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Fake News & Press Freedom

In the Era of ‘Red Infiltration’

A cold institution has become a hot topic. What can the National Communications Commission (NCC) do about fake news? Or rather, what should we use the NCC for?

Interview with ‘Calls Over Ridges’ Founder Lin Tzu-chun

Founded NGO to Help Nepalese Earthquake Victims Stay in School

Just 24, Lin Tzu-chun is one of Calls Over Ridges’ co-founders. Beyond the widely shared story of the organization’s founding on the Internet, people are especially keen to know more about this young man’s transformation, just a year out of university, from a confused student uncertain about the future to the driving force behind this NGO.

Former Citigroup Taiwan Director

Peter Kurz: Stepping Down at 60 for New Ventures and Adventures

Looking back on the best years of his life, the man once famous for his unique insight and uncanny ability to predict the fluctuation of the Taiwan Stock Exchange related the unforgettable experience of running a marathon on Mount Hehuan. “I’ve always wanted to find a job that would allow me to run around in the mountains,” he exclaimed.

How Banks Are Facing the Tech Threat

Warm Service the Key to Success

The relentless advance of financial technology has many believing tech companies will soon replace traditional banks. But CTBC Bank President James Chen does not agree. At the CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF) in January, Chen explained how his bank is turning the tech threat into an advantage.

2019 CommonWealth Economic Forum

Sustainability Is for Humanity, Not the Earth

Arthur Huang, founder and CEO of Taiwan-based Miniwiz, has attracted notice in recent years from China to Europe as a green building architect and young entrepreneur. Wearing many hats as an architect, professor, engineer, and businessman, he has led the R&D efforts of Miniwiz, a company founded by a group of young people working together to put the “loop economy” concept into action by turning waste into new materials.

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Founder

Lin Hwai-min: Taiwan, See Thy Own Beauty

Art is a medium, and when the muse of inspiration alights on a town or village, young minds may be stimulated. Lin Hwai-min, founder of Taiwan’s famous Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, is retiring this year. Speaking at the 2019 CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF), Lin expressed his hope that art will become an integral part of our lives, and of society as a whole.

Digital Transition Challenges

Creating an Innovative Business Model

Faced with dominant online platforms monopolizing ads as well as dwindling print ad revenues, CommonWealth Magazine had to find a new business model to survive. The result was the “CW Lab” and six sub-channels catering to distinct audiences.

Opinion: Bilingual Education for a Better Worldview?

Our schools promote English courses and our students learn about nations from outside the Asia-Pacific region, but they remain ignorant of—or even biased towards—the neighboring countries closest to us. This is the fallacy of the much-touted bilingual education and the “international perspective” educators work so hard to foster.

World Economic Forum

2018 WEF Future of Jobs Report: Humanity Matters

"Jobs, not people, need to change." As the report highlights, the following four very human characteristics will be the most important in the cyber arena, and in the wider Fourth Industrial Revolution.

World Economic Forum

This 12-Year-Old Built an Underwater Robot to Fight Plastic Pollution

Around eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea. An underwater robot that’s the brainchild of a 12-year-old girl could be deployed someday in the war against marine plastic pollution.

Digital Transition Challenges

Gaining Insight into Reader Needs

CommonWealth Magazine clearly understood its print readers after 37 years in the business, but it had somewhat less insight into online users. It had to find out what they wanted to make the digital model work, and data was the only way to get the answers.

CommonWealth Magazine Digital Transformation Report

The Print vs. Digital Dilemma

The most difficult part of going from developing print content to integrating print and online content was combining different processes and work routines. To overcome the problem, CommonWealth adopted a “Central Kitchen” concept that relies on an editorial team to rework content and then reuse it through multiple channels.

Research & Reflections

Why Study in Taiwan?

Taiwanese and American cultures are at once different and the same—even with origins on opposite sides of the world, globalization and urbanization have created a cosmopolitan environment in Taipei that makes me feel at home.

A Conversation with Andrew Zimmern

From Bizarre Foods to Haute Cuisine

Take a seat and enjoy the talk with Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s popular show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

'Queen of Wafers' Doris Hsu

The Women to Watch in Asian Tech

GlobalWafers’ sales have grown nearly 100-fold in six years, but its stock price has been volatile in 2018 and the wafer market could soon face a supply glut. What are the difficult decisions Chairperson Doris Hsu has had to make to keep the company on an even keel?

WHO's Prescribing Clean Air Report

More Than 90% of the World’s Children Are Breathing Toxic Air

Air quality is becoming a major global health hazard and its effects are felt just as acutely in affluent parts of the world as they are among the emerging markets.

A Conversation with Olivia Wu

PRIDE, Healing and Taiwan’s LGBTQ Community

Taipei continues to grow its reputation as a city of tolerance, equality, and diversity, welcoming visitors from the global LGBTQ community by the tens of thousands. One of the earliest spots in the city to fly the rainbow flag, announcing itself as a safe space for the LGBTQ community was Taipei’s Love Boat Shop.

World Economic Forum

The Best Countries for Expats to Live and Work In

A new survey of expats finds Singapore is the best overall destination, while relocating to Switzerland boosts earnings more than other country. Taiwan ranked ninth overall, which is the third highest ranking in Asia.

Tong Yang-tzu’s Literary Clothing

From Ink to Apparel III – Another Calligraphy and Fashion Crossover

The Chinese character “wu”, written in different calligraphy styles from an ancient, formal seal script to a rounded and smooth cursive script, has been freed from the confines of paper to come alive on fashion apparel, moving with light and space. Taiwanese calligrapher Tong Yang-tzu, well known for breaking into the realm of modern art with her unruly, playful approach to traditional East Asian calligraphy, has co-curated another exhibition exploring a crossover between modern calligraphy art and fashion design.

Technological Disruption & Future of Work

It's Not Too Late to Turn Pain into Gain

Workers will need a magic mix of skills to survive the technological revolution, says Guy Ryder of the International Labour Organization.

Storytelling, Trash-chasing & Break-dancing

An Inside Look at an Iranian-American Girl’s Journey through Taiwan

One year ago, I began an incredible journey through the island of Taiwan. I followed trash trucks, I got down with bboys and bgirls, house dancers and freestylers, and entered the world of plastic production and recycling. So here it is. An open, honest, abridged reflection of those nine months.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Germany Is the World’s Most Innovative Economy

Germany comes top for innovation in the World Economic Forum's report on global competitiveness. Here's why.

