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A Farmer-Artist Who Returned to His Home

"People should not only see living things as vegetables and food, they must see the entire living ecosystem." Brooding over the devastating effects of climate change and difficulties in conservation, the farmer-artist had planted many indigenous Taiwanese plants in the garden. "Get to know them and they will continue to grow for you."

Prick up Your Ears to Listen to a Symphony of Mountain Forest Sounds

Sounds effect technician Hu Ting-yi, who was voted outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year at the 54th Golden Horse Awards in 2017, has practiced Foley, the art of using physical props to recreate everyday sound effects for film, for the past 42 years. During his professional career, Hu has witnessed several waves of high prestige for Taiwanese cinema. He has visited Nantou County in central Taiwan in his private and professional life many times, yet each trip still lifts his spirit and makes his heart beat faster.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
"Boss Xiao's" Art Classes

The Legendary Country Artist

Referring to himself as a "country artist," Xiao Ru-Song embodied sceneries from his hometown with paintings as sophisticated as world-renowned masterpieces to express his love of his homeland.

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities

Conveying the Human Touch of Taiwan Through TV Dramas

“If one day a foreigner comes to tour Dadaocheng, and when you ask him ‘What brought you to Taiwan,’ he tells you: ‘Well, I came because I saw A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities’, then all my efforts were worth it. It would mean much more to me than winning a Golden Bell Award!”

Life & Style
Award-winning chocolate

Taiwanese Chocolate Seduces the World

In the front of the farm, cocoa trees grow in a symbiotic relationship with betel nut palms, while in the back, cocoa beans are directly processed into chocolate. Emerging cocoa producer Taiwan can thus be said to provide the shortest distance from tree to bar.

Life & Style
Colin Chen

Focusing on the Joys of Authentic Nantou Cuisine

Colin Chen became a chef in a radical career change that moved him from a life behind the camera into the social media limelight. Originally working as a print media photographer, Chen discovered his passion for cooking during a stint abroad as he craved the taste of home.