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Across the Strait

Across the Strait
CommonWealth Finance Weekly

Beijing Pressed at Brussels to Open EU Market

The 21st EU-China Summit was held in Brussels. If China had hoped to gain European allies in the trade war against the United States, they got a rude awakening. The EU views China as a “systematic rival” and urges Beijing to open its market.

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

Hong Kong Plans to House 1 Million People on Artificial Islands

To ease the chronic housing crisis, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government has pitched a plan to increase the supply of land through the building of artificial islands.

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

Chinese Tech Investors Are Turning towards MENA

Discussing China’s engagement with MENA is difficult thanks to regional factors such as oil, conflict and strategic trade routes. While there are many opportunities for private sector and technology investment - and the latter has been the most vibrant area thus far - expanding collaboration between China and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will not be easy.

Across the Strait
CommonWealth Finance Weekly

Xi Jinping is in Europe; Why is Taiwan Worried?

President of China Xi Jinping is making state visits to three European countries this week. Special attention is being paid to discussions concerning the controversial “Belt and Road Initiative” with the Italian government, as well as a possible visit to the Vatican. Taiwan is especially nervous about Xi meeting the Pope in the Holy See.

Across the Strait
Red Candle Games

‘Devotion’ Gaming Controversy: Taiwan’s ‘Soft Power’ Meets China’s ‘Tough Power’

Heated discussion has flared up on Internet forums across Taiwan and Hong Kong in recent days after an online game contained reference to the “Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh” meme.

Across the Strait
CommonWealth Finance Weekly

China’s Economy Continues to Slow in 2019

On Tuesday March 5th, the National People's Congress (NPC) gathered in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Besides Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s 2019 government work report, the focal point of everyone’s attention was the drafting of China’s “Foreign Investment Law”, which would rewrite the rules for foreigners doing business in China.

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

A Chinese Economist Explains What We Get Wrong about the Trade War

China will benefit from the pressure of the trade war, according to Keyu Jin, professor at the London School of Economics.

Across the Strait
Which Taiwanese Suppliers Stand to Gain?

Trump’s Anti-Huawei Campaign Creates Opportunities for Homegrown Brands

U.S. President Donald Trump’s moves against Chinese tech titan Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. might create business opportunities for home-grown Chinese brands, which may result in Huawei outshining Apple. Which Taiwanese suppliers stand to benefit if Huawei’s supply chain becomes larger than Apple’s? What are the possible drawbacks of manufacturing for Huawei?

Across the Strait
Climate of Challenges

Survival In New Trade War: Broad Exports, No Taking Sides

The United States and China are jabbing and parrying at each other in the start of a “new Cold War” that shows no signs of abating over the short term. Meanwhile, regardless of how future negotiations turn out, competition between the two powers will surely set the tone going forward. Given this environment, how can Asian nations find ways to survive and thrive?

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

How Does China Deal with Its Own Waste?

China is perfectly placed to innovate digital solutions for waste, especially in its fast-growing food industry.

Across the Strait
History Resurfaces After Election

How the ‘1992 Consensus’ Colors Taiwan’s Fate

​​​​​​​The so-called “1992 cross-strait consensus” has once again become a hot topic in the wake of Taiwan’s recent elections. What is it all about, and how will it impact future cross-strait dynamics?

When I Discussed Democracy With Young Chinese

Educational levels vary greatly in China, and there are enormous gaps in the flow of information. Yet young people, who are more likely to absorb information from outside (such as by circumventing China’s censorship and blockage on the Internet), are increasingly likely to reexamine their own definition of "democracy."

Across the Strait
Golden Horse Controversy

Opinion: China is Part of Taiwan, and Taiwan is Part of the World

It goes without saying that politics is art, and art is politics. Render unto politics what is political, and unto art what is artistic, or you will be left with sound and fury signifying nothing—a poor reflection on both art and politics.

Across the Strait
Prospect of Digital Renminbi

Is China About to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

The US' aggressive trade policies could be accelerating China's efforts to digitalize its currency - a move that would likely have far-reaching consequences for the world.

Across the Strait
AI Industry in China

Meet China's Five Biggest AI Companies

China is aiming to become the leading power in the industry of AI. From last year alone, its AI industry had grown 67%. With two thirds of global investment in artificial intelligence goes to China, being one of the biggest AI companies in China is closely equivalent to becoming the top AI company on a global scale. Here are the top five biggest AI companies in China.

Across the Strait
The Truth Behind ICO Roadshows

Red Blockchain Rolling in Taiwan

Chinese crypto media, capital and social communities are joining hands, moving their speculative frameworks to Taiwan after being purged from China. If they reenact their pump and dump schemes in Taiwan, taking the money and running, investors could lose their shirts, and the future of Taiwan’s blockchain industry could be thrown into jeopardy.

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

6 Things That Surprised Us About China in August

Emerging first-tier cities, Shifting work preference for Chinese millennials, quantum technology, yellow delivering robots, internet market expansion... Here are six things that surprise us about China in August.

Across the Strait
Taiwan’s Unionist Party

United Front Target Taiwan's Grass Roots: Gangs, Temples, Business

Most people see the pro-unification Unionist Party as a fringe group with little influence on society. But CommonWealth Magazine has found that it has successfully helped Beijing make inroads into Taiwan at the grassroots level. Here’s how.

Across the Strait
24 Days in a Student-Occupied Parliament, and the Future of the Region

Inside Taiwan's Sunflower Movement

“Say goodbye to Taiwan,” wrote political scientist John Mearsheimer in a widely read article in the March-April 2014 issue of The National Interest. Threatened by China's rising economic might and abandoned by a weakening United States, one of Asia's most vibrant democracies was facing, in his “realist” analysis, an almost inevitable annexation via economic if not military force. “Time,” he wrote, “is running out for the little island coveted by its gigantic, growing neighbor.” But only days after publication, on March 18, activists and armchair analysts alike said hello to a new reality.

Across the Strait
Major Advocate for Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Prize

Yesterday’s Red Guard Has Something to Say to Today’s Taiwan

Xu Youyu was one of the first signatories of Charter 08, a manifesto drafted by the late Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo advocating that China institute a modern political structure of democracy, separation of powers, and constitutional government under the universal values of freedom, equality and human rights.

Across the Strait
Chairman of The Bank of China

Opinion: BRICS Must Lead Way in New Era of Globalization

Today, although trade protectionism is rising, globalization is still the mainstream of public opinion. At this point, the BRICS countries should promote globalization and encourage more international cooperation.

Does the KMT Still Have a Cross-Strait Role?