William Nordhaus & Paul Romer

They Won This Year’s Nobel for Economics. Here’s Why Their Work Matters

This year's Nobel prize for economics has been shared by William Nordhaus and Paul Romer. Here's why they won, and why their work matters to us.

World Economic Forum

How a Giraffe Puppet Can Change the World

In Ethiopia, where just over half of adults are still illiterate, the chances are that many young children will never be exposed to books before they start school. Bruktawit Tigabu, a former primary school teacher and now the CEO of Whiz Kids Workshop, is determined to close the gap...with a puppet giraffe.

Putting a Price Tag on Waste

Our Idea of What Makes a Company Successful Needs to Change

According to Dimitri de Vreeze, a member of the managing board of Dutch health, nutrition and materials company Royal DSM, valuing the success of a company by profitability and growth is outdated. He argues that successful companies need to consider social and environmental responsibilities as well as their profits.

US-China Trade War

Top Quotes from the World Economic Forum in China

Trade was top of the agenda at World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, as news broke of a further escalation in the tit-for-tat trade war between the world's two largest economies, the US and China. Politicians, business leaders and academics all had their say on the rift that is sending ripples through the global economy.

What the Movie Gets Right and Wrong about the 'Rich Asians'

Eileen Chow knows rich Asians. Her grandfather was a mainland China newspaper mogul that had fled Mao’s revolution to Taiwan. Chow talks with Journalist Tom Ashbrook about the dynamics and history of her own dealings with the 'Crazy Rich Asians‘, as well as her life at the intersections of several cultures.

World Economic Forum

7 Key Disruptions that Will Change the Way You Work

"It's been estimated that 57% of all jobs are at risk of being automated within the next 5 years." Here are 7 key disruptions that most likely will change the way people work in the future.

Andre Chiang: 7 Unique Restaurants

Perfecting a Branding Philosophy

Recognized as one of the world’s top 100 chefs, Andre Chiang has also shown a proficiency for branding. The seven restaurants he has opened in four cities – Singapore, Paris, Taipei and Chengdu –are all unique and brands unto themselves.

World Economic Forum

Generation Z Will Outnumber Millennials by 2019

According to the latest research from Bloomberg, Generation Z will outnumber Millenials for the very first time by next year. Gen. Z, born and raised in the digital age, has no experience in pre-digital life. The rise of Gen. Z might shift business paradigms for companies that want to engage with this new demographic.

Robotic Arms 'Fusion'

Two Arms Good, Four Arms Better?

Fusion, a research project led by Yamen Saraiji from the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, aims to utilize robotic arms for human enhancement. However, this classic idea of robotic arms has an odd twist: The two extra arms are controlled by someone other than the user.

Keelung Wild Bird Society Director Shen Chin-Fung

Debate More Critical Than Referendum Result

Nuclear power is a sensitive issue. While numerous members of environmental groups have adopted a low profile in this area, the Wild Bird Society of Keelung openly supports an interim approach that would use nuclear power to transition to green energy. Below are excerpts of our interview with Shen Chin-fung, director of the Keelung Wild Bird Society.

Major Advocate for Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Prize

Yesterday’s Red Guard Has Something to Say to Today’s Taiwan

Xu Youyu was one of the first signatories of Charter 08, a manifesto drafted by the late Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo advocating that China institute a modern political structure of democracy, separation of powers, and constitutional government under the universal values of freedom, equality and human rights.

World Economic Forum

Time to Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws, but What's the Best Alternative?

Companies in Taiwan and the world are phasing out the use of plastic straws in the name of protecting the environment and marine life. How much impact could banning plastic straws really make? What is the best replacement for plastic straws?

Charting the World

Here Are the World's Biggest Importers

Which countries can throw their weight around the most with tariffs and retaliatory measures? The United States takes home the number one spot with $2,409 billion of imports in 2017. Also, where does Taiwan rank?

Taiwan’s Tourism Challenge

Opinion: Sign Designs for Global Travelers

Designing signs and services at tourist attractions that resonate with visitors from different countries can be a real challenge, and using English alone may not be enough. How can services be designed so that they are easily accessible to everyone?

Invisible from Birth - The Undocumented Children of Runaway Migrant Workers in Taiwan

Without national health insurance coverage, the presumably stateless, undocumented children of runaway migrant workers are caught in eternal limbo in a no-man’s land between national borders.

5 Surprising Ways Digital Technology Is Changing Childhood

According to recent studies, 21% of children aged three and four have their own tablet. How is digital technology influencing modern childhood?

Taiwanese Style—Designing Sustainable Soft Power

How Taiwanese Design Can Stem the Korean Tide

Korean popular culture has swept across Asia in recent years, proving to be tremendously lucrative from period costume TV dramas to K-Pop. Aside from becoming obsessed with “Oppa” and wearing “authentic Korean” accessories, what do you think of when you consider what Taiwan has to offer? Is it creativity, fine food, the high-tech hardware industry, or the warm hospitality and enthusiasm foreign travelers rave about? How should this form of Soft Power be “designed” to ensure that cultural creative products are more than “flashes in the pan?”

World Economic Forum

One in Three Fish Caught is Thrown Away, According to a New UN Report

According to the latest report published by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, while fish consumption is at an all-time high, the state of fisheries is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

‘PhilTai The Voice’ Founder Gen

No More Stereotypical Filipino

For many Southeast Asian women who get married and settle in Taiwan, the transition can be difficult. Filipina Genevive Pajo Paliota, or simply Gen, has dedicated herself to helping those women and build bridges with Taiwanese society.

World Economic Forum

Almost 10% of the Players in the World Cup are Migrants

Almost one in ten players in the World Cup were born outside of their country. There are 1,032 players involved in the tournament. Of those, 98 were born beyond the borders of the country they are representing.

Charting the World

These are the Most Desirable Cities for Overseas Workers

European cities dominate the top 10, including Paris in eighth place.

These are the Cities Where People Work the Longest Hours

Top of the list is Mumbai, with an average of 3,315 working hours per year.

Charting the World

Does the World Cup Reduce Productivity at Work around the Globe?

Bosses in Rio and New York may need to accommodate football-loving employees.

Taiwan’s Marathon Tourism

Running the Gamut from Mountains to Sea

Here, you cover scenery as you cover ground on the race course. From sparkling coastal courses, to a stunning route wending through a marble gorge, and a marathon that feels like a banquet on foot; Taiwan hosts an incredible variety of races like nowhere else in the world.

