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Liquid Snacks? The Rationale Behind Milk Drinks with Snack Flavors

Last year, popular snacks dressed up as beverages became a hit at local convenience stores – a development initiated by Taiwan’s two major convenience store chains 7-Eleven and FamilyMart. How did they come up with the idea for these novel beverages? And why are consumers buying into this new marketing strategy?

PX Mart Opens 1000th Store

What’s the Scoop on “Brick and Mortar E-commerce?”

While other retail channel sales were slipping, the supermarket segment stood strong thanks to PX Mart. The resolute decision to introduce fresh produce 10 years ago helped pave the way for the supermarket chain’s one-thousandth store and NT$100 billion annual sales. Over the years, they discovered that their biggest competitor does not come from their own industry, but from the busy daily lives all of us lead in today’s society.

CommonWealth Finance Weekly

Is It Reasonable to Pay to Select Seats on a Flight?

Starting this week, airlines will ask passengers to pay up to NT$ 1,500 to select their seats before boarding. In effect, travelling by air just got pricier. The truth is, plenty of major airlines around the world ask passengers to pay more for specific seats, in an effort to turn passengers’ preferences into a source of revenue. Whether this is a reasonable way to benefit from the supply and demand of the free market is still up for debate.

NT$30 Million Spent on System Codification

Why Are Foreign Visitors Still Getting Lost on Taipei’s MRT System?

How is “Yongan Market” pronounced? Foreigners not conversant in Chinese could easily mistake the phonetic spelling for a phrase in Mandarin that could cause significant embarrassment, and still end up missing their station as well. For people who are lost in the Taipei Metro system, proper spelling is more important than assigning a code to each station.

19 Million Swedish Meatballs

IKEA Taiwan Posts Record High Food Share

Last year, IKEA Taiwan’s revenue boasted the highest food share of all stores around the world. What makes IKEA’s Scandinavian fare so attractive that Taiwanese consumers can hardly resist?

Which Are the Most Punctual Airlines?

Do you know which airline was the most punctual in 2018? And which airport had the best On-Time Performance? New statistics show Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, had the best On-Time Performance, and Copa Airlines SA was the most punctual.

The Masterminds Behind

The Rise of the Eslite Nanxi Commercial District

The new Eslite Spectrum Nanxi Store right next to Zhongshan MRT station was the talk of the town even before its formal launch. At the artsy department store, which features a bookstore with movie screenings, customers stood in line for hours just to get a bite of trendy Japanese soufflé pancakes. The area’s rise as a tourism and shopping magnet, however, owes to the vision of an alliance between a community-building NGO, a neighborhood chief, and local artists.

Charting the World

These Are the Countries That Eat the Most Meat

Red meat production is a major contributor to global warming because of the methane emitted by cattle and sheep. Which countries eat the most meat? This chart tells you the top meat-loving countries in the world.

The Only Taiwanese Survivor in China’s Eat or Be Eaten Startup World

How to Build the Biggest Cross-strait Event Platform

In the startup scene, advice is typically given to avoid creating a platform because conditions are harsh and survival prospects slim. But John Sie, a former Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group employee, along with a fellow student founded software-as-a-service platform Accupass. Their startup not only managed to survive lethal competition in China where Internet startups go bust in droves, but Acupass even evolved into the biggest cross-strait event-hosting platform. How did Sie achieve this formidable feat?

A Rising Coffee Empire

Louisa Coffee Takes Aim at Starbucks

Launched as a small coffee-to-go store, Louisa Coffee has since evolved into one of the nation’s major coffee chains, looking to take on market leaders Starbucks and 85C. How did founder and General Manager Chris Huang turn his passion for coffee into a successful business?

17 Media Wants to Dominate Your Screen

The Taiwanese live streaming platform "17 Media,” co-founded by Taiwanese rapper Jeffrey Huang of the hip-hop group Machi, successfully entered Japan last year and is now looking to South Korea and the United States. What is the secret to standing out in the hotly contested live streaming market?

5 Things You Need to Know About China's Booming E-commerce Market

China’s e-commerce and mobile economy are booming, yet it is certainly not easy to enter or compete in the market. Here are the five key current trends to understand and learn from China’s e-commerce explosion.

E-Commerce Strategy for ASEAN Markets

Decoding the ‘Private Message’ Culture

E-commerce vendors expanding into Southeast Asia need a unique sales model for each country. Increasingly, Southeast Asians living in Taiwan and Southeast Asian online celebrities are emerging as the key to social media-based e-commerce.

