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Life & Style
A Fulbright scholar on Dharma Drum Mountain

Teaching in a Buddhist Pure Land

Life in the mountainous Buddhist community is more than just healthy eating, contemplation, and research. Gender-segregated computer labs for monastics are living proof that Buddhism in general has embraced technology to preserve and spread their scriptures.

'Your View, My Home' Exhibtion

Decoding The Art of Old-Time Doors and Windows

Why are there rumors that Taipei Guest House is haunted? How could eunuchs become door gods? Anything you’re curious about doors and windows, find your answers at Dadaocheng this year.

Gaming and Society

Violent Video Games: Harmless Fun After All?

Does playing violent video games lead to violent behaviors? Academics at the University of York say they’ve found “no evidence” that video games make players more violent.

Culture, Beauty And World Class Entertainment

The Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival

Chishang is a rural township of around 10,000 people located in southeastern Taiwan’s Taitung County. Although small, the town attracts a significant number of tourists year-round, and with good reason.

Life & Style
With 120 Years of Distillery Experience

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Creates Whisky Miracle

How does a whisky taste with a hint of tropical fruit aroma? As one takes a sip and the golden liquid fills the mouth with flavor, one cannot help but reminisce about the changes in whisky aromas in recent years. You might have once loved that strong, peaty flavor but now enjoy a more mellow and sweet whisky that, along with its flavor, brings back sweet memories.

Making Taiwanese Tourism Sustainable

Creating Immersive Experiences Through Smart Travel

Shifting trends in global travel, along with the impact of the transformations of Taiwanese industry and manpower, have placed unprecedented challenges before tourism in Taiwan. In response, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has taken up the mission to consolidate central government and local resources and create new immersive experiences through smart travel.