Former KMT Chairman Lien Chan no longer has a central role in the party, but he was invited to meet with Xi Jinping rather than the KMT’s incumbent chairman. What happened and does it signal the marginalization of the KMT in cross-strait affairs?

China Is Among the 20 Most Innovative Economies for the First Time

China has had a rapid transformation into an innovation powerhouse. Now it has broken into the top 20 of a global list of the most innovative economies.

Across the Strait
Charting the World

Who the US and China Have Trade Disputes With

These two charts show China and the US have more than 300 disputes with different countries and trading blocks. Most of the US's trade disputes are with the E.U. Instead of China.

Across the Strait
Self-Driving Buses

Baidu's Plan to Break Into the Japanese Market

Baidu, the Chinese tech giant is aiming to enter Japan while eyeing on several overseas market. This autonomous driving bus is one of Baidu's major steps to its international expansion.

Across the Strait
The Only Taiwanese Survivor in China’s Eat or Be Eaten Startup World

How to Build the Biggest Cross-strait Event Platform

In the startup scene, advice is typically given to avoid creating a platform because conditions are harsh and survival prospects slim. But John Sie, a former Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group employee, along with a fellow student founded software-as-a-service platform Accupass. Their startup not only managed to survive lethal competition in China where Internet startups go bust in droves, but Acupass even evolved into the biggest cross-strait event-hosting platform. How did Sie achieve this formidable feat?

Will China Grow Old Before It Gets Rich?

Could India soon be the biggest driver of global growth instead of China?

Across the Strait
Will Taiwanese Physicians Flock to China?

Chief Surgeon: Those Who are Supposed to Come are Already Here

China drew widespread attention and debate with its February announcement of 31 incentives to attract Taiwanese talent from various sectors, including the audiovisual, education and medical industries. Given that China’s medical profession has been open to Taiwanese physicians for many years, are these additional “economic benefits” likely to make medical personnel leave Taiwan in droves?

Across the Strait
Taiwanese Educators in China:

‘Why Are We Cultivating Talent for China, Not Taiwan?’

“In China, rather than seeking truth, academia serves the party and the state,” says one Taiwanese academician with experience across the strait. Realizing that he was not a good fit, he returned to Taiwan after just one semester of teaching, yet since returning to Taiwan, he has still been unable to find a suitable position.

Across the Strait
Beijing’s New Battlefront

Enticing Taiwan with Culture

Beijing has announced incentives to lure Taiwanese in the entertainment industry to China, but is Taiwan in a position to take advantage of them without completely hollowing out an already declining film and television production sector?

Across the Strait
World Economic Forum

3 Things You Need to Know about the US-China Trade Dispute

Could a row over steel turn into a full-blown trade war?

Across the Strait
Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report

China is Now the Second-largest Art Market in the World

China overtook the United Kingdom in 2017 as the second biggest art market after the United States.

Here’s How China Cut Fertilizer Use While Still Increasing Their Crop Yields

Millions of Chinese farmers are reaping the benefits of a massive agricultural study, which has helped them increase their crop yields whilst reducing the use of fertilizer.

Across the Strait
China's Growing Influence

The Challenges of Chinese Investment in Latin America

As São Paulo hosts the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2018, it is time to consider China’s important influence on economies and business in the region since the Forum's last meeting in Brazil, in 2011.

Across the Strait
More than a Social Media

WeChat Now Has Over 1 Billion Monthly Users

With WeChat's services and users expanding in an unprecedented scale, it is expected to become much more than a social media app.

5 Things You Need to Know About China's Booming E-commerce Market

China’s e-commerce and mobile economy are booming, yet it is certainly not easy to enter or compete in the market. Here are the five key current trends to understand and learn from China’s e-commerce explosion.

Taiwan Shouldn’t Feel Inadequate Compared to China

If we look at China honestly, we can understand why it is backward; its glitziness should not trigger any feelings of inadequacy. Everyone has their own difficulties, and their own strengths and advantages. That is just the way it is.

Across the Strait
2018 State of the Nation Survey

The DPP’s True Rival: Xi Jinping

CommonWealth Magazine’s latest State of the Nation Survey has revealed a slide in the younger generation’s identification with Taiwan. While it may be just a temporary blip, it also suggests that the biggest rival to the DPP’s power in Taiwan is Beijing.

Across the Strait
Vivotek’s AI Survival Strategy

Taking on China’s Goliaths

Taiwan’s surveillance industry companies have been battered by Chinese competition, but they are hoping to turn the tables by developing artificial intelligence systems that learn as they go and create value. Can they successfully fend off China’s threat?

Across the Strait
Top 2000 CEO Survey

How the Economy is Turning Around

Seventy percent of Taiwanese CEOs are upbeat about the 2018 global economic outlook. Almost 80 percent of CEOs are planning to grant pay raises, and their intention to invest at home and abroad is also getting stronger.

Across the Strait
Causeway Bay Books Moving to Taiwan

‘I Can’t Start A School, But I Can Open A Bookstore’

Lam Wing-kee, former owner of Hong Kong’s well-known bookstore of forbidden politically-related publications, is looking to reopen his bookshop in a trendy district frequented by the younger generation in Taiwan.

Across the Strait
Chinese Consumption Powering the Globe

Chinese Shoppers Will Add a New Germany to the Global Economy

Chinese consumers are increasingly young, wealthy and eager to spend. They are an essential part of the global growth engine.

Across the Strait
No Bounderies For This Taiwanese Top Chef

A Chinese Culinary Creator – André Chiang's New Position

"Many Taiwanese restaurants have been expanding their business to Mainland China or other countries. This does not mean they are betraying Taiwan," said Sandra Lee, Vice President of Marketing of Hasmore Ltd. Restaurant Group.

Across the Strait
China's Annual Shopping Craze

Startling Statistics from Singles' Day

These statistics show the amount spent this year for Alibaba's annual Singles' Day.

Across the Strait
The World is Flat for Innovation

China's Mobile Economy, Explained

Despite the stagnation of the global market, China's mobile economy is growing rapidly and this booming is changing the country's industrial landscape. Why?

Across the Strait
The Foshan Model

A Harbinger of China’s Future

Foshan in the Pearl River Delta has established itself as a testing ground for Xi Jinping’s economic policies as it moves up the value chain. How has it transformed its economic structure to emerge as a home to a cluster of hidden champions?

Across the Strait
Wooing Taiwan's Independence-Minded Youth

Can Xi’s ‘National Treatment’ Strategy Work?