AI's Dreams and Reality

AI Has Huge Potential – But It Won’t Solve All Our Problems

While AI has opened up a wealth of promising opportunities, it has also led to a mindset that can be best described as "AI solutionism". This is the attitude that, given enough data, machine learning algorithms can solve all of humanity’s problems. How should we view this idea?

The Battle for Tourists in Asia is On

How can Taiwan bring to bear its touristic attractiveness given that its neighbors have made quality tourism a national strategic goal?

Digital Addiction

Here's the Mechanism that Turns Us into Addicts of Technology

The World Health Organisation is to include “gaming disorder”, the inability to stop gaming, into the International Classification of Diseases. By doing so, the WHO is recognising the serious and growing problem of digital addiction.

What Does Living Abroad Do to Your Self-Awareness?

56% of children living abroad are open to new experiences and cultures.

World Cup Russia 2018

Does Hosting a World Cup Make Economic Sense to the Host Country?

2018 World Cup in Russia is coming soon. The total economic impact of the mega sports event could be $30.8 billion by 2023.

Cyber Security

Here are the World's Most Popular Passwords - They're Also the World's Worst

From 'starwars' to 'whatever', our secret phrases are a gift to hackers.

Guest Writer Submission

Taiwan Architecture Seeks Global Exposure

Collateral Event at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition is fully in line with this year’s themes—"Freespace"—even if showcasing Taiwan architecture at the Palazzo delle Prigioni, meaning "Prison Palace" in Italian, is a stark reminder of the country’s reality at the Venice Biennial.

Charting the World

Parents in these Places Spend the Most on Their Children’s Education

In the US, parents spend an average of $58,000 – less than half of what parents in Hong Kong are spending. Taiwan ranked 5th on the list with an average of $56424, right behind the US.

Finding a Media Niche

A German Voice for Taiwan

When Klaus Bardenhagen was working as a journalist in his native Germany, the idea of living in Asia never crossed his mind. But he now lives in Taiwan, doing his best to tell the stories that most Germans would not otherwise have the chance to see.

Depression is the No. 1 Cause of Ill Health and Disability Worldwide

Mental health disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity a year, with depression being the leading cause of ill health and disability, according to the World Health Organization.

Justin Trudeau's Speech at NYU

What Makes a Good Leader?

What makes a good leader? In an increasingly polarized world it’s an important question to ask. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently delivered the commencement address to New York University’s class of 2018, in which he outlined his vision of the leadership skills that help to make the world a better place.

Taiwan AI Labs Founder Ethan Tu

Taiwan is Well Positioned to Develop Smart Cities

“We achieved 99.7% facial recognition accuracy from online video, drawing from the Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) database. This approximated the results achieved by China using 200 million datasets,” says Taiwan AI Labs founder Ethan Tu. Described as “the villagers’ creator,” Tu returned to Taiwan after years at Microsoft to assemble a crack team of professionals for his smart cities AI lab.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

From the Island of Women to #MeToo

Not long ago, when news of rich and powerful men finally being called to account – dethroned as a comeuppance for sexually predatory behavior – was still rolling in, my friend Darice Dan Chang wrote about how the movement had barely touched Taiwan. Although I’m usually upbeat about life in Taiwan as a woman compared to the rest of Asia, she had a point.

Tsai-chu Yeh

The First Taiwanese Commencement Speaker of UC Berkeley

Tsai-chu Yeh, the first Taiwanese student to step on the podium of UC Berkeley College of Engineering, has given a commencement speech that hit a new record of views for UC Berkeley's graduation ceremony videos.

The Night Jakarta Burned

“When I looked outside through a gap in the curtains, I could see downtown Jakarta burning.” This is how an eye witness described the fires set by looters in the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia that shocked the world in 1998. How do those who went through the horrors of ethnic violence remember this dark chapter of Indonesian history?

Taiwan’s First LVMH Prize Recipient- Angus Chiang

Taking Taiwan’s Culture to the Runways of London and Paris

Everyday experiences like shopping for materials at Yongle Market or listening to the rush of motorcycles on nearby streets provide vital creative energy for emerging Taiwanese fashion designer Angus Chiang. This attuned sensitivity to Taiwan’s distinctive everyday culture has helped Chiang make inroads into the fussy European fashion market.

Surprising Statistics behind Spams

The Striking Facts about Junk Emails

It has been 40 years since the first spam email was sent. Here are 5 things you didn't know about junk email.

Research & Reflections

The Native Speaker: A Category in Need of Rupture

Imagine if, instead of giving "native speakers" the power to designate those who grew up speaking a given language as all-knowing experts on it, we understood that languages are immense and beautiful webs. Non-native speakers can have expertise in a language that is different from, yet comparable to that of native speakers.

Steven Pinker

The Shocking Truth: Well-being is Actually Progressing

"The Enlightenment has worked - perhaps the greatest story seldom told," writes psychologist Steven Pinker in his latest book.

Lung Ying-tai:

Biweekly Visits Are Half-Hearted Endeavor

Former Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai went to the United States to study when she was 23. She stayed there for nine years and subsequently lived in Europe for another 13 years. Back in Taiwan, Lung served as head of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs and then joined the Cabinet as Minister of Cultural Affairs. Between her government posts, Lung taught at universities in Hong Kong for a total of nine years. During more than three decades abroad, her parents back in Taiwan were always at the back of her mind.

Mithril Founder Jeffrey Huang

From Hip Hop Icon to Tech Entrepreneur

At the age of 20, Jeffrey Huang was the oldest member of L.A. Boyz, a hugely popular trio that took Taiwan by storm with their American-style hip hop, rap, and dancing. Now in his mid-40s, Huang has become a serial crossover business entrepreneur. From performing on stage to founding businesses behind the scenes, how has Huang adjusted?

Snatching Apple Orders

TSMC’s Unsung Weapon

Glitzy high-tech advances often capture the spotlight in the semiconductor industry. But it has been somewhat unsung back-end innovations that have helped TSMC leave its two biggest rivals lagging behind.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

3 Priorities for the Global Economy

In a speech in Hong Kong ahead of the 2018 International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring Meetings, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde called on policymakers to steer clear of protectionism, guard against rising fiscal and financial risks, and foster long-term growth that benefits everyone. Here's a transcript of her speech.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

Understanding Doctor-Patient Relationships in Taiwan

Evelyn Siu, a Fulbright Fellow studying doctor-patient relationships at Taipei Medical University, has shared her reflections, her friendship, and her cultural-shock experiences in Taiwan.

