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Fake News & Press Freedom

In the Era of ‘Red Infiltration’

A cold institution has become a hot topic. What can the National Communications Commission (NCC) do about fake news? Or rather, what should we use the NCC for?

Opinion from The 90s Generation

“Make Your Fortune” and the Thirty Years of Recession Behind This Slogan

The rule of thumb for every candidate in every political election is that tired old adage: “it’s the economy, stupid.” It sure can get the hearts of the electorate pounding, but for a child of the nineties like myself, I enjoy no such delusions.

From Factory Owner’s Daughter to Rancher’s Wife

A Taiwanese Immigrant’s Tale from the Last Generation

On this new patch of earth, they erected a hotel. Lots of their staff were immigrants like them, people struggling to win their share of the American Dream. Everyone had a story.

How Taiwan’s Small-town Factories Keep Making the World’s Money

Taiwan may be known as a high-tech haven, but clusters of small, unsung factories hidden in small towns around the country remain important sources of export revenue. How have they survived in an age of globalization and fierce competition?

The More We Get Together: Singapore’s Playgrounds 1930 – 2030

Singaporean Childhood Memories: Playground History Reflects Local Life

How do playgrounds develop over time as social environments and human needs keep changing? How do the playgrounds of the past influence the selection and design of future playgrounds?

Opinion: Bilingual Education for a Better Worldview?

Our schools promote English courses and our students learn about nations from outside the Asia-Pacific region, but they remain ignorant of—or even biased towards—the neighboring countries closest to us. This is the fallacy of the much-touted bilingual education and the “international perspective” educators work so hard to foster.

Golden Horse Controversy

Opinion: China is Part of Taiwan, and Taiwan is Part of the World

It goes without saying that politics is art, and art is politics. Render unto politics what is political, and unto art what is artistic, or you will be left with sound and fury signifying nothing—a poor reflection on both art and politics.

A Prawny Tale

How did Taiwan Become a Haven for Recreational Prawn-Fishing?

Prawn fishing is a popular pastime among distraction-hungry urbanites in Taiwan. Have you ever wondered how prawn fishing evolved into a leisure activity?

Former Vice Superintendent of NTU Hospital

Taiwan’s Hospitals Seeking Revenue Outside of Healthcare to Make Up for Losses under NHI

While Taiwan is admired for its universal health insurance coverage, medical centers find it difficult to remain profitable, so they seek revenue elsewhere, using food courts, convenience stores and parking lots to balance the fiscal gaps from insufficient NHI reimbursements.

Five Keys to Penetrating the Facebook Echo Chamber

In a polarized world where Internet flame wars break out in an instant and reports of “fake news” permeate the media, people retreat to places where they feel safe and respected, leading to echo chambers where only similar views - some quite extreme - are prevalent. How can we burst these bubbles and bring people closer together?

Breaking Tourism Boundaries

How Tainan Attracts Japanese

For many overseas visitors to Taiwan, Tainan is not at the top of their list of destinations. But in this commentary, travel agency owner Yu Chih-wei explains why his experience in promoting Tainan has given him hope for Taiwan’s tourism sector.

Eat the Taiwan Way

Have A Run Bing for The Tomb Sweeping Holiday

Ever wondered why spring rolls are called “spring” rolls? Run bings (潤餅), or steamed springs rolls, hold a special place in the hearts of many Southern Taiwanese, especially when tomb sweeping day is around the corner.

Promoting Tourism in Taiwan

Being Friendly is Not Enough

Taiwan has all the resources and attractions to make it a top tourism destination. Yet beyond the famous friendliness of its people, it has to look beyond the interests of the few and honor its heritage while serving the public and national interest.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

Taiwan: A Nation 'Half Empty' or 'Half Full'?

What is nice about Taiwan that 'fills the half'? What is yet to be done to top up the other half? With his living experience of over two decades in Taiwan, this foreigner columnist gives a different perspective to Taiwan's society.

Mobile Game Travel Frog

The Meaning of Travel Frog—To Like Yourself Better

Harvest its lawn. Fill its backpack. Watch it take off for a journey and bring you souvenirs back. You might not be unfamiliar with the little frog, but you might have never thought about how come it could become such a surprise hit.