A continued stalemate appears to be on the horizon for official cross-strait relations following the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress. Yet it is worth watching to see how far such substantive measures as “national treatment” aimed at facilitating cross-strait “fusion development” rolled out by PRC President Xi Jinping could go towards winning over a generation of Taiwanese naturally favoring independence.

Across the Strait
After the 19th National Congress of CPC

China’s $900 Billion New Silk Road, Explained

East to west ... who stands to gain from China's controversial trade route?

Across the Strait
President Xi and Secretary Tillerson

What Two Speeches Tell Us about the Future of China and the US

The past week has been a significant one for speeches. These two landmark addresses by President Xi Jinping and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were a study in contrast.

Across the Strait
China’s Silent Soft Power

Can Alipay Conquer Asia?

In Southeast Asia, the deafening sound of road construction work reflects the fierce competition among China, Japan and South Korea for lucrative infrastructure projects. But in stores and shopping malls, the sound of Alipay transactions indicates China’s even-greater ambition to establish its home-grown mobile financial services abroad.

Across the Strait
OPPO in Thailand

Upstart Brand Challenges Samsung’s Dominance

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO is now the second-largest brand in the ASEAN region, having surpassed Apple and trailing only Samsung.

Across the Strait
The New Hongkongers

Confessions of a 'Hong Kong drifter'

Young educated people from China flock to Hong Kong to study, work, start a family and possibly launch a career or make a fortune in this freewheeling capitalist society. The fittest of these new immigrants, those who survive and stay, have become “new Hongkongers”.

Across the Strait
Liu Xiaobo

I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement

Before sentenced for "inciting subversion of state power" by the Chinese government, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, wrote down the piece "I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement" as a final defense for his action."I look forward to [the day] when my country is a land with freedom of expression," he wrote. He also expressed his anticipation, "I hope that I will be the last victim of China's endless literary inquisitions and that from now on no one will be incriminated because of speech."

Across the Strait
Two Tales of One City

Hong Kong’s Future and Challenges

Twenty years after its handover to China from British rule, Hong Kong’s sense of identity remains in flux. Jasper Tsang and Martin Lee, two seasoned politicians from opposing camps, discuss what’s next for the territory.

Across the Strait
Return of Hong Kong, 20 Years Later

‘One Country, Two Systems’ No More

Twenty years after Britain’s handover of Hong Kong to China, Hong Kongers are anxious over Beijing’s plans to completely integrate it with the Pearl River Delta. How will Xi Jinping deal with this challenge to his “China Dream”?

Across the Strait
Return of Hong Kong, 20 Years Later

Chinese Capital Gains Clout in Hong Kong

After the former British colony of Hong Kong was returned to Chinese rule in 1997, it became China’s accounting house. How has China taken advantage of Hong Kong in the twenty years since the historic handover, and what does the future hold?

Across the Strait
Mark Stocker

An Opportunity to Turn Taiwan into the Cannes of Asia

Taiwan’s five golden Awards have the potential to establish Taiwan as the arbiter of huaren creative arts, not only bringing economic advantage but also bolstering Taiwan’s national identity.

Across the Strait
The PRD Megacity

Taiwanese Startups Flock to Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta, which outshines other areas in terms of startup support, is luring young Taiwanese entrepreneurs with attractive incentives.

Across the Strait
The PRD Megacity

The Survivors are Kings

In the Pearl River Delta, the city of Dongguan is known as the “capital” of Taiwanese-invested businesses. A decade ago, Dongguan experienced an exodus of Taiwanese companies that were no longer competitive due to rising labor costs. But those who are still active in Dongguan today are well established in their niches and there to stay.

Across the Strait
The PRD Megacity

A Colossal Metropolis Takes Shape

The Pearl River Delta is merging 11 big cities to create an economic juggernaut that promises to turn the region’s copycat past into a Silicon Valley future. CommonWealth looked into how this colossus is taking shape and what it portends.

Across the Strait
Taking on Hollywood

China Dreaming Big on Movies

From buying Hollywood talent and acquiring movie theater chains around the world to protecting its home market, China is intent on becoming a powerhouse in the global film and video industry and setting the agenda on video content.

Across the Strait
New Media “Luogic”

Raking in NT$1.3B with Online Talkshow

Even with open curricula and Internet-based direct broadcasts available in China, a paid subscription knowledge platform has attracted 1.5 million users and garnered NT$1.3 billion in annual revenue. How has it done it?

Across the Strait
Monetizing Knowledge

The Next Internet Craze

Live streaming has not provided the payout many anticipated, but a new model has emerged in China that could fill in the gap – paid subscription knowledge sharing platforms. How have they been able to rise to prominence?

Across the Strait
China’s ‘Lifestyle Services’ Boom

Exploiting the Desire for a Better Life

China’s startup scene is no longer just about the Internet but also about a trend toward premium products. As China’s growing middle class cares less about a product's price-performance ratio, a new group of service providers has emerged to tap the premium product market.

Across the Strait
A Bubble, Swords and Roiled Waters

China Getting an Overhaul

As it tries to reinvent itself, China is facing several daunting threats that could provoke social turmoil. CommonWealth Magazine went to China to identify those perils and see what Beijing is doing to cope with them.

Beijing’s 'Safest' Candidate Least Trusted in Hong Kong

Taiwanese writer Lu Ping, who served for seven years as director of the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, Taiwan's cultural window in Hong Kong, comments on the former British colony’s first female chief executive.

Across the Strait
Fish Depletion in the Taiwan Strait

A China-made Environmental Catastrophe

CommonWealth Magazine reporters went out on the Taiwan Strait to tell the story of the mullet trade. What they saw was the encroachment of Chinese fishing boats in Taiwanese waters and the environmental catastrophe those vessels are creating.

Across the Strait
Taiwan F Shares Lose Their Luster

'Taishang' No Longer Coming Home

A series of reforms by China’s stock exchanges have tempted Taiwanese businesses in China to list IPOs there rather than back in Taiwan, leading many to worry that Taiwan’s stock markets may become marginalized.

Across the Strait
Harry X. Wu:

Beijing’s Interference Creates Economic Minefield

Chinese economist Harry Xiaoying Wu points out how unrestrained government interference in the Chinese economy leads to distortions in resource allocation.

Across the Strait
2017 State of the Nation Survey

Neglected Voices Hound Tsai Administration

President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration is having a hard time satisfying socie-ty’s expectations. The voices of middle-aged people, residents of remote areas, and those demanding educational reforms must be heard.

