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The Sad Truth Behind the Smiles

'No More Migrant Workers Will Ever Be Deceived Again, I Wish'

Behind a humble birthday wish lies countless heart-breaking stories of the always-smiling migrant workers in Taiwan.

Tasting Home in a Restaurant in Jordan

The Secret Relation Between an Arabian Dish and Taiwan's

"Never knew how close they were, Middle East cuisine and Taiwan," said the 'Daughter of Taichung' when she first encountered Mulukhiyah in a restaurant in Jordan.

Migrant Workers in Taiwan

'Staying in Taiwan is good, But Returning to My Homeland is Better'

Read the story of Ainy–a migrant, a teacher, a student, and a mother, who had her 3-year bitter-sweet journey in Taiwan, and is finally counting her days to return to Indonesia.

Are You Qualified to Work in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia, especially Thailand with its openness and thriving economy, is an attractive destination for living and working abroad. But competing in the job market is easier said than done as top talent flocks to the country.

A Different Take on Taiwan’s Low Wages

The ‘Hidden Costs’ of ‘Hidden Champions’

Labor groups have long blamed Taiwan’s low wages and long working hours on exploitative employers. But in this Op-ed piece, Universal Cement Corporation Vice President Jack Hou offers a more expansive view of what the real problems are.


Bubble Milk Tea? Not for Indians

In India, a country where life can never be completed without tea, milk, and sugar, how can a beverage that has dominated the market of Taiwan and even many Western countries disappear entirely from New Delhi in just a short two-year period?

Unicorn CEO Johnny Shih

Lesson Learned: Talent Trumps All

Like many young Taiwanese entrepreneurs, this CEO of a men’s skin care company had to break out of his shell to find his way and now hopes to create an environment in Taiwan that values talent more highly and dares to reach out into the world.

How To Foster A Sound Global Mindset

Speaking English Does Not Mean Going Global

When a Japanese nods yes, it does not always mean yes. It seems that English is not enough for communicating with others from different cultural backgrounds. How can we deal with that?

The Higher Education ‘Yushan Project’

An Initiative that Misses the Point

Taiwan’s government has proposed a “Yushan Project” to stem the brain drain it says is plaguing academia. But in a commentary done for Crossing, writer Chen Kuan-ting takes issue with the program’s focus.

Jack Hou

Survival Guide of a “Small Market” Nation

With Taiwanese companies losing global presence and opportunity, Jack Hou, the vice general manager of UNEO, thinks there must be a realization amongst ourselves that Taiwan is a small nation that and we need to develop a survival strategy that is fitting of our status in the global market.