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Red Candle Games

‘Devotion’ Gaming Controversy: Taiwan’s ‘Soft Power’ Meets China’s ‘Tough Power’

Heated discussion has flared up on Internet forums across Taiwan and Hong Kong in recent days after an online game contained reference to the “Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh” meme.

A Dutch Wife and Taiwanese Mother’s Letter to Her Unborn Child

Yizhuo L. is always being suspected by her Dutch in-laws of trying to turn their only grandson Taiwanese, or being hounded by her own parents to make sure the heritage of traditional Chinese culture is not lost in her son. She teaches Chinese to foreign students and embraces sinology while bring bombarded by cultural differences. Right now, her greatest challenge is nurturing her cross-cultural marriage.

Interview with ‘Calls Over Ridges’ Founder Lin Tzu-chun

Founded NGO to Help Nepalese Earthquake Victims Stay in School

Just 24, Lin Tzu-chun is one of Calls Over Ridges’ co-founders. Beyond the widely shared story of the organization’s founding on the Internet, people are especially keen to know more about this young man’s transformation, just a year out of university, from a confused student uncertain about the future to the driving force behind this NGO.

Taiwanese Cuisine and People

A Bite of Taiwan: Memories of Home and Cultural Amalgamation

Danzi noodles and miso soup, Formosa Plastics Steak and moon shrimp cake, Chiang Kai-shek and his Chinese chefs...Taiwanese cuisine goes a long way to answer some basic questions: who are we? Where are we from? What is us?

Has HR Analytics Arrived in Asia?

Is people analytics as developed in Asia as it is in the US? If not, what opportunities remain untapped?

Here I am, a Vietnamese in Finland, Missing Taiwan

A fascination with Chinese period costume dramas and Taiwanese idol TV shows when I was little led to a love of the Chinese language. I watched so many Taiwanese idol dramas that I could guess what the leading lady’s next line would be. When I came to Taiwan to study Chinese for three months at the age of 24, I finally realized my humble dream to spend a short time living in Taiwan.

Taiwanese-style Modesty

A recent BBC Travel article entitled “The Island That Never Stops Apologising” describes Taiwan as “a nation obsessed with saying sorry.” Some commentators have opined that the article is “commending” the courteousness of the Taiwanese people. But is it really? On reading the article, I happen to believe that that is not entirely true.

Report From the Trenches of the Enterprise Transformation ‘Revolution’

How a Fancy Bowl of Instant Noodles Transformed an Aging, Bloated Company

Have you tried the Shaoxing Wine Instant Chicken Noodles? This is how it changes the whole world and brings new concepts of marketing.

Opinion: How Western Entrepreneurs Can Make It in Asia

An initial question for a wannabe-Western entrepreneur would be: "Where in Asia do I want to build a business?" A careless answer could be whichever economy is growing the fastest. However, a more thoughtful approach would consider how fast an economy is expanding and in what way.

Crazy Rich Asians

The Dilemmas Those "Asians" Really Face

Is Crazy Rich Asians just a romantic comedy about people with inherited wealth? Why are people shedding tears in the theater? The steady rise in educational levels and career achievements of Asian immigrants and their children, together with depictions in television and movie dramas, are drawing more attention to the situations of ethnic Asians in U.S. society.

The Freedom To Not Be Taiwanese

Grandpa’s ‘United Nations’ Funeral

When nationalism comes to the fore in current events news, a journalist’s thinking and ideas had changed by the time a funeral had come to a close. As everyone prefaced their remarks about funerals with the phrases “we Americans,” “we Indonesians,” or “we Taiwanese,” the author realized she never asked her grandfather directly how he identified, just remembering one thing he had said.

Is Taiwan’s Famed Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival an Environmental Plague?

This article is a reader’s contribution to Crossing. It explores the environmental pollution caused by the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, one of Taiwan’s most famous tourist attractions. What can be done to create a win-win situation for the environment and the tourism industry?

The Wandering Voice

A 9-year-old Refugee's Heartbreaking Letter to Hong Kong’s Leader

Tens of millions of stateless "ghost citizens" are struggling for survival in the corners of prosperous cities.

Better to be the Head of a Dog than the Tail of a Lion

Paving a New Path in the Central African Republic

For most Taiwanese, Africa is in another world, but an intrepid group of investors is now braving high risks in the war-torn Central African Republic to carve out their own legacies.

Cultural and Creative Industry

Ten Iconic Cultural Features of Taiwan?

Night markets, scooters, the indigenous...what can best represent our culture? How do young Taiwanese react to this question? When political ideologies have been drawing "the line" clearer and clearer, is cultural identity becoming more and more uncertain?