Across the Strait
2017 State of the Nation Survey

Fissure Point Identified at 39 Years Old

The subtle shift in public opinion with 39 years of age as a point of demarcation reflects the reality of divides and frictions developing between the generations on issues large and small. How should Taiwan proceed in the face of this generational divide?

Across the Strait
2017 Forecast: Foreign Policy

US-China Power Reshuffle Chills Cross-strait Ties

Taiwan’s role in the power struggle between China and the United States means that it must be prepared for difficult times ahead. Not only is Taiwan unlikely to benefit from trade, the cross-strait stalemate is sure to continue.

Across the Strait
Top 2000 CEO SurveyChin

Majority of CEOs Dissatisfied with Tsai Administration

While Taiwan’s CEOs are cautiously optimistic about global economic prospects, they are pessimistic about relations with China, and the percentage with "nil intention” to invest is at a four-year high.

Across the Strait
2016 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

Taiwanese Makers Struggle as Chinese Tastes Move Upscale

As Chinese consumers develop a taste for the better life, Taiwanese manufacturers, who used to dominate China’s domestic market, are now being forced to transform themselves.

Across the Strait
Ge Wenyao:

Taiwan Integral to China’s Internationalization

Kibiing Group President Ge Wenyao stresses that, even if Taiwan refused investment from Chinese enterprises, his Group would team up with Western corporations to face off against Taiwanese businesses.

Across the Strait
Taiwan’s IC Design Sector

Ready for Chinese Investment?

Chinese investment is everywhere, but Taiwan's fabless semiconductor sector remains off limits. Some domestic IC design firms would like to see the policy change, but questions abound over whether it could be done without compromising national interests.

Chinese Capital Welcomed, but with Caveats

Wealthy Chinese investors have been searching the globe for promising ventures involving established brands and advanced technologies in Europe and the United States.Yet while both regions welcome "red capital" to boost their economies, they see different risks attached.

Across the Strait
A “Green” Legislature

Is Reform Really in Store?

For the first time in Taiwan’s history, the country’s legislature will not be controlled by KMT-led “pan-blue” forces. People will be watching to see if the change in power will unleash reforms and lead to an era of greater efficiency and less partisanship.

Across the Strait
Tsai Ing-wen

Ready to Take on Cross-strait Turbulence

Nimble campaign tactics, ambiguous cross-strait discourse, and a strong Taiwanese consciousness are the hallmarks of Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign. The daughter of a successful businessman, she has overseen her party’s rebirth and seeks to renew Taiwan’s socio-political and economic structure.

Across the Strait
2016 State of the Nation Survey

Ready to Test a New President

Taiwan will soon elect a new president, and CommonWealth Magazine’s 2016 State of the Nation Survey has uncovered the priorities most on the minds of the country’s people.

Across the Strait
‘Red Supply Chain’ Threat

Buying Up the World

China’s electronics industry, backed by its government’s deep pockets, is feasting on global companies to build a high-tech supply chain that is overwhelming rivals. Taiwan’s businesses face a bleak future if they don’t face up to the looming menace.

Across the Strait
Top 2000 CEO Survey

No Confidence in Economy, Next President

Following a lackluster business year, Taiwan's CEOs are not only pessimistic about the economy and the investment climate next year, but also issued a vote of no confidence in the leadership potential of Taiwan’s three presidential candidates.

Across the Strait
Beijing University Affiliated High School

China’s "Hogwarts"

Remember the Hogwarts School featured in the Harry Potter fantasy novel and movie series? Beijing University Affiliated Senior High School is the only high school in China to follow an institute and house structure, giving students full autonomy to arrange their own classes and schedules.

Across the Strait
Kao Cheng-shu on the Ma-Xi Meeting

Don’t Play Down the Meaning of a Handshake

Sociologist Kao Cheng-shu is optimistic that the Ma-Xi Meeting will open up new opportunities, should Taiwan have the foresight to take advantage of them.

Across the Strait
Lin Chuo-shui on the Ma-Xi Meeting

‘One China Principle’ a Roadblock, Not a Bridge

Former DPP Legislator Lin Chuo-shui feels that President Ma Ying-jeou made things even more difficult for Taiwan during his meeting with PRC President Xi Jinping.

Across the Strait
Wu Cheng on the Ma-Xi Meeting

Don’t Let Cross-strait Issues Hold Taiwan Hostage

Poet and activist Wu Cheng expresses his disappointment in the KMT’s administration and calls for caution in dealing with cross-strait issues.

Across the Strait
Cloud Gate Dance Theater Founder Lin Hwai-min

Key Is Fundamentals, Not Competitiveness

His Cloud Gate Dance Theater has performed in China many times, but Lin Hwai-min feels that for Taiwan to thrive culturally and maintain its dignity, it must expand its vision and stay true to what makes it distinctive.

Across the Strait
James Hsiao

The Ma-Xi Meeting Highlights the Jurisdiction of the Republic of China

James Hsiao, 23, is the chairman of the KMT Youth League and an ex officio member of the KMT Central Committee. A political science major at Tunghai University, he got involved in student politics in high school. Hsiao believes that the “one China" denotes the Republic of China.

Across the Strait
Richard Bush on Ma-Xi Meeting

What the historic Ma-Xi meeting could mean for cross-Strait relations

Former American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Richard Bush analyzes the Ma-Xi meeting and reaction to it and looks at what may lie ahead for cross-Taiwan Strait relations.

Across the Strait
Tseng Po-yu

Ma-Xi Meeting Puts Unification-Independence Issue Center Stage

Tseng Po-yu, 24, is the youngest female candidate in Taiwan's upcoming general elections. One of the spokespersons for last year's Sunflower student movement Tseng is running for the Green Party-Social Democratic Party Alliance in New Taipei City. She feels that the Ma-Xi Meeting has put Taiwan at a disadvantage.

Across the Strait
Fang-ming Chen on the Ma-Xi Meeting

‘One China’ Gives Away Taiwan’s Position

Fang-ming Chen, Chair Professor of the Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature at National Chengchi University and an important voice for Taiwanese independence, served as director of information for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party in early 1990s. In this interview, Chen enumerates why the Ma-Xi meeting in Singapore was far from a victory for Taiwan.

Across the Strait
James Soong on the Ma-Xi Meeting

We need Institutionalized, Supra-Partisan Exchanges with China

People First Party (PFP) Chairman and presidential candidate James Soong has met with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Chinese President Xi Jinping on separate occasions. How does Soong assess the meeting in Singapore between Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou and Xi?

