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Jamie Lin Column

Jamie Lin Column
Three Reasons You Should Not Worry

Will China Dominate Artificial Intelligence?

There are certain ways of thinking I don’t admire. One is the fallacy that everything we do in Taiwan must be compared with China. The other is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately at forums and conferences related to artificial intelligence.

Jamie Lin Column
On the Path to Convenient Payment

What is Zero-Knowledge Proof in Blockchains?

How do you prove you possess secret knowledge without divulging the secret? Enter “Zero-Knowledge Proof”, the latest trend in blockchain technology. Privacy is essential in the digital age, and now it’s an important financial tool as well.

Crypto Is Libertarian, A.I. Is Communist

China is reacting very differently to the two great paradigm shifts in technology: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Why is the Chinese government heavily invested in A.I., even as it tries to chase blockchain out of the country? And why is a small nation like Taiwan uniquely suited to the development of blockchain?

Jamie Lin Column
Give Them Fish, or Teach Them to Fish?

Better to Teach Them to Stay Hungry

It’s an age-old adage: give a man fish, or teach a man to fish? Now apply this to modern-day education. In a rapidly changing world, today’s moneymaking skills may be obsolete tomorrow. Suffer our little children to stay hungry, rather than allowing their passion for learning to peter out.

Jamie Lin Column

Taiwan’s Best Ally in the Next 30 Years

Indonesia, a nation on the rise, is starting to display confidence when dealing with China. Nevertheless, in spite of the constant growth of its labor force and economy, it needs Taiwan to realize its objective of bridging its gaps.