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5 Things You Need to Know About China's Booming E-commerce Market

China’s e-commerce and mobile economy are booming, yet it is certainly not easy to enter or compete in the market. Here are the five key current trends to understand and learn from China’s e-commerce explosion.

Taiwan Shouldn’t Feel Inadequate Compared to China

If we look at China honestly, we can understand why it is backward; its glitziness should not trigger any feelings of inadequacy. Everyone has their own difficulties, and their own strengths and advantages. That is just the way it is.

Across the Strait
2018 State of the Nation Survey

The DPP’s True Rival: Xi Jinping

CommonWealth Magazine’s latest State of the Nation Survey has revealed a slide in the younger generation’s identification with Taiwan. While it may be just a temporary blip, it also suggests that the biggest rival to the DPP’s power in Taiwan is Beijing.

Across the Strait
Vivotek’s AI Survival Strategy

Taking on China’s Goliaths

Taiwan’s surveillance industry companies have been battered by Chinese competition, but they are hoping to turn the tables by developing artificial intelligence systems that learn as they go and create value. Can they successfully fend off China’s threat?

Across the Strait
Top 2000 CEO Survey

How the Economy is Turning Around

Seventy percent of Taiwanese CEOs are upbeat about the 2018 global economic outlook. Almost 80 percent of CEOs are planning to grant pay raises, and their intention to invest at home and abroad is also getting stronger.

Across the Strait
Causeway Bay Books Moving to Taiwan

‘I Can’t Start A School, But I Can Open A Bookstore’

Lam Wing-kee, former owner of Hong Kong’s well-known bookstore of forbidden politically-related publications, is looking to reopen his bookshop in a trendy district frequented by the younger generation in Taiwan.