Across the Strait
Tsai Ing-wen on the Ma-Xi Meeting

Limiting the Choice of the Taiwanese

Today, after watching the Ma-Xi meeting on the television, I believe most Taiwanese are as disappointed as I am. President Ma left under the concern that this visit would be shrouded in secrecy. Now he is about to return with even greater controversy.

Across the Strait
Yun-han Chu on the Ma-Xi meeting

Can the Next President Sustain the Cross-strait Breakthrough?

Yun-han Chu, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Science of Academia Sinica, likens the Ma-Xi meeting to a pole vaulter’s pole, which the next president of Taiwan must take up to spring Taiwan towards assuming a strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region.

Across the Strait
The Ma-Xi Meeting

Political Theater or Meaningful Moment?

The presidents of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China met for the first time ever in Singapore on Nov. 7. Did it set a valuable precedent for cross-Taiwan Strait relations, or was it merely a blip in the radar that will soon give way to less harmonious times?

Across the Strait
Interview with Hong Hsiu-chu

Campaigning to Reawaken Hope

Her emergence as the Kuomintang's prospective presidential candidate may have been the product of unusual circumstances, but "Little Hot Pepper" Hung Hsiu-chu is ready to wage a vigorous campaign against heavy favorite Tsai Ing-wen.

Across the Strait
Entrepreneurship Gone Crazy

China's Ambitious Generation

This may not be the best of times, but it is the best time for realizing ambitions. In his day, Mao Zedong stressed political fanaticism. Today, the Xi Jinping regime is dedicated to helping people get wealthy. How will it make its mark on history?

Across the Strait
'Made in China 2025'

Decoding Beijing's Intentions

The entire world is engaged in a battle for innovation and transformation supremacy. Qu Daokui, one of China's foremost robotics experts, tells CommonWealth how China will go from the world's manufacturer to a manufacturing superpower.

Across the Strait
2015 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

China's New Economy Companies Win Big

In this year's Greater China Top 1000 Survey, new names have taken the top spots in growth, EPS and profits, and China's new economy upstarts have dislodged the old guard.

Across the Strait
One Belt, One Road

Fuzhou – The Beginning of the Road

Located in a "dent" along China's coastal economic belt, Fuzhou has been made the starting point of the country's Maritime Silk Road, with the mission of attracting Taiwanese merchants and businesses.

Across the Strait
One Belt, One Road

Kashgar--Treading An Unstable Path

Many unknowns overshadow Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision for the oasis city of Kashgar, near China's westernmost border. Slogans urging people to "maintain stability" are visible everywhere, and visitors have to be prepared for frequent security checks.

Across the Strait
One Belt, One Road

Urumqi--At the First and Final Mile

It is risky to place all one’s bets on Xinjiang when doing business in the fractious Central Asian region. Yet China maintains a tight grasp on the area due to its rich oil and mineral resources, despite the thorny issue of Xinjiang independence.

Across the Strait
The One Belt, One Road Initiative

What Is China Really Up To?

China is selling its ambitious development plan as a boon for Asia's infrastructure, but the plan's biggest beneficiary will be Beijing itself as it seeks to redraw Eurasia in its own image. As for Taiwan, it may have no choice but to go along.

Does A Degree from Taiwan Really Worth It?

After coming to Taiwan with high expectations and studying for four years, students from across the strait find themselves asking each other, "Is it worth it?

Across the Strait
PRC Students in Taiwan

Shaking Up the System

When Chinese students were first allowed to study full-time in Taiwan four years ago, critics feared they would snatch resources and jobs from Taiwanese students. Now that the first class of these students is ready to graduate, have those fears played out?

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2015 State of the Nation Survey

China, Political Infighting on People's Minds

CommonWealth Magazine's latest State of the Nation Survey found ongoing dismay with partisan wrangling at home but decidedly mixed attitudes toward China, even in the wake of social movements portraying Beijing as a villain.

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Top 2000 CEO Survey

Worried About Cross-strait Trade

Taiwan's CEOs are optimistic about the economy next year, but widespread concern exists over stalled momentum in trade ties with China and Taiwan's inability to join regional trade blocs.

Hong Kong's Middle Class Exodus

Hong Kong's middle class has had enough of skyrocketing housing prices and a declining quality of life and is looking for a way out. For some, Taiwan has become an oasis of hope.

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Hong Kong's New Poor

The Disappearing Middle Class

Hong Kong has a glitzy image. Lurking behind the glittering façade, however, is a society with the greatest rich-poor divide in Asia. Is there any reason for new hope?

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Yu Ying-shih

Intellectuals Must Speak Up for the Poor

When prominent Chinese American historian and Sinologist Yu Ying-shih was in Taiwan in mid-September to collect the Tang Prize for Sinology, he had a clear message for Taiwan's intellectuals: be advocates for those in need.

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Hong Kong Paying the Price

The Burden of 'One Country, Two Systems'

Hong Kong became part of China 17 years ago under a "one country, two systems" model. The reunion has brought economic gains but also huge costs, including curbed freedoms. What does this portend for the futures of both Hong Kong and Taiwan?

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Hong Kong Torn Apart

Showdown Between the Locusts and the Lackeys

Seventeen years after the British colony of Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule, there is hardly any love left between the Hong Kong people and their compatriots in the motherland. The territory is moving closer to the breaking point over self-identity.

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Key Players Look at the Future

Hong Kong at a Crossroads

Once seen as purely "economic animals," the people of Hong Kong have taken to the streets to protest Beijing's restrictive political reforms. CommonWealth Magazine spoke with the leaders of the demonstrations. Here's what they said.

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Cheng Shin Rubber

Greater China's Top Tire Empire Sets a New Course

This past June, after honing his skills quietly for over two decades, Lo Tsai-jen took over the operation of the Cheng Shin Tire empire. In the driver's seat steering the group's efforts toward internationalization, he is about to put himself to the test as CEO.

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Taiwan's Outlying Islands in Distress

China's Tide of Trash

The coasts of Taiwan's islands in the Taiwan Strait are being overwhelmed by garbage floating in from China. The invasion is changing how the islanders see China and costing Taiwanese taxpayers, but Beijing has done little to stem the tide.

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China's Rural Revolution

E-commerce Revives Remote Villages

The rural community of Suichang has created an economic miracle through online shopping. Farmers, country stores and open fields have become the future of China's mobile economy.

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Greater China Top 1000

Chinese E-commerce Giants Surge

This year's CommonWealth Magazine Greater China Top 1000 Survey found that the competitiveness of Taiwan's companies continues to erode while Chinese e-commerce giants have remained on the ascendance.

