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Golden Service Awards

Golden Service Awards
Interview with Fubon’s Richard Tsai

Building a National Brand

The Fubon Group has bucked convention in growing its business, whether moving into southern Taiwan or expanding into non-financial fields. In this interview with Richard Tsai, the Fubon Financial Holdings chairman explains how the company has evolved into a national brand.

Golden Service Awards
Nike’s Sports Ecosystem

Every Customer a VIP

Combining real-world and virtual services, Nike brings consumers into the “circle of runners,” providing expert training and encouragement, and delivering service with passion to take the loneliness out of running.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Awards : Pinkoi

Selling Creativity, Custom Recommendations

Why is business booming for Pinkoi in countries around the world? Using a recommendations function and analyzing consumer preferences to target their needs, the company acts as a bridge between supply and demand to successfully navigate the intense competition of the e-commerce space.

Golden Service Awards
A NT$300 Billion Gold Mine

Wellness – The New-Age Luxury

The new fashion trend in the service sector has nothing to do with the usual suspects, like glamorous apparel, sparkling jewelry or fast cars. It’s wellness, and companies are using many strategies to capitalize on soaring demand for this hot commodity.

Golden Service Awards
2017 Golden Service Awards

Winners Embrace New Trends

One third of Taiwan’s 24 service industry sector champions were toppled in the 2017 Golden Service Awards, a testament to the challenging, changeable and competitive nature of the economic environment.

Golden Service Awards
2016 Golden Service Awards: Muji

Aiming for 'Just Right'

The best service does not mean selling customers the most expensive goods but those they need most. Japanese lifestyle brand Muji took the crown of the 2016 Golden Service Awards with its "just right" approach.

Golden Service Awards
2016 Golden Service Awards

‘Change’ the Secret to Managing Change

"Change" and "digital experience" are the new mantras in this digital age, concepts embraced by the many innovative upstarts that emerged as leaders in their fields in the 2016 Golden Service Awards.

Golden Service Awards
2016 Golden Service Awards: Starbucks

Where Staff Are Digital Ambassadors

Starbucks, winner of the Coffeehouse Chains category for six years in a row and number one in online service satisfaction, has become more of a 'tech company that sells coffee,' with digital coffee houses that enable new Starbucks experiences.

Golden Service Awards
2015 Golden Service Awards

Healthy Competition within Conglomerates

This year's Golden Service Awards saw seven new winners emerge in their respective industries. What makes these champions special?

Golden Service Awards
2013 Golden Service Awards

High-end Trumps Low-cost

Taiwanese consumers are increasingly particular about high quality, and demand it across the board. Those service enterprises that deliver it are winning the race.

Golden Service Awards
Five-star Free-for-all

Luxury Hotels Converge on Taipei

In the 1990s, the Regent and Grand Hyatt dominated Taipei’s luxury hotel market, but times are finally changing as new five-star hotels pour into the city. The question is, why?

Golden Service Awards
Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Local Nutrients, Rich Experience

Taking home top honors in this year's CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards, the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi continually challenges itself to create a unique sensory experience for visitors.

Crafting a Corridor of Good Living

No longer content to measure success in terms of cargo shipments, Kaohsiung is expanding green spaces and opening arts districts, to remake itself as a "great city to live in."

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Champion

HSR: The New Benchmark for Travel Culture

Unveiling a ticket verification system that has wowed counterparts in Europe and Japan, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. is starting to shape a new culture of sophisticated travel in Taiwan.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Champion

EVA Air Aims High with 'Taiwanese Quality'

Flat-lying beds, Bvlgari overnight kits, premium steak, lobster feasts… EVA Air targets the top of the pyramid, leapfrogging Singapore Airlines to become the king of airway service.

Golden Service Awards
2012 Golden Service Award Survey

Who’s the New Service Industry King?

A reshuffle has taken place in many segments of Taiwan's service industry. Which tricks of the trade did the winners of this year's Golden Service Awards use to grab consumers'attention,and money?

Golden Service Awards
2012 Golden Service Awards

Transit Hubs Sparking New Travel Vogue

Taiwan's high speed rail line and a highway service area earned high marks in the second CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards. What's driving the trend?

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Enterprise Ikea

Giving Customers That Perfect Match

In CommonWealth Magazine's recent service industry survey, Swedish home furniture giant Ikea reigned supreme in the "atmosphere" category, enticing the island's consumers with its warm, friendly, real-life ambience.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Enterprise PC Home

The Unbeatable Lightness of 24-hour Delivery

In the world of online retailing, only one question is paramount: "How to deliver the goods to the consumer as quickly as possible." At PC Home, the secret weapon is not working faster, but a 24/7, three-shifts-a-day operational culture.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Enterprise E.Sun Bank

Mastering the Art of Service

E.Sun Bank was rated tops for service among financial institutions in CommonWealth Magazine's first ever Golden Service Awards. What does E.Sun know that others don't?

Golden Service Awards
2011 Golden Service Awards

Those Decisive Five Seconds

Taiwanese consumers were given the chance by CommonWealth Magazine to evaluate their favorite service brands for the first time. The winners were companies giving customers a deeper level of service.

Golden Service Awards
2011 Golden Service Award Survey

Taiwan's Favorite Service Enterprises

The service industry is now prime turf in Taiwan's business world, and everyone with a nose for profit is grappling for a stake. Being eager to serve, and knowing how to do it, are the qualities Taiwanese consumers demand most.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Entrepreneur Steve Day:

Shutting Out the Competition with Value

In an industry where personal warmth is key, restaurant group Wowprime focuses on keeping employees content, and dishing out value that rivals find hard to match.

Golden Service Awards
Golden Service Entrepreneur Hsu Chung-jen

My Competitor Is My Customer

Grasping, and even creating, the latest lifestyle trends is what keeps President Chain Stores one step ahead of their customers, making themselves indispensable through constant improvement.