Losing the Stars to Artificial Lights

Is It too Late to Save the ‘Night’?

Light pollution is increasingly blocking out the stars and causing other health concerns. Is it too late to solve it?

Taiwan’s Economic Struggles Decoded

No Longer an Asian Tiger?

Taiwan has muddled through an extended period of relatively low growth, stagnant wages and outflows of talent to other countries. The central bank recently revealed why this is happening relative to some of Taiwan’s neighbors.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

The French Artist Who Sees A Baroque Style out of Taipei

Julien Coignet, a Seoul-based French artist now residing in Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village, has shown more interest in the time-worn amber tiles of an ordinary household than the shiny black marble-walled modern apartment that sat right across, whose design he referred to as rather “cheesy,” “capital,” and “massively produced.”

The Surprising One Thing that Robots Can't Do as Well as Humans

Apparently, strawberry-picking robots struggle to determine whether a strawberry is ripe or not.

Platinum Optics Technology Inc.

Taiwan’s Unheralded Tech ‘Unicorn’ 

Platinum Optics Technology is not publicly listed and avoids attention, but it has penetrated Apple’s supply chain by mastering a niche technology. The company’s founder recently gave us a rare glimpse into how this optics upstart was built.

Japanese POW camps of WWII

Remembering Taiwan’s Kinkaseki POW Camp

Most people visiting the northernmost tip of Taiwan come to see Jiufen or Jinguashi, two of the area’s most popular tourist destinations. Few take the time to visit the monument lying just a few minute’s walk from Jinguashi marking the site of Kinkaseki, one of the most notorious Japanese POW camps of WW2.

Does ‘Clean’ Coal Power Exist?

Can using so-called “clean” coal to generate power eliminate concerns about dirty air? As lung cancer has practically become the new national illness, how will Taipower’s new Shen’ao coal-fired power plant impact air pollution and health?

The World Health Organization is Preparing for ‘Disease X’

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently preparing for ‘Disease X’. At first it might sound a bit far fetched or cinematic, yet it is necessary. Here's why.

Here’s How China Cut Fertilizer Use While Still Increasing Their Crop Yields

Millions of Chinese farmers are reaping the benefits of a massive agricultural study, which has helped them increase their crop yields whilst reducing the use of fertilizer.

Five Keys to Penetrating the Facebook Echo Chamber

In a polarized world where Internet flame wars break out in an instant and reports of “fake news” permeate the media, people retreat to places where they feel safe and respected, leading to echo chambers where only similar views - some quite extreme - are prevalent. How can we burst these bubbles and bring people closer together?

Hot Topic Series

Stop Treating the Millennials As Children

Today, over half of the workforce is aged under 40. Over 60% of those in a management position is millennial. They are not children. They decide your future.

Seeing Through the Hype of Sharing Economy

Why Disrupting Business Models is Innovative But Insufficient

We hear the word “innovation” all the time. It has become such a buzzword that we forget what it means. For some people, innovation means building the next Facebook. For others, it’s a new way to cook an omelette. For the purposes of this article, let’s break innovation down into two general categories:

Digital Diplomacy

A Taiwan-Made Video Widely Shared in Kosovo

"Dive in, not just pour in" is the motto upheld by digital diplomacy advocates. While Taiwan has long been used to "buying" diplomatic relations, can digital diplomacy open a new prospect for Taiwan's long suppressed diplomatic status?

Total Care Nursing Saves Families Time, Money

Some 60% of hospitalized patients in Taiwan rely on relatives for day-to-day care. Now a group in Sanxia is trying to ease the burden on patients’ families tasked with caring for sick loved ones.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

An American Beach Boy's Cleaning Journey

“I do care about it,” said Daniel, founder of the coastal cleanup organization RE-THINK. What has brought this American who had never heard of Taiwan before, all the way to this faraway island and become a “Taiwan Beach Boy?”

Taiwanese Sun-Dried Noodles

How Tseng Noodles Made It into The Ramen Rater's Top Ten

It would take up to three months of waiting to have a slurp of these chewy scallop-edged wide noodles coated completely with Sichuan Pepper sauce. What is it about these noodles that could win the taste bud of "The Godfather of Ramen"? What is the story behind its success?

Charting the World

These Are the Best Countries and Cities for Attracting and Developing Talent

Though these countries share four key traits in their education system, business landscape, working environment and government policies that are worth learning, none of these countries is said to have completely cracked the problems of people management. Why?

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (2/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 2)

Mind-Reading AI

This AI Can See Your Thoughts and Draw a Picture of It

'Functional magnetic resonance imaging' allows computers to visualize what people are thinking about. Are mind reading and telepathy finally coming true?

Carbon Engineering

Bill Gates Wants to Strip CO2 from the Air and Turn It Into Clean Fuel

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is developing the 'Air to Fuel' technology, which promises to clean up the atmosphere and provide clean fuel. Is it practical? What are its potential pros and cons?

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (1/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 1)

2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition

An International Show-Going Experience to Explore in A Book Exhibition

It might be considered relatively smaller than book exhibitions held in other major Asian cities, yet given its dedication and vitality in the promotion of reading, international experience exchanging, and forums of the publishing industry, TIBE deserves to be titled as the most multi-featured international book exhibition in Asia.

Morris Chang on his Retirement

Ready for a Clean Break with TSMC

TSMC’s 86-year-old Chairman Morris Chang is vowing to make a clean break with TSMC after he retires in June. CommonWealth Magazine caught up with him to see how he feels about the company he’s built and how he thinks it will fare without him.

World Economic Forum

Your 2018 Reading List from Google CEO and Norwegian Prime Minister

From Sundar Pichai to Erna Solberg and Steven Pinker, Davos participants name the volumes that inspire them.

The Ultimate in Taiwanese Cuisine

‘Rich Man’s Dishes’ Returning to the Table

Other than the “little eats” snack food for which Tainan is renowned throughout Taiwan and beyond, in generations past the private banquet food served in the homes of the area’s wealthy represented the pinnacle of fine cuisine. Now this ‘rich man’s fare’ is making a comeback.

