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Across the Strait

Across the Strait
Climate of Challenges

Survival In New Trade War: Broad Exports, No Taking Sides

The United States and China are jabbing and parrying at each other in the start of a “new Cold War” that shows no signs of abating over the short term. Meanwhile, regardless of how future negotiations turn out, competition between the two powers will surely set the tone going forward. Given this environment, how can Asian nations find ways to survive and thrive?

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

How Does China Deal with Its Own Waste?

China is perfectly placed to innovate digital solutions for waste, especially in its fast-growing food industry.

Across the Strait
History Resurfaces After Election

How the ‘1992 Consensus’ Colors Taiwan’s Fate

​​​​​​​The so-called “1992 cross-strait consensus” has once again become a hot topic in the wake of Taiwan’s recent elections. What is it all about, and how will it impact future cross-strait dynamics?

When I Discussed Democracy With Young Chinese

Educational levels vary greatly in China, and there are enormous gaps in the flow of information. Yet young people, who are more likely to absorb information from outside (such as by circumventing China’s censorship and blockage on the Internet), are increasingly likely to reexamine their own definition of "democracy."

Across the Strait
Prospect of Digital Renminbi

Is China About to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

The US' aggressive trade policies could be accelerating China's efforts to digitalize its currency - a move that would likely have far-reaching consequences for the world.

Across the Strait
AI Industry in China

Meet China's Five Biggest AI Companies

China is aiming to become the leading power in the industry of AI. From last year alone, its AI industry had grown 67%. With two thirds of global investment in artificial intelligence goes to China, being one of the biggest AI companies in China is closely equivalent to becoming the top AI company on a global scale. Here are the top five biggest AI companies in China.