E-Commerce Strategy for ASEAN Markets

Appealing to Southeast Asian Markets with Taiwanese Quality

Hsu Yi-chih, a thirtysomething who oversees a small accessories empire with annual sales exceeding NT$100 million in Taiwan, has applied the resilient spirit of a former street vendor to leverage the advantages of Taiwanese quality to break into new markets.

Job Flexibility vs. Income Stability

Can Work in the Future be Fair as Well as Flexible?

With work becoming more flexible, does unconventional work necessary mean unstable income?

Aging Society

The Job Market is Booming for Older Workers

With the structure of population aging, the projected share of people aged 65 and over in the job market is projected to rise sharply.

China's Annual Shopping Craze

Startling Statistics from Singles' Day

These statistics show the amount spent this year for Alibaba's annual Singles' Day.


Pearl Milk Tea Craze Sweeps the Maldives

Taiwan’s homegrown hand-shaken tea beverages are continuing their conquest of overseas markets. Kaffa International Co. Ltd., whose global franchise teahouse chain Chatime already has a strong presence in Southeast Asia, is expanding its reach to tropical holiday destinations.


ID Cards Ensure Good, Safe Food

Is quality food always expensive? The Carrefour supermarket chain is proving otherwise with affordable produce sourced from certified farms. All foods, from pineapples to ready-to-eat roast chickens, come with an ID card that allows consumers to trace their origin.


Keeping Taiwanese Pop Culture Alive

At a time when China is gaining dominance in Chinese-language pop culture, KKBox has chosen a new approach, launching cultural and entertainment platform “KKFarm” to give fledgling Taiwanese cultural and creative firms the chance to flourish.

EVA Airways

Eyeing Prospects for the Long Haul

EVA Airways has set a new record for revenue by concentrating on North American routes, not only weathering the economic climate but proceeding according to its own flight plan.

Top 2000 Survey : Service Industry

Green Energy, Green Economy Avert Decline

Cultural creative, environment-related industries are finding growth while retail and hospitality sectors are expanding markets. The service industry is developing profitable streams even as profits have declined overall.

Interview with Fubon’s Richard Tsai

Building a National Brand

The Fubon Group has bucked convention in growing its business, whether moving into southern Taiwan or expanding into non-financial fields. In this interview with Richard Tsai, the Fubon Financial Holdings chairman explains how the company has evolved into a national brand.

Nike’s Sports Ecosystem

Every Customer a VIP

Combining real-world and virtual services, Nike brings consumers into the “circle of runners,” providing expert training and encouragement, and delivering service with passion to take the loneliness out of running.

Record Low 3% Mortality Rate

Taiwan’s Burn Care Shines on Global Stage

Taiwan’s response to an amusement park tragedy that left hundreds of revelers severely burned prompted over 300 medical professionals to travel to Taipei to learn about the experience at a global conference. The last survivor to be discharged as well as her attending physician shared with CommonWealth what they went through nearly two years ago.

Elderly Residences + Smart Care

Furoto Lets Seniors Feel at Home

Most elderly people want to continue living in a familiar environment. How can we utilize modern technology to create long-term care programs the elderly can trust and enjoy?

Changing Approach to Health Care

The Home Care Medical Revolution

Cloistered in their hospitals, many Taiwanese physicians have not realized that patients’ homes can turn into prisons harmful to their health. That is now changing as a home care revolution takes shape, but plenty of obstacles remain.

Hi-Lai Harbour Restaurant

High-class Seafood at Reasonable Prices

Hi-Lai Harbour, a buffet restaurant chain founded in Kaohsiung, has established outlets in department stores in all of Taiwan's five major cities. The group's revenue growth tops the list of hospitality businesses in our 2016 Top 2000 Survey.

Poya International

From Country Boy to Adult

Poya is the dominant player in the cosmetics/drugstore sector in central and southern Taiwan and is now turning its attention to Taipei, wondering if the same formula that turned it into a NT$10 billion business can conquer new challenges.

2016 Top 2000 Survey

30 Years Later, Who’s on Top?

The CommonWealth Magazine Top 2000 Survey has tracked the evolution of Taiwan’s industrial history over the past 30 years, often identifying paradigm shifts in business trends before they were obvious. Here’s a look back and forward.

Top 2000 Survey: Service Industry

‘Consumer Experience’ the New Battlefield

A generally sluggish economy saw service industry revenues decline last year, with a slight uptick in profitability for some as e-commerce continued to surge and retail engaging in cross-industry cooperation to forge new opportunities. On line or on the high street, customers always respond to a good "consumer experience.

2016 Golden Service Awards: Muji

Aiming for 'Just Right'

The best service does not mean selling customers the most expensive goods but those they need most. Japanese lifestyle brand Muji took the crown of the 2016 Golden Service Awards with its "just right" approach.