Jack Ma

LQ: The Key to Success and Respect

In Davos, Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma spoke openly and at length about some of the key challenges facing the world, delivering a stream of perspectives and guidance.

Time to Change Taiwan’s Medical System

No More ‘Kidney Dialysis Island’

Taiwan has the dubious distinction of having more end-stage renal disease per capita than anywhere in the world, leading to heavy use of kidney dialysis. That will only change if the health insurance system and prevailing attitudes undergo overhauls.

The Future of Education, According to Jack Ma, Trudeau and Malala

The future of work is going to look very different, as automation and Artificial Intelligence make many manual, repetitive jobs obsolete.

Interview with Director Ridley Scott & Others

Behind the Scenes of 'All the Money in the World'

This exclusive interview with All the Money in the World director Ridley Scott, actor Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg brings a first hand look behind the scenes and into its famous 'reshoot'. How did Scott and others manage to replace protagonist Kevin Spacey and reshoot the scenes in nine days?

Reward Work, Not Wealth

Oxfam: 82% of New Wealth Last Year Went to the Richest 1%

According to a new Oxfam report, 82% of the wealth generated last year went to the richest 1% of the global population, while the 3.7 billion people who make up the poorest 50% of the world saw no increase in their wealth. What happened?

Microsoft’s New AI R&D Center

Taiwan Lands the Prize

Microsoft has decided to locate its new AI R&D Center in Taiwan despite interest from India, China and other markets. What was it that gave Taiwan the edge and what will the new center bring? Will it suck away high-tech talent or keep it at home?

2018 World Economic Forum

President Trump: America is Great and Open for Business

Before the President of the United States’ speech at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum, said that the country’s decision and action will have great effect to the entire world. Here’s the summary of U.S. President Donald Trump’s special address at the event.

World Economic Forum

5 Ways We Misunderstand Adolescents, According to Brain Science

No more 'terrible teens' ... It's time to talk truthfully about this crucial stage of human development.

The Misconception of GDP

Why GDP Fails to Be a Measure of Success

Should countries continue to use GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as a major index of their progress and development? Here are 5 ways that GDP gets it totally wrong as a measure of our success.

David Ku

The Gap between AI-Haves and AI-Have-Nots Will Be Larger

He is in charge of the Microsoft search engine Bing, personal assistant Cotana and cloud platform Azure. He comes from Taiwan and is now CVP of Microsoft AI Core and CTO of the AI and Research Division. He is David Ku, the person in charge of integrating AI function into Microsoft’s essential products.

Labor Standards Act Controversy

Employers Emerge Victorious

Taiwan’s government upset employers and workers when it revised the Labor Standards Act in late 2016 to formalize a five-day workweek system. It has now changed those provisions to increase “flexibility,” further angering labor groups.

Man-chuan Chang

Hate Me or Resent Me, I Have No Regrets

"Taking care of your parents is a blessed reward,” one once said to her. “That person must have zero experience in taking care of aging parents,” says Man-chuan Chang (張曼娟), the charming-on-screen teacher-writer who had been overnighting to take care of her 90-year-old disabled father. “When you can only rely on antidepressant pills to keep on, how could you say that’s a blessed reward?”

Keerthi Sridharan

2018: To New Beginnings

Is time socially constructed? If so, why do we make new year resolutions? Having said goodbye to the bumpy year of 2017, how should we keep making progress?

World Happiness Report 2017

Bhutan—Less Happy Than Taiwan Now

Once the happiest country in the world, Bhutan's happiness ranking has dropped to 97th, lower than Taiwan. Why? What is the key to happiness?

Retirement: Challenges & Solutions

Here’s How We Can Fix Our Pension Systems

With aging populations, longer life expectancy, and declining fertility rates, retirement has become a serious issue for various nations. What can the public and private sector do to make our pension system more inclusive and sustainable?

Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm

Brace Yourself, the 5G Future is Coming

From 2G to 4G, the mobile communication network has kept renovating itself, being a major driver of global growth and technological development. However, the advancement to 5G will not just provide faster data or lower latency. Its applications can radically change our ways of living.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

Even In the Hardest Time, Engage and Listen

Samuel Galler is a Harvard graduate and DPhil candidate in International Development at Oxford University. He shared with CommonWealth his experience in Taiwan and the importance of establishing understanding and trust in today’s unstable world.

Interview with RSF Chairman Pierre Haski

The Specter of ‘Illiberal Democracy’

The chairman of Reporters without Borders (RSF), Pierre Haski, was in Taiwan recently to talk about “illiberal democracy.” In this interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he spoke about the rise of this phenomenon and what could be done to reverse the tide.

The Dividing Social Media

It’s Time for Facebook to Fix Itself

In recent years, Facebook has been haunted by serious problems like online abuse and fake news. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself addressed that something has to be done due to the situation. Can Facebook really fix itself?

The Rise of AI & Automation

How Machines Will Not Replace Human Workers

It's reasonable to be alert that AI and automation can eliminate jobs. However, it's also irrational not to look into the benefits and higher productivity brought along with human-machine collaboration. At certain point we will have to ask the question: Do machines necessarily have to compete with humans?

Charting the World

These Countries Have the Most Doctoral Graduates

This chart tells you where the most doctoral scholars are from. Which countries are winning the war of attracting talents?

'Reach for the Stars'

Has This Advice Failed an Entire Generation?

Millennials or Generation Y is projected to be the biggest part of the working force. They are, however, facing great technological, political and social challenges at the same time. How can they thrive in the future?

AIT Chairman James F. Moriarty

Those who Play by the Rules will be our Partners

James F. Moriarty, chairman of the board of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), took out time during a recent visit to Taiwan to discuss bilateral relations, U.S. trade policy and foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region under President Donald Trump.

Bickering Bots

Should We Worry About Fights Between AI?

A study on Mammoth editing wars, where Wikipedia editing bots fought each other, reveals some fundamental questions regarding the development of AI.

Charting the World

Which Countries Recycle the Most?

What is 'real' recycling? Which countries are the best in terms of real recycling? According to a new report by Eunomia, Taiwan ranked 6th in the top 25 recycling countries.

Know Your ‘Economy’

The Myth of Sharing Economy, Explained

Barking up the wrong tree? Sharing economy is one of the hottest topics in recent years and seems to be trending everywhere. But do you really know what the term really means?

