 2018 International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring Meetings, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde called on policymakers to steer clear of protectionism, guard against rising fiscal and financial risks, and foster long-term growth that benefits everyone. Here's a transcript of her speech.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

Understanding Doctor-Patient Relationships in Taiwan

Evelyn Siu, a Fulbright Fellow studying doctor-patient relationships at Taipei Medical University, has shared her reflections, her friendship, and her cultural-shock experiences in Taiwan.

Losing the Stars to Artificial Lights

Is It too Late to Save the ‘Night’?

Light pollution is increasingly blocking out the stars and causing other health concerns. Is it too late to solve it?

Taiwan’s Economic Struggles Decoded

No Longer an Asian Tiger?

Taiwan has muddled through an extended period of relatively low growth, stagnant wages and outflows of talent to other countries. The central bank recently revealed why this is happening relative to some of Taiwan’s neighbors.

Better to be the Head of a Dog than the Tail of a Lion

Paving a New Path in the Central African Republic

For most Taiwanese, Africa is in another world, but an intrepid group of investors is now braving high risks in the war-torn Central African Republic to carve out their own legacies.

Opinions @CommonWealth
Former Vice Superintendent of NTU Hospital

Taiwan’s Hospitals Seeking Revenue Outside of Healthcare to Make Up for Losses under NHI

While Taiwan is admired for its universal health insurance coverage, medical centers find it difficult to remain profitable, so they seek revenue elsewhere, using food courts, convenience stores and parking lots to balance the fiscal gaps from insufficient NHI reimbursements.