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Across the Strait

Across the Strait
Will Taiwanese Physicians Flock to China?

Chief Surgeon: Those Who are Supposed to Come are Already Here

China drew widespread attention and debate with its February announcement of 31 incentives to attract Taiwanese talent from various sectors, including the audiovisual, education and medical industries. Given that China’s medical profession has been open to Taiwanese physicians for many years, are these additional “economic benefits” likely to make medical personnel leave Taiwan in droves?

Across the Strait
Taiwanese Educators in China:

‘Why Are We Cultivating Talent for China, Not Taiwan?’

“In China, rather than seeking truth, academia serves the party and the state,” says one Taiwanese academician with experience across the strait. Realizing that he was not a good fit, he returned to Taiwan after just one semester of teaching, yet since returning to Taiwan, he has still been unable to find a suitable position.

Across the Strait
Beijing’s New Battlefront

Enticing Taiwan with Culture

Beijing has announced incentives to lure Taiwanese in the entertainment industry to China, but is Taiwan in a position to take advantage of them without completely hollowing out an already declining film and television production sector?

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

3 Things You Need to Know about the US-China Trade Dispute

Could a row over steel turn into a full-blown trade war?

Across the Strait
Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report

China is Now the Second-largest Art Market in the World

China overtook the United Kingdom in 2017 as the second biggest art market after the United States.

Here’s How China Cut Fertilizer Use While Still Increasing Their Crop Yields

Millions of Chinese farmers are reaping the benefits of a massive agricultural study, which has helped them increase their crop yields whilst reducing the use of fertilizer.