Universal Healthcare Coverage

WHO: Healthcare Costs are Pushing Millions into Extreme Poverty, This Outrage must End

At least half of the world’s 7.3 billion people still do not have access to essential health services. Director-General of the WHO (World Health Organization) calls the world's governments to act now.

Can Small Investments Create Large Returns for Energy Production?

Incoming Premier William Lai is wasting no time, cracking the whip to jumpstart Taiwan’s ambitious new infrastructure program, focusing on green energy, offshore wind farms, digital infrastructure upgrading, and easing employment regulations. Will the government’s strategy of using small investment to stimulate large growth pay off?

Mining Gold in Cyberspace

The Explosion of the Data Economy

In the 20th century, having oil meant having power and influence. In the 21st century, data has supplanted oil as the resource of choice. But having it isn’t enough. What is it that is separating the winners from the also-rans in this data-driven age?

Charting the World

The Most Popular Cities for Business Travelers

This chart tells you which cities handle the most air traffic of business travelers in the entire world. And Taipei is one of them.

Top 2000 CEO Survey

How the Economy is Turning Around

Seventy percent of Taiwanese CEOs are upbeat about the 2018 global economic outlook. Almost 80 percent of CEOs are planning to grant pay raises, and their intention to invest at home and abroad is also getting stronger.

Workplace Hack

Should Laptops be Banned from Meetings?

Could using a laptop to take notes in meetings undermine your overall performance? Research from Princeton and UCLA might have the answer.

Chinese Taipei Cheering Their Way to The Global Stage

Teamwork and Tenacity Takes Taiwan to The Top

They fight in the name of Chinese Taipei, but for the name of Taiwan.

Patrick Y. Yang

Fighting Cancer with Precision Medicine

Instead of resting on his laurels and enjoying retirement life, biotech industry veteran Patrick Y. Yang has returned to the frontline to help Taiwan catch up with the world leaders in precision medicine.

Exclusive Interview with Geoffrey Hinton

Canada’s Maple Valley Attracts Top AI Talent

Canada has become a “Maple Valley” of AI research on par with America’s Silicon Valley, enticing Geoff Hinton, the esteemed father of deep learning, to leave his native UK to settle in Toronto, and attracting huge investments from the top names in tech. How did this come about?

Taiwan’s Economic Miracle Long Gone

Chronicling a 20-Year Decline

Taiwan’s economy has floundered for the past two decades, plagued by sluggish growth and a lack of direction. Two Academia Sinica researchers have done an in-depth study of what has gone wrong, and they share their findings in this interview.

Aging Society

The Job Market is Booming for Older Workers

With the structure of population aging, the projected share of people aged 65 and over in the job market is projected to rise sharply.

Jack Ma

The One Mistake That Can Destroy Startups

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is ranked second on Fortune’s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. Here he shares his insight on management and also points out a crucial mistake that startups should be avoiding.

Why Being Too Intelligent Might Make You a Worse Leader?

People often regard leaders as the smartest or most intelligent, however, researchers recently found that highly intelligent leaders have struggled to adopt the best leadership practices.

Unicorn CEO Johnny Shih

Lesson Learned: Talent Trumps All

Like many young Taiwanese entrepreneurs, this CEO of a men’s skin care company had to break out of his shell to find his way and now hopes to create an environment in Taiwan that values talent more highly and dares to reach out into the world.

World Economic Forum

We Have the Tools to Fight Climate Change. It’s Time to Start Using Them

The threat of climate change is dire but seems difficult to fight. However, the tools to fight it have long been in our hands and we really need to start using them.

Novemeber 2017

Hot Topic Series

Why are they leaving? Why should they return? How can Taiwan reverse its brain drain? Look into the past, the present, and the future of Taiwan's talent draining issue.

International Trade Slows Down

A Turning Point for Globalization

Globalization has reformed the world's production landscape, however, recent studies show that international trade is slowing down. What does this mean to the future of globalization?

Housing Justice

These Cities Have the Least Affordable Housing

Of the top 20 cities with least-affordable housing relative to income, seven are in Asia and six are in Latin America.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Legislator Freddy Lim

Taiwan Needs to Step Up its Game

Best known as the frontman for a heavy metal band and now a lawmaker, Freddy Lim tells CommonWealth what it takes for Taiwanese artists to gain traction overseas and the importance of both drawing on their heritage and meeting international standards.

Refining The Tea Drinking Culture

Taiwan Tea in Starbucks

Starbucks Taiwan has been looking into integrating a “new tea culture” into the world’s largest coffee chain.

The One Crucial Skill Our Education System is Missing

Students will need more than tech prowess to thrive in the future.

Future of Peer to Peer Economy

Cracking the Code of Blockchain

Blockchain is certainly trending, but there are simple but important questions to ask. What is blockchain? How does it work exactly? What is its impact on our economy and society? Here's what you need to know.

Chien Lee-feng vs. Tom Wang

Should People Fear Robots?

Many workers are worried that robots and AI will supplant them. CommonWealth Magazine Group publication Cheers brought together two experts to discuss whether those concerns are warranted and what can be done to stay ahead of the game.

Award-winning Musician Sangpuy:

‘Music is Life’

The accomplished indigenous musician expands on the inspiration behind his music, as well as how nature and culture have both helped him deal with the challenges in his life.

The World's Best Employers in 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet is the best employer in the world, according to Statista and Forbes data

The World is Flat for Innovation

China's Mobile Economy, Explained

Despite the stagnation of the global market, China's mobile economy is growing rapidly and this booming is changing the country's industrial landscape. Why?

Home-care Robots and Traffic-beating Apps

The Brave New World of AI

AI has the power to benefit all of humanity - but only if we use it well.

Failing Education Systems

How Can We Prepare Our Kids For the Jobs Of the Future?

The world of work is changing. How do we help education systems keep up?

Sheu Fang-yi

Setback Sets Stage for Fulfilling Life After 40

Taiwan’s contemporary dance legend Sheu Fang-yi failed big with her own dance company, an experience that she is glad she didn’t miss because it made her see life in a different light.

The Higher Education ‘Yushan Project’

An Initiative that Misses the Point

Taiwan’s government has proposed a “Yushan Project” to stem the brain drain it says is plaguing academia. But in a commentary done for Crossing, writer Chen Kuan-ting takes issue with the program’s focus.

Aquaculture Could Feed the World and Protect the Planet - If We Get It Right

With arable land in limited supply, is aquaculture - the practice of growing food in water - a viable solution?