The Legacy of Cambodia’s Tragedy

Rebuilding a Scarred Civilization

Cambodia is still grappling with the Khmer Rouge’s obliteration of its culture and civilization in the late 1970s. But for the average Cambodian, escaping poverty and building a viable economy may be more important than seeking transitional justice.

The Last Straw Campaigns

Island-Nations Echoing Each Other by Declaring War Against Plastic Straws

In 2019, large food and beverage vendors in Taiwan including McDonald’s will no longer be allowed to offer plastic straws for free. In 2025, all single-use tableware will be banned from by all industries. At the same time, prices for plastic bags will be raised by NTD$5 for each. The ultimate goal is to implement a blanket ban on single-use plastic products by 2030.

Living in the Biggest Favela of Brazil

25 Years Old, the Survived Age

York, a young Taiwanese volunteer and Crossing writer, shares her experience of living in Brazil’s biggest favela. Her interview with local young man Carlos tells a story of sorrow, toughness and pursue of hope.

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (2/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 2)

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (1/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 1)

Kobayashi Kengo

Japanese Photographer: Let the Beauty of Taiwan be Seen

"With only two hands, there is a limit on what I can do, but at least I photograph," said Kobayashi Kengo, a photographer from Tokyo now living in Taipei. “Your country is beautiful, the people, too. I want more people to see Taiwan through my lens.”

A Discussion from an International Strategic Perspective

Are Closer Taiwan-Russia Relations Possible? How?

Interaction between Taiwan and Russia largely rests on trade, which has grown over the years but seen little structural change. Multilateral mechanisms such as APEC and the WTO might offer opportunities for exploring new fields of bilateral cooperation.

An Italian Entrepreneur Realizing 'His Meaning of Life' in Taiwan

Il Mercato, an all-glass market-restaurant in Taipei, has become the most unbookable high-class authentic Italian restaurant in Taiwan since its opening, and it all started from the deepest respect for the ethnic-Italian American's grandfather.

The Sad Truth Behind the Smiles

'No More Migrant Workers Will Ever Be Deceived Again, I Wish'

Behind a humble birthday wish lies countless heart-breaking stories of the always-smiling migrant workers in Taiwan.

Tasting Home in a Restaurant in Jordan

The Secret Relation Between an Arabian Dish and Taiwan's

"Never knew how close they were, Middle East cuisine and Taiwan," said the 'Daughter of Taichung' when she first encountered Mulukhiyah in a restaurant in Jordan.

Migrant Workers in Taiwan

'Staying in Taiwan is good, But Returning to My Homeland is Better'

Read the story of Ainy–a migrant, a teacher, a student, and a mother, who had her 3-year bitter-sweet journey in Taiwan, and is finally counting her days to return to Indonesia.

Are You Qualified to Work in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia, especially Thailand with its openness and thriving economy, is an attractive destination for living and working abroad. But competing in the job market is easier said than done as top talent flocks to the country.

A Different Take on Taiwan’s Low Wages

The ‘Hidden Costs’ of ‘Hidden Champions’

Labor groups have long blamed Taiwan’s low wages and long working hours on exploitative employers. But in this Op-ed piece, Universal Cement Corporation Vice President Jack Hou offers a more expansive view of what the real problems are.

Bubble Milk Tea? Not for Indians

In India, a country where life can never be completed without tea, milk, and sugar, how can a beverage that has dominated the market of Taiwan and even many Western countries disappear entirely from New Delhi in just a short two-year period?

Unicorn CEO Johnny Shih

Lesson Learned: Talent Trumps All

Like many young Taiwanese entrepreneurs, this CEO of a men’s skin care company had to break out of his shell to find his way and now hopes to create an environment in Taiwan that values talent more highly and dares to reach out into the world.

How To Foster A Sound Global Mindset

Speaking English Does Not Mean Going Global

When a Japanese nods yes, it does not always mean yes. It seems that English is not enough for communicating with others from different cultural backgrounds. How can we deal with that?

The Higher Education ‘Yushan Project’

An Initiative that Misses the Point

Taiwan’s government has proposed a “Yushan Project” to stem the brain drain it says is plaguing academia. But in a commentary done for Crossing, writer Chen Kuan-ting takes issue with the program’s focus.

Survival Guide of a “Small Market” Nation

With Taiwanese companies losing global presence and opportunity, Jack Hou, the vice general manager of UNEO, thinks there must be a realization amongst ourselves that Taiwan is a small nation that and we need to develop a survival strategy that is fitting of our status in the global market.