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These Cities Attracted the Most Tourists in 2018

A visit to one of the world’s major urban centres has lost none of its appeal, but which cities attract the most tourists?

Explore Taipei's Music Scene

From cafes to record stores down to creative parks - here are some hotspots in Taipei music lovers should never miss out.

Taiwan’s Top 10 Soup Dumplings

​​​​​​​Xiao long bao, or little dragon dumplings, generally top anyone’s must-try in Taiwan food list. Though there are many places to get great soup dumplings around Taiwan, Taiwan Scene listed ten of the best.

Good Things Take Time

Patience Turns Troubled Youth Around

At 24, Jeffery Lin returned to his hometown of Sanxia in New Taipei City to save his grandfather’s soap factory from going under. Together with a few friends, Lin established a new soap brand that generated sales worth NT$50 million in four years. Despite his commercial success and a bright future, Lin decided to call it quits and test uncharted waters. With borrowed money, he launched a community-based social enterprise.

Tong Yang-tzu’s Literary Clothing

From Ink to Apparel III – Another Calligraphy and Fashion Crossover

The Chinese character “wu”, written in different calligraphy styles from an ancient, formal seal script to a rounded and smooth cursive script, has been freed from the confines of paper to come alive on fashion apparel, moving with light and space. Taiwanese calligrapher Tong Yang-tzu, well known for breaking into the realm of modern art with her unruly, playful approach to traditional East Asian calligraphy, has co-curated another exhibition exploring a crossover between modern calligraphy art and fashion design.

World Economic Forum

The Best Countries for Expats to Live and Work In

A new survey of expats finds Singapore is the best overall destination, while relocating to Switzerland boosts earnings more than other country. Taiwan ranked ninth overall, which is the third highest ranking in Asia.