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Confessions of Bicycle Parts Giant SRAM:

'We Had No Choice' but to Use Farmland

The factories clustered northwest of Taichung established Taiwan’s fame as a “bicycle kingdom.” But component maker SRAM, a pioneer in cutting-edge shifting systems, has had to resort to building factories on adjacent agricultural land.

2016 Top Corporate Citizen: Lucidity Enterprise

Raising Children, Supporting Seniors

Tainan-based Lucidity Enterprise proves every day that corporate social responsibility transcends deep pockets and resources and that a few simple ideas can make a real difference within a company and throughout society.

2016 Top 2000 Survey

30 Years Later, Who’s on Top?

The CommonWealth Magazine Top 2000 Survey has tracked the evolution of Taiwan’s industrial history over the past 30 years, often identifying paradigm shifts in business trends before they were obvious. Here’s a look back and forward.

CSR 'Giant': National Veterinary Hospital

Teaching Children to Cherish Life

Good corporate social responsibility practices can be a tough sell for small organizations. But National Veterinary Hospital has figured out how to get all of its stakeholders in on the CSR act.

CSR 'Giant': Atunas

Cool about Mountain Conservation

One of Taiwan's CSR 'small giants' has stood out for combining a commitment to low-carbon practices in its core business with a passion for mountains that has made the world take note of Taiwan.

CSR 'Giant': Aces Electronics

Bringing Ambulances to the Rescue

For many small companies with limited resources, CSR means focusing on one cause and doing it well. Aces Electronics has found its niche, and built considerable pride among its employees in the process.

CSR 'Giant': Lavender Forest

Helping Disaster Victims Regain Courage

After Typhoon Morakot devastated southern Taiwan in August 2009, donations poured in for reconstruction. But one CSR "small giant" has demonstrated in a remote community a better way to promote recovery than simply giving money.

2015 CSR Top 100

Small Giants on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards include the “small giant” category for the first time this year to acknowledge CSR efforts that often outshine those made by Taiwan’s large corporations and foreign enterprises.

'Banana Kingdom' No Longer

Taiwan's Farmers under Assault

Taiwanese consumers have gotten into the habit of buying a banana at convenience stores, but that banana may ultimately stir up nightmares for Taiwan's farmers. CommonWealth Magazine takes you behind the scenes to explain why.

Cheng Shin Rubber

Greater China's Top Tire Empire Sets a New Course

This past June, after honing his skills quietly for over two decades, Lo Tsai-jen took over the operation of the Cheng Shin Tire empire. In the driver's seat steering the group's efforts toward internationalization, he is about to put himself to the test as CEO.

2014 Corporate Citizenship Awards

Corporate Governance: A Matter of Survival

A spate of transportation and industrial mishaps in Taiwan this year has demonstrated the prime importance of corporate governance. Winners of CommonWealth's Citizenship Awards showed how to do it the right way.

New CSR Award Winners

No Fears When Following the Right Course

The winners of CommonWealth Magazine's newest corporate citizenship awards have begun to reap the benefits of sound CSR practices, demonstrating that what's good for society may also be good for business.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma:

Retail Can't Even Fight Back

In this interview with TV anchor Sally Wu, China's biggest e-commerce mogul shares his vision of the future where the world belongs to the little guy.

2013 Top 2000 Survey

Hidden Champions Transcend Gloom

CommonWealth Magazine's traditional Top 1000 Survey has been changed to the Top 2000 this year to recognize the under-the-radar medium-sized companies that are doing well despite a difficult economy.


Kneading Out Killer Business

Is baking only for dropouts? Taking part in international competitions, pursuing apprenticeships abroad and prizing innovation, Taiwan's new generation of bread makers is putting creativity to work.

Taiwan's Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2012

Invest in Employees, Beat the Recession

Truly happy enterprises are able to improve employee welfare without increasing costs or undermining growth. Viewing employees as assets is a key to sustainable business.

Hiwin Technologies

Balancing Vision with Precision

Motion control specialist Hiwin Technologies is Taiwan's hottest manufacturer. Here's a look at how chairman Eric Y.T. Chuo has built a "Made in Taiwan" innovation and R&D legend.

Planet Technology, Merry Electronics

'Sounding Out' a Beautiful Life

With their small scale and limited resources, isn't it too much to ask SMEs to go full bore on corporate social responsibility? Planet Technology and Merry Electronics are proof positive that SMEs can make a difference.

2011 Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens

Shattering the Myths of Corporate Social Responsibility

In its fifth annual survey of Taiwan's CSR landscape, CommonWealth Magazine reveals the common strategies that have allowed companies to thrive and help sustain Taiwan's beauty.

Top Corporate Citizens 2009

Responsibility Generates Vitality

CommonWealth Magazine's survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens found that in these trying times, being socially responsible is more than a way to build an image or give back to society; it is now critical to reviving sagging bottom lines.

Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2008

The New Corporate Battleground

"Corporate citizenship" is no longer merely a moral concept to which companies give lip service; it's the new battleground for corporate excellence.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Cyber Dumplings and Specialty Noodles

From single mothers to disadvantaged families, in every corner of Taiwan, resolute people are developing businesses that help others in life.

Corporate Citizen, Planet Technology

A Classroom of Hope for Disadvantaged Students

One up-and-coming SME has invested NT$50 million to found Taiwan's first educational trust, in the hope of helping students lagging in their studies to get back on track.

Corporate Citizen, Hewlett-Packard

The Green Supply Chain

At HP green thinking has become a guiding principle, not only in R&D, design and marketing, but also in its relations with contract manufacturers.

Inflation, Government Policy Squeezing SMEs

The Alarming Decline of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Taiwan has suffered a net monthly loss of nearly 1,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises over the past 12 months, as these vital cogs in the economy join the ranks of the 'disadvantaged.'

DuRoyal Desserts

Why Taiwan Is Lapping Up

Taiwan's climbing commodity prices have left the frozen snacks market in doldrums across the board. Yet DuRoyal has bucked the trend, recording 20 percent sales growth. What is its secret formula?

Conventional SMEs

Breaking the Growth Curse

These two Taiwanese SMEs have been thriving for over 35 years. What have they done to break through the growth barrier and become world-class enterprises?


Beyond OEM, Straight to the World

Taiwan's SMEs are beginning to evolve away from their traditionally passive roles as contract manufacturers, aggressively redefining their position in the global supply chain.

CommonWealth's Top 50 Corporate Citizens

Around the globe, companies are making social responsibility an essential part of their business strategies. In this survey, CommonWealth unveils the most exemplary corporate citizens of Taiwan.