What Happened to Canada’s Economic Competitiveness?

Canada ranks 14th in the World Economic Forum's latest competitiveness rankings. Here's why

Taiwan Turnaround

Fighting the Brain Drain

See how Taiwan’s internet tech scene is catching up by checking in with some star players about how Taiwan’s brain drain is affecting them and how they are addressing the issue.

Taiwan Turnaround

Taiwan's Path to the Global Stage

Looking at how Taiwan’s internet tech scene is catching up, TechNode talks to VCs, accelerators, and entrepreneurs about how they are helping Taiwan startups to go global.

Taiwan Turnaround

An Asian Tiger Catching Up In The Internet Sector

How does Taiwan’s internet tech scene play catch-up after being left in the dust compared to others in Asia? Visit the island to see how the Asian Tiger plans to stimulate its startup ecosystem.

A Growing Class of ‘Down and Out Elderly’

Indifferent to Life, Ready to Die

The term “karyū rōjin,” or “down and out elderly,” highlights the rising poverty, loneliness, and chronic disease of aging populations. Takanori Fujita, the author who coined the term, talks to CommonWealth about the looming crisis in Taiwan.

Charlie Chu

Cancer Survivor Opens Senses to Taiwan’s Beauty

Having lost hearing in one ear, normal sight in one eye and nearly losing his life 15 years ago to brain cancer, Taiwan’s leading 3D film director Charlie Chu unexpectedly found his mission in life.

Your Smartphone Could Be Hiding a Dark Secret

Unsafe working conditions, forced labour and toxic fumes: the hidden costs built into your smartphone.

‘Option B’ Co-author Adam Grant

Finding Resilience after Major Setbacks

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, “Option B” co-author Adam Grant explains how the book set out to help people deal with tragedy and ended up also serving as a beacon for those trying to help others suffering from grief.

Virginia Tech Commencement Address from Sheryl Sandberg

We Need to Build Collective Resilience

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org, gave an inspirational speech to the class of 2017 of Virginia Tech. In the address she shared her personal life experience and emphasized the importance of resilience and sharing narratives.

35 Generation: Tag-Along Director Cheng Wei-hao

Blazing One’s Own Trail in an Adverse Environment

A young director is taking on a variety of projects as he strives to make a name for himself while also bringing about a renaissance for Taiwan’s feature film culture.

35 Generation: Asuka Lee, Editor in Chief of Migrants’ Park

Our Generation Sees ‘Others’ More Openly

Bearing a journalist’s sense of mission, Asuka Lee chose a path rarely taken, writing about anonymous figures hard at work in Taiwan and speaking on behalf of the rights of migrants.

35 Generation: R-Ladies Taipei Co-founder Ning Chen

Programming Language Group Founded in Hope and Courage

Life and investment can go both ways – getting what you want or losing out. But without trying, you’ll never even find out whether your venture is headed for success or failure.

World Economic Forum

8 Things You Need to Know about India’s Economy

India’s economic success in recent years has helped to ensure that South Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world – but it faces significant challenges alongside its opportunities. Here are eight things you need to know to understand the current state of India’s economy.

HTC Chairperson Cher Wang

Google Deal Good for Both Sides

In an exclusive interview, HTC Chairperson and CEO Cher Wang reveals how she convinced Google Inc. to pay US$1.1 billion for a large part of HTC’s smartphone developer team.

Reversing the Brain Drain

Time for Homecomings

Thirty years ago, Taiwan sent a team overseas to study semiconductors and recruited Morris Chang back to the country. Can history repeat itself? Taiwan is hoping it can reverse its brain drain, but the government and private sector need to step up.

Lin Hwai-min:

‘We Can Do Without Cloud Gate, but We Must Have Eslite’

“I hope that the people that come here can find inspiration for their lives at Eslite.” This quote from Eslite founder Robert Wu, who passed away in Taipei on July 20, made a lasting impression on Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder Lin Hwai-min. In the article below, Lin explains his appreciation for Wu and his commitment to creating Taiwan’s premiere bookstore experience.

Cheng-shu Kao:

‘Invisible Champion’ Model Taiwan’s Way Out

Small- and medium-sized enterprises have been instrumental in making Taiwan a key link in the global manufacturing network. These invisible champions developed an industry model unique to Taiwan, making their products indispensable.

Felice Chen:

My Students Tell me There’s No Way Ahead

NTU Mentor Program Professor and former bank director relates how changes in the region’s financial sphere have affected the prospects of local students.

Taiwan’s Tech Sector: Adapt or Die

Quanta Forging a New Future

Software has taken over the global electronics sector, leaving Taiwan’s hardware makers in a bind. But Quanta Computer has embraced a new path that builds on its past, as Quanta Chairman Barry Lam explains.

Liu Xiaobo

I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement

Before sentenced for "inciting subversion of state power" by the Chinese government, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, wrote down the piece "I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement" as a final defense for his action."I look forward to [the day] when my country is a land with freedom of expression," he wrote. He also expressed his anticipation, "I hope that I will be the last victim of China's endless literary inquisitions and that from now on no one will be incriminated because of speech."

Two Tales of One City

Hong Kong’s Future and Challenges

Twenty years after its handover to China from British rule, Hong Kong’s sense of identity remains in flux. Jasper Tsang and Martin Lee, two seasoned politicians from opposing camps, discuss what’s next for the territory.

Rethinking Taiwan’s Food Safety System

Is Your Kitchen Really Safe?

The shadows of successive food safety scandals continue to cast a pall over Taiwanese consumers. At a time when government regulation has proved inadequate and even top brands have faltered, how should Taiwan go about addressing the issue?

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry Co., Ltd.

Raising Pigs with a Good Conscience

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry is showing that pork from humanely raised pigs can be a commercial hit while offering a “safe” choice in a market that has been plagued by food safety scandals.

Lettuce Empire

Crafting a Winning ‘Food Safety’ Formula

The Taiwan Lettuce Village’s modern practices are redefining how to grow, harvest and store fresh produce. After conquering Taiwan, the company’s iceberg lettuce is now making waves on the global stage.

Michael Sandel

Leadership and Ethics in the 21st Century

Michael Sandel, Harvard ethicist, scholar, & TED Talk star gave a Keynote speech on “Leadership and Ethics” at the Fulbright Thought Leader Forum on June 2nd, 2017.