The Aging Society

One Needs Not A Big Living Space For Later Years

The lonely journey of aging—married or not, with children or not, you will have to face it. By the time are left on your own, or with only your spouse, that is when your big house might turn into a nightmare.

Taiwan Shouldn’t Feel Inadequate Compared to China

If we look at China honestly, we can understand why it is backward; its glitziness should not trigger any feelings of inadequacy. Everyone has their own difficulties, and their own strengths and advantages. That is just the way it is.

Former Vice Superintendent of NTU Hospital

Go Get a Lung Screening Immediately, Even If You Don’t Smoke!

Lung cancer is commonly associated with heavy smoking. However, non-smokers in Taiwan would be ill-advised to think they are not at risk as they are more likely to develop lung cancer than heavy smokers in the West. Air pollution, incense use and unsafe cooking methods are believed to be among the culprits.

Can Taiwan Transition to Electric Scooters?

Nearly as many motorcycles and scooters are registered in Taiwan as there are people. Despite their tremendous convenience and low cost, scooters clog both the atmosphere and city sidewalks, diminishing quality of life for everyone. Can the advantages of electric scooters and emerging shared motorcycle services convince enough consumers to complete Taiwan’s transition to electric vehicles by 2030?

Taiwan vs. Vietnam

Who Treats Workers Better?

Labor groups in Taiwan have been up in arms recently over the government’s labor policy. And there’s good reason for that, argues professor Hong-zen Wang, who says that workers in Taiwan have even fewer rights than those in less-developed Vietnam.

The Arrival of ‘Generation Can’t Commit’

We spend all our energy and efforts on living and on loving ourselves, so that in the end we are too exhausted to love anyone else.

Dwitta Vita

Please, Separate ISIS from Islam

"Muslims must do everything they can to break away from misogynist, maniacal, maddening practices that are dressed up like Islamic," said the winner of 2015 Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants.

Lin Hsiu-tzu

Don’t Tell the Japanese to Visit Jiufen Anymore!

Repeat visitors from Japan are interested in delving deeper into Taiwan’s culture and geography than can be experienced on typical guided tours.

Dwiita Vita

Migrant Workers Should Get the Day-Off

Dwitta Vita is the winner of 2015 Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants. He points out that there are still a relatively significant amount of migrant workers who don’t get regular day-offs. It is urgent that they’re able to rest like decent workers.

What is Experimental about Experimental Education?

Taiwan’s legislature is currently reviewing three laws pertaining to experimental education. Tim Chen, father of three home-schooled children and a longtime activist for non-traditional avenues to education, cautions that the label “experimental” alone does not make schooling different.

The Unknown Brains Behind The Brands

Who Puts the Performance in Performance Sportswear?

Taiwan deserves to be known to consumers globally for its leadership in functionally advanced and eco-friendly textiles. However, Taiwan suppliers remain content to stay behind the scenes, so long as brands such as Nike and Adidas continue to bring big orders. What disadvantageous position does such a mindset leave Taiwan over the long term?

Mark Stocker

Taiwan Must Market Itself as a Global Steward of Green

A concerted effort by the government and private enterprises to market Taiwan's green achievements abroad would not only benefit the nation's image, it would also create more business opportunities for Taiwan's brands, products and services.

Mark Stocker

An Opportunity to Turn Taiwan into the Cannes of Asia

Taiwan’s five golden Awards have the potential to establish Taiwan as the arbiter of huaren creative arts, not only bringing economic advantage but also bolstering Taiwan’s national identity.

Letters to the Editor: A Letter to the Future President of Taiwan

Dwiita Vita: Our Aspirations as Indonesian Migrant Workers

As a migrant worker from Indonesia, Dwiita Vita tries to gather opinions from Indonesia fellow workers at the informal(caretaker) and formal (manufacturer) sector. What are their aspirations?

Taiwan’s Source of Injustice

The Cost of a Free Lunch

When bureaucrats and conglomerates collude to exploit workers and grab land instead of earning their wealth, the price the government pays for neglecting its duties is growing public anger.

The Southern Weekend Incident

China’s Journalists Get Up off Their Knees

Pushed to the brink by years of excessive censorship, media workers in China are rising up and demanding the press freedoms that China's constitution guarantees. Will their voices be acknowledged?