2016 Golden Service Awards

‘Change’ the Secret to Managing Change

"Change" and "digital experience" are the new mantras in this digital age, concepts embraced by the many innovative upstarts that emerged as leaders in their fields in the 2016 Golden Service Awards.

2016 Golden Service Awards: Starbucks

Where Staff Are Digital Ambassadors

Starbucks, winner of the Coffeehouse Chains category for six years in a row and number one in online service satisfaction, has become more of a 'tech company that sells coffee,' with digital coffee houses that enable new Starbucks experiences.

Top 2000 Survey: Service Industry

Merging Real and Virtual Worlds

Of the 27 service industries covered by the Top 2000 Survey, the telecom industry is the only sector that suffered shrinking revenue in 2014. The ability to precisely predict demand is crucial if companies want to win consumer support in the Internet era.

2015 Golden Service Awards

Healthy Competition within Conglomerates

This year's Golden Service Awards saw seven new winners emerge in their respective industries. What makes these champions special?

Top 10 Hottest Products of 2014

Looking back at 2014, other than a host of shiny new products, retro designs made a big comeback. Will this year's popular commodities blow over, or remain big sellers in the coming year?

Top 2000 Survey: Service Industry

Rise of Food Industry Darlings

In 2013, the keys to growth in Taiwan's service industry were innovation and refinement. Most notable was a select group of stars in the food services industry.

Taiwanese Cosmetics

Louis Vuitton Loves Dr. Wu

Women care about their looks – that's what makes skin care recession-proof. The Dr. Wu brand has been growing in popularity since it launched more than a decade ago. Now, foreign investors have been knocking on its doors.

2013 Golden Service Awards

High-end Trumps Low-cost

Taiwanese consumers are increasingly particular about high quality, and demand it across the board. Those service enterprises that deliver it are winning the race.

Thriving on Microloans

The Sediq Tribal Piggy Bank

The Meishi Village Credit Union has turned NT$100 deposits into loans that have helped more than 800 tribe members lift themselves out of poverty, cultivating doctors and school administrators along the way.

CoCo Fresh Drinks

800 Outlets Worldwide in Three Years

The orange and white CoCo Fresh Drinks sign has gone up in a thousand locations worldwide. The strength of its brand and personnel management is even enticing entrepreneurs in Singapore, South Korea and Russia.

Charmy 'Snow Ice' Desserts

Stirring a Flurry of Interest

Taiwanese self-made entrepreneur Kao Wen-wan has successfully turned shaved ice with sweet toppings, a traditional Asian dessert, into an international brand.

Dante Coffee

Venturing Abroad, Moving Upscale

Born in Taiwan as a low-cost alternative, Dante Coffee has become a lavish indulgence in Indonesia and is taking on high-tech style in Kuwait. Dante is stepping out into the world.

Breeze Development's Henry Liao

Tailoring a Fashion Empire with an Italian Cut

Acquiring Giuliano Fujiwara for NT$500 million, a Taiwanese department store group is giving this premium Italian brand a makeover, and a new position on the world fashion map.

Shiatzy Chen CEO Harry Wang

Taking Eastern Fashion Global

Harry Wang has led a team of Taiwanese designers, Chinese artisans, and French stylists to build Shiatzy Chen's brand image in China and the world. It has been anything but easy.

Wan Hai Lines

Thriving in Rough Economic Waters

Rising fuel costs and declining freight prices have battered global shipping companies, but Taiwan's Wan Hai Lines and its chairman Chen Po-ting seem to be taking the rough sailing in stride.

Taiwan Mobile

Gaining the Edge with Service

After a seven-year hiatus, Taiwan Mobile has reclaimed the title of benchmark enterprise in the telecom services sector. Amid a sour economy and an industry paradigm shift, which strengths helped it topple Chunghwa Telecom?

From Container Port to Tourism Magnet

Keelung Battles to Change Identity

Decades ago, Keelung was the world's seventh biggest container port. Today, it aspires to become a tourism center, but the challenges are daunting. Can it succeed?

Five-star Free-for-all

Luxury Hotels Converge on Taipei

In the 1990s, the Regent and Grand Hyatt dominated Taipei’s luxury hotel market, but times are finally changing as new five-star hotels pour into the city. The question is, why?

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Local Nutrients, Rich Experience

Taking home top honors in this year's CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards, the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi continually challenges itself to create a unique sensory experience for visitors.


Crafting a Corridor of Good Living

No longer content to measure success in terms of cargo shipments, Kaohsiung