Cross-strait Competitiveness ≠ Global Competitiveness

Can competitiveness cultivated in China really compete? Apart from a select minority that has managed to expand operations globally, most Taiwanese companies have found their success limited to China alone.

Without China Ties, Int'l Ties Are Bleak

In this exclusive interview, the former secretary general of Taiwan's National Security Council offers a frank assessment of the country's foreign affairs predicament in the wake of recent protests.

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Joseph Wu:

We Resist China, Not Free Trade

In this exclusive interview, heavyweight DPP policymaker Joseph Wu sets out the opposition party's case for opposing economic entanglement with China, and pursuing a path of international trade beneficial for Taiwan.

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Richard Bush:

Take a Chance on Service Pact

In this exclusive interview, the former American diplomatic representative to Taiwan considers the delicate balance of cross-strait affairs,Taiwan's enduring relationship with the United States, and the road to future competitiveness.

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Anti-Services Pact Furor

Business Owners Have Their Say

CommonWealth Magazine interviewed entrepreneurs in those sectors that stand to be directly affected by the controversial Agreement on Trade in Services. The views they shared may surprise you.

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Anti-Services Pact Furor

What Should Taiwan Do Next?

How can Taiwan find a solution for cross-strait contacts that guarantees economic benefits, democracy and national security? Here are three steps Taiwan needs to take to rebuild the public's trust in the government.

Can Taiwan Keep Reigning Supreme?

Taiwan occupies center stage in the ethnic-Chinese music world. How is it coping with the digitization of music, the decline of albums and competition from China, to maintain and fortify its position of strength?

Hope in Taiwan

These are simply not the worst of times for Taiwan – thanks to the many people rolling up their sleeves, taking responsibility, breaking new ground, dedicating themselves, and making a difference.

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2014 State of the Nation Survey

Widening Wealth Gap Spawns Discontent

CommonWealth Magazine's latest State of the Nation survey found a breakdown in confidence in Taiwan's government, dismay over the country's rich-poor divide, and a desire to not be so economically dependent on China.

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Rebounding Economic Confidence

Taiwan: Asia's Dark Horse?

Global trade seems to be picking up, and Taiwan can expect to post more than 3 percent economic growth next year. But before the economic gloom is over, Taiwan still has to pass a number of serious tests.

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Top 2000 CEO Survey

Mild Recovery, Rising Wages

Only 40 percent of Taiwan's top executives are optimistic about economic prospects in 2014, yet 70 percent are preparing to increase wages. CEOs nearly unanimously favor free trade agreements, but remain bearish on investment.

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The One Foundation

Giving Wings to Goodwill

Having laid the groundwork, China's first private charitable fund is now striving to set the bar of integrity as high as possible, and become the charity organization in China with the greatest momentum.

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Grassroots Environmentalist Ma Jun

Action through Information

Activist Ma Jun has become the standard bearer of grassroots environmentalism among urban middle-class Chinese. His push for cleaner manufacturing even made stubbornly resistant Apple come around.

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Fosun International

Opening the Door to China

Fosun International has bought Club Med and some of the world's top fashion brands and helped them get a foothold in China, earning it praise as the key that opens the door to China.

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Talent Cultivation

China's Leadership Factory

With over 100 million college-educated citizens and the most overseas students in the world, China's "three-headed" talent cultivation system sharpens skills at every level. Yet it has recently come up against its most formidable adversary…

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China's Private Entrepreneurs

Not Taking No for an Answer

Reversing a decade-long policy of state dominance of industry, China's private companies are reoccupying center stage. With fierce ambition and aggressive innovation, China's entrepreneurs are about to rewrite the rules of global business.

Across the Strait

Will China 'Unify' Taiwan?

Alipay will soon set up shop, Taobao is racking up sales, and Tencent's WeChat is being promoted aggressively in Taiwan. Could China's e-commerce sector be the first to gobble up Taiwan?

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E-commerce Comes Calling

Taiwanese Eye New Way into China

Taiwan's online vendors are eyeing China's 1.3 trillion renminbi e-commerce market, but they're finding that it's a challenge to make a name for themselves.

Why Hong Kong Is Smitten with Taiwan

People from Hong Kong have swarmed to Taiwan in recent years to enjoy its night markets and slower pace of life and to learn from its "happy protests." But an unmistakable disenchantment with Beijing may lie behind this infatuation.

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Qianhai Special Economic Zone

Testing Ground for a Freer RMB

It's China's smallest special economic zone, an experimental lab for cross-border trade in the renminbi.

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Professor Ding Xueliang:

Hong Kong: Beijing's Big Headache

A prominent Chinese social scientist examines the former British colony that has become the PRC's most vexatious frontier, and what this thorny relationship may portend for interactions across the Taiwan Strait.

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Opportunity or Threat?

Taiwan's Hospitals Chase Renminbi

Chinese hospitals are trying to replicate the Taiwan model in building an effective medical system. It represents a window of opportunity for Taiwan's medical sector, but one that may soon slam shut.

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Huawei Technologies

Poaching Taiwanese Talent from the Inside

Hungry for new talent, China's leading telecom equipment maker has set up shop on Taiwan and is poaching some of the island's brightest IC designers. How has it managed this feat, and what does it portend?

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2013 Greater China Top 1000

Taiwan's High-value Stars Rise to the Top

Taiwan had fewer companies in CommonWealth Magazine's 2013 Greater China Top 1000 survey, but the strength of its IT companies remains clear.

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Greater China Top 1000

Crossing the Strait of No Return

China boasts 10 times more resources than Taiwan, and 100 times the limelight. But once a Taiwanese exec has made the move to China, they often find no way back. How can Taiwan retain its native talent?

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Cross-strait Banking

Who Will Be Lord of the Renminbi?

Renminbi trading is taking off in Taiwan, and bankers are pushing the envelope to get in the game, vying for access to the pockets of Taiwanese businesses. What are the three decisive battle fronts?

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The Renminbi Inundates Taiwan

Who Is the Biggest Winner?

Now that Taiwanese banks are offering savings accounts in China's currency, deposits have soared overnight, making Taiwan the world's third largest offshore renminbi trading center. What are the risks, and the opportunities?

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GSA Technology’s Tina Lin

Headmistress of Machining

Petite yet bursting with energy, this Taiwanese sales superwoman has held her own in China’s male-dominated, heavy-drinking business culture, and single-handedly conquered the China Market.