Interview with Michael Sandel

We Need Public Discourse on Big Ethical Questions

Bestselling author of “Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?”, philosopher, & professor at Harvard University, Michael Sandel, gives a keynote speech at the Fulbright Thought Leader Forum in Taiwan on 6/2. He talks about "Leadership and Ethics" in the 21st century.

Lin Chuan-neng

Striving for Energy Transition

According to Bureau of Energy Director-General Lin Chuan-neng, while working toward the goal of a nuclear-free Taiwan, equal attention must be paid to ensuring a stable power supply and low greenhouse gas emissions.

Minister of Science and Technology Chen Liang-gee

Reallocating Resources – Giving Young Scholars a Voice

Taiwan has never had a more industry-oriented science and technology minister. Chen Liang-gee is the most aggressive government official when it comes to investing in artificial intelligence (AI). What does he have in mind? The following are excerpts from our exclusive interview with Chen, in his own words:

Eleven Madison Park X Restaurant ANDRÉ

Michelin Stars Chefs' Sensational Cooking Trio

Chef André from Restaurant ANDRÉ, one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, chef Daniel Humm and manager Will Guidara from the Michelin-starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park have an astounding cooking trio together, creating one of the most sensational dining experience ever.

Simon Sinek

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Leader?

Each day our world is constantly changing and becomes more competitive. Good leaders brings their teams toward progress and success. However, what does it really mean to be a good leader? World-class author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek might have an answer.

Taiwan’s Badminton Queen

Tai Tzu-ying’s Road to World No. 1

Tai Tzu-ying has become Taiwan’s first-ever female badminton player to be ranked No. 1 in the world. How did Tai get there and does she have what it takes to stay on top, considering her fear of the limelight?

Anny Chan, founder of Otto2 Artistic Aesthetics

Not Giving Up Was Worth It

She saw her business go from profitable to hemorrhaging money in the blink of an eye. Scarred by the global financial crisis and a misguided investment strategy, she clawed back to breaking even, meanwhile learning to recognize her weaknesses and stop trying to do everything herself.

Jane Chi, chair of Chaheng Precision

The Heroine of Taiwan’s Aviation Industry

Growing up, she dreamt of becoming a knight in shining armor defending the weak and downtrodden. As an adult, she worked to save mold maker Chaheng Precision Co. Ltd. from bankruptcy, transforming the conventional company into a Tier-1 supplier for the world’s leading aircraft makers.

Indigenous Singer Jia Jia

Working Hard at Being Herself

Long recognized on the music scene as an exceptional talent, two-time Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Female Singer Jia Jia tells how she learned to believe in herself…

Angela Duckworth

What is Grit and Why is it the Secret of Success?

Angela Duckworth is an American psychologist, best selling author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research shows that the key to excellence is not about talent but 'grit'. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, Prof. Duckworth shares her insights about the idea of 'grit'.

Labor Law Revisions

Our Goal: A Five-Day Workweek for Everyone

Faced with criticism over the introduction of a new workweek system under the revised Labor Standards Act, Hsieh Chien-chien, Director of Department of Labor Standards and Equal Employment in the Ministry of Labor, says the aim of the amendment was to create a legal basis for a five-day workweek for all. Following are the excerpts from our interview:

Labor Law Revisions

Responsibility System Needs Appropriate Compensation

Photojournalist Cheng Chao-wen believes that journalists should be allowed more free time to enhance their skills and be properly compensated to ‘keep the flame burning.’

Labor Law Revisions

More Paid Leave Brings Greater Personal Flexibility

Software Engineer Huang Pei-en appreciates the paid annual leave that comes with the revised Labor Standards Act, but misses the seven national holidays he used to enjoy.

Trend Micro Chairman Steve Chang

Seeing through Power

For many years, Trend Micro founder Steve Chang was caught in the rat race running his very successful company. But he decided to get out soon after turning 50 to devote himself to more charitable pursuits and has not looked back.

Yu-Chien Tseng

‘ I Work Hard at Being Myself ’

Embarking upon a promising career as a professional musician, Yu-Chien Tseng is in the first movement of his dream of performing into his eighties.

Chang-Tai Hsieh:

Taiwan Mired in 1980s Mentality

Professor Chang-Tai Hsieh, an expert on economic growth and development, discusses how Taiwan can break free from its current economic predicament.

Soichiro Fukutake

Regional Entrepreneur Rejuvenating Forlorn Isles

Japanese billionaire Soichiro Fukutake, known for the company behind the animated tiger cub Shimajiro, and for the Setouchi Triennale international art festival, which has generated tourism for several islands in the Seto Inland Sea, will share his experiences at the upcoming CommonWealth Economic Forum.

Fleur Pellerin

From Korean Orphan to French Minister

Fleur Pellerin has overcome both racism and sexism to find success in con-servative French political and business circles. At the invitation of Common-Wealth Magazine, she will make her first visit to Taiwan in January to take part in the 2017 CommonWealth Economic Forum.

52Hz, I Love You

Wei Te-sheng Wants Audiences to Feel Happy

Film director Wei Te-sheng has turned his hand to making a musical. Featuring original songs and lyrics, 52Hz, I Love You is a film that awakens the ears, gets the heart pumping, and is sure to warm your heart.

Exclusive Interview: Premier Lin Chuan

Taiwan’s Big Infrastructure Ambitions

Premier Lin Chuan’s approval ratings have plummeted in his six months in office. But in an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, he insists he will remain focused on addressing Taiwan’s problems and let others worry about the polls.

Minister without Portfolio Chang Jing-sen:

Tear Down New Illegal Factories

Taiwan is littered with factories operating illegally on land not zoned for industrial use. The government has put Minister without Portfolio Chang Jing-sen on the problem, and he shares his plans in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine.

Godspeed Director Chung Mong-hong

The Alluring Vicissitudes of the Real Taiwan

A society news story has become a Taiwanese road movie in the hands of film director Chung Mong-hong, an auteur who breathes life into the frustrations of everyday characters, transforming them into Taiwan’s most authentic landscape.

Chen Chi-chung, Vice Chairman of COA:

Public Should Monitor Agricultural Land Use

Tens of thousands of factories have been built illegally on farmland in Taiwan. While manufacturers hope to see these operations made legal, others fear that such moves would encourage the illegal occupation and destruction of farmland, jeopardizing the nation’s food safety.