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Beijing’s New Battlefront

Enticing Taiwan with Culture

Beijing has announced incentives to lure Taiwanese in the entertainment industry to China, but is Taiwan in a position to take advantage of them without completely hollowing out an already declining film and television production sector?

Cinema by the River

Films to Watch at Tamsui River Film Festival

When was the last time you gave yourself a timeout in this bustling city? This May, join us for some film-watching along the scenic riverbanks at Tamsui River Film Festival.

Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report

China is Now the Second-largest Art Market in the World

China overtook the United Kingdom in 2017 as the second biggest art market after the United States.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Sai Jia Paragliding Site

Take a Light Flight over the Island

For those who have long dreamed of flying like a bird, here's your chance! Hop on board, soar into the blue skies, and explore a bird eye view over the scenic plains and rivers in Southern Taiwan.

Open Call for Submissions

What's your #Taiwander story?

What's your #Taiwander story? Share it with us, let us broadcast it to the world through CommonWealth Magazine and then find yourself on an exciting MyTaiwanTour this year!

Breaking Tourism Boundaries

How Tainan Attracts Japanese

For many overseas visitors to Taiwan, Tainan is not at the top of their list of destinations. But in this commentary, travel agency owner Yu Chih-wei explains why his experience in promoting Tainan has given him hope for Taiwan’s tourism sector.