The Taiwanese Brains behind Google

The Nexus 7 is selling like hotcakes. Now Google’s a contender in the global tablet wars, but it could not have got out the gate without its Taiwanese partner, Asus.

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The New Tech Paradigm

Why Taiwan Still Matters

Taiwan’s OEM model took a hit last year as PC shipments plunged and former high-tech powerhouses struggled. But new tech kings Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are still finding Taiwan irresistible. Why?

Chinese Bigwigs Buy up Taiwanese Rice

In its latest campaign to win the hearts and minds of Taiwan’s farmers and fishermen, China has intensified its politically-motivated procurement of local farm and fisheries products. But do local producers really benefit from selling to China?

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The ECFA Effect

China's Takeover of Taiwan's Vegetable Market

Chinese vegetables are swamping the Taiwanese market, endangering local farmers' livelihoods. Taiwan needs to take a series of steps if it hopes to reverse the trend.

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The Southern Weekend Incident

China’s Journalists Get Up off Their Knees

Pushed to the brink by years of excessive censorship, media workers in China are rising up and demanding the press freedoms that China's constitution guarantees. Will their voices be acknowledged?

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Cross-strait Youth Culture

The Post-90 Generation

The new generation of Taiwanese and Chinese youngsters born in the 1990s differs from any other that preceded it. How will they change the future on both sides of the Strait?

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Chinese Investment in Taiwan

Will Taiwan Go the Way of Hong Kong?

As Beijing woos the Taiwanese with lucrative trade and moguls with business interests in China buy up local media, many Taiwanese are asking: Where is economic dependence on China taking us?

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Chinese Investment in Taiwan

Loosening the Reins

The Taiwanese government is opening its arms to investment from China. But will Chinese capital be the savior or the destroyer of the island's economy? Can't Taiwan rely on itself to stand tall in the world economy?

Across the Strait
Chinese Tourists in Taiwan

Spending Big, but to Whose Benefit?

Chinese tourists were expected to give Taiwan an economic shot in the arm after they began flooding in four years ago. But the results have been mixed, with only a few beneficiaries.

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PRC Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Zheng Lizhong

Going Straight to Taiwan's Grassroots

Reaching into Taiwan' local communities, he projects himself as a populist in the mold of former provincial governor James Soong. How does he do it?

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Taiwanese Industry Returns from China

Is Taiwan Ready to Embrace Its Lost Sons?

With China’s deteriorating investment climate, Taiwanese companies’ fever for their continental neighbor has cooled. More and more are packing up and coming home. But how can Taiwan attract the cream of the crop?

Across the Strait
China's Global Media Blitz

Invasion of the Dragon

China has launched a well-funded offensive to become a global media player and influence world opinion on its own terms. What is it up to, and are people buying it?

Across the Strait
China Rewrites World Fashion Standards

The Silk Road of Luxury

China's luxury goods market became the second largest in the world in 2010. Turning the global fashion market on its head, China is making its presence felt by projecting its own "soft standards."

Across the Strait
The Battle for Global Standards

China's Three Golden Silk Roads

China is setting new standards in markets long dominated by the West. Taiwan now faces a decision on which way it should go and whom to follow.

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Greater China Top 1000

Tapping China's Consumer Goldmine

State-run enterprises lead the pack in China, and electronics and IT rule the roost in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwanese businesses are successfully grabbing a piece of the growing Chinese consumer market.

The Wolf King of Chinese Retail

Taiwan-based RT-Mart had sales of 61.6 billion renminbi in China last year, far outpacing Carrefour and Walmart. How has the company carved out its imposing retail empire there?

Across the Strait
Grand Ocean Department Stores

Trumping Sogo to Triumph in China

With operating revenue last year of NT$25.8 billion, Grand Ocean, a relative unknown in Taiwan, has taken the lead from big players like Far Eastern and Sogo in setting up a department store empire in China.

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Wang Yang

The 'Guangdong Model' of Reform

Bo Xilai and his "Chongqing Model" have fallen from grace. Bo's rival, Wang Yang, and his "Guangdong Model" are attracting increasing attention. What do the fall of Bo and the rise of Wang portend for the future of China?

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Taiwanese Enterprises in China

Entrepreneurs Turn Landlords

With soaring operating costs and razor thin profits, more and more Taiwanese SMEs in China can no longer hang on and are reduced to leasing their facilities to local Chinese managers.

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Loosening Currency, Raising Wages

China Shoots for Soft Landing

Over the past two or three months, China has quietly adopted some seemingly contradictory policy measures "a soft landing amidst shaky conditions" and a smooth transition as the reins of leadership change hands.

Across the Strait
Extending the Master Kong Model

Ting Hsin's New Consumer Offensive in China

The Master Kong instant noodle brand has made it big in China through its common-man appeal. The brand's owner is now adopting a similar strategy at its convenience store chain.

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Cross-strait Student Exchanges

Who Gets What from the 'China Experience'?

A rising number of Taiwanese university students are visiting China for summer internship and exchange programs, sounding out career prospects, and discovering themselves in the process. But what's in it for China?

Across the Strait
China Finance Expert Cheng Siwei

The Real Fear Isn't Slowdown, but Standstill

In this exclusive interview, Beijing International Finance Forum chairman Cheng Siwei offers a wide-ranging analysis of both the Chinese and international economies.

Across the Strait
Students from China Arrive in Taiwan

Businesses Roll Out the Red Carpet

The first wave of students from China has reported. And Taiwan's businesses are lavishing scholarships, fearing Taiwan could lose the tussle for top-flight talent before it even gets started…

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Momentous 2012

China at a Crossroads

China faces momentous political and economic transitions in 2012. CommonWealth Magazine looks at how the country will test new systems and models in search of the best road forward.

Across the Strait
China's Netizens Challenge Speech Limits

The Microblog Revolution

Half a billion Netizens active on microblogs in China have far more influence than any media outlet. This "virtual China" is on a collision course with all sorts of boundaries.

Across the Strait
Western School Kids Flock to Shanghai

International Education in China

Chinese students have long headed West to get a better education. But now the reverse is happening, with western students heading to Chinese boarding schools to get a head start in a growingly competitive world.

Across the Strait
China at a Crossroads

Chongqing Bucks the Tide, Edges Leftward

While most of China embraces capitalist principles, Chongqing has decided to buck the trend, sparking major debate by highlighting its own "red" model. Here's what the western Chinese city is up to.

Across the Strait
China at a Crossroads

Transformation Begins in the Heart

China's economy may be robust, but the suicide rate of its people is 2.3 times the global average. Facing a potentially rough psychological landing, how are the country's 1.3 billion people handle it?

Across the Strait
China at a Crossroads

Taiwanese Businesses Go West

Instead of waiting for prosperity to trickle down from coastal provinces, Chengdu and Chongqing are taking matters into their hands, with Taiwanese businesses caught in the middle.

Across the Strait
The Greater China 1,000

A Battle of Size vs. Quality

In this year's Greater China top 1,000, sales were up, but many mainstays failed to make the cut, as a titanic struggle of business philosophies unfolded. Which companies emerged as the biggest winners?

Across the Strait
China's Domestic Demand Explosion

Unlocking the Hearts of China's Fickle Consumers

Taiwanese companies are eager to cash in on China's new class of uninhibited consumers. But facing competitors with deep pockets, they may find success more elusive than they expect.

Across the Strait
Meet Your New Neighbors, Taipei

China's Rich Stir Up Taipei Property Market

The good life in Taipei is luring a new crop of wealthy Chinese nationals. As an upsurge of developers and brokers caters to this new demand for luxury housing in Greater Taipei, how will the rules of the property game change?

Across the Strait
Cross-strait Investment

Chinese Wolves at Taiwan's Door

Chinese investors have invaded Taiwan's shores with amazing speed and stealth, raising the stakes, and changing the game rules. How do Taiwanese companies plan on dancing with these wolves?

Across the Strait
Machinery Industry

China Firms Seek to Buy Upgrade

Taiwan's machinery industry has become a target for Chinese firms to study and poach personnel. Next year, the arrival of the "big players" will signal a new era of both cooperation and intense competition in the cross-strait machinery industry.

Across the Strait
Cross-strait Trade

China’s Inflation Hits Taiwan’s Dinner Tables

With massive quantities of Taiwanese agriculture and fish being exported to China, domestic food prices are on the rise. As of now, China decides the cost of dinner in Taiwan. In the age of ECFA, is Taiwan trading exports for inflation?

Across the Strait
China Life Chairman Alan Wang

Invading the Mainland with a Joint Stock Deal

China Life is about to become the first Taiwanese insurance company to crack the China market through an equity participation arrangement with no management rights. On what calculus is China Life chairman Alan Wang relying?

Across the Strait
The G2 – China and the U.S.

Tango on the Top Rung

In as little as a decade, China will eclipse the U.S. as the world's biggest economy. As America shares its superpower status with China, their often contradictory rivalry is becoming a decisive factor in the fate of Taiwan, and the world.

Across the Strait
Stained Red

China Infiltrates Taiwanese Media

Taiwan's media is riddled with ads from the government of China, masquerading as news. Pan-blue or pro-green, Taiwanese news outlets are increasingly being painted red. Is the island's independent perspective for sale too?

Across the Strait
Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan

Reform and Innovation: A New Path

In an exclusive interview, Huang Qifan, mayor of the inland metropolis of Chongqing, lays out his vision of a development model custom-made for his city, different from the one in play along China's coast.

Across the Strait
China's Industrial Relocation

There's Gold in the Hinterland

Once regarded as a desolate wasteland, western China is now thriving, with companies from around the world eager to get a piece of the action. What are they doing to capitalize on this new "Journey to the West"?

Across the Strait

Launch Pad for China's Westward Liftoff

Over the past decade this city deep in China's interior has been changing its own destiny. Can Chongqing realize its ambitions of opening up to the outside world and bring real development to China's wild west?

Across the Strait

Hon Hai's New Hinterland Base

As Taiwanese manufacturers seek out new bases in China's interior, Zhengzhou is becoming a surprise favorite. A major transportation hub for central China, Zhengzhou is now attracting the likes of Foxconn and Synnex.

Across the Strait
China in 2015

The Brewing Talent War

Having already engaged in a major talent grab, China is planning a significant transformation of its human resources, one that will affect labor markets around the world.

Across the Strait
China in 2015

Decoding China’s New Five-year Plan

China's 12th five-year plan will be launched next year and bring six dramatic economic policy reversals. Is Taiwan – and the world – ready to deal with them?

Across the Strait
Chinese Economist Hu Angang:

Unprecedented Greening, Expansion, Competition

One of China’s foremost economic planners considers the new five-year plan currently in the works in Beijing, and the changes it will precipitate.

Across the Strait
Jonathan Watts of The Guardian:

The Long, Hard Road to a Green China

In this exclusive interview, Jonathan Watts, environment correspondent at the British newspaper The Guardian and author of the book When a Billion Chinese Jump, talks about the enormous challenges China faces in going green.

Across the Strait
China's Unfair Playing Field

Will Taiwan Be Left Nibbling the Giant's Crumbs?

Taiwanese enterprises have never focused on a five-year plan emanating from China as intensely as they are today. But is there really anything in it for them over the long haul?

Across the Strait
A Growing Agricultural Threat

Is Taiwan’s Farm Sector Selling Out to China?

As Taiwanese farmers transplant their operations to China, can the government ensure that the shift represents economic expansion and not the uprooting of the local agricultural sector?

Across the Strait
Out from the Shadows of History

Yangzhou's Renaissance

Like its many historical landmarks, the ancient city of Yangzhou experienced a century of decline. Yet the city has chosen a path of development that reconciles the traditional and modern, economics and the environment.

Across the Strait
Cross-strait Higher Education

Chinese Students Set to Invade Kinmen

As Taiwan's political parties battle over allowing Chinese students onto the island, 23 universities look to outlying Kinmen County to sidestep the dispute.

Across the Strait
Kunming City

Progress through Shock Therapy

The people of Kunming both adore and abhor their municipal party secretary Qiu He. Governing with an iron fist, he has pushed the city onto the fast track of competitiveness, hoping to transform it from backwater to strategic hub.

Across the Strait
Taiwan's Fast Growing Enterprises

China: A Giant Stage for Small Businesses

For a decade, China has been absorbing Taiwan's venture capital, to the tune of US$45 billion. Scarfing up the cash of China's 600 million-strong middle class is the great opportunity, and the great challenge, for Taiwanese businesspeople.

Across the Strait
Steve Chen

Launching China's ‘Medical Cloud'

Taiwan native and supercomputer wiz Steve Chen has now set up a medical cloud for China's poorest regions, and some big Taiwanese high-tech vendors want in.

Across the Strait
China's New Wealth Distribution Map

One China – Four Worlds

Workers leaping off buildings, murderous rampages in kindergartens, desperate residents setting themselves on fire... as the shocking events fill the headlines, China must confront the widening gap between its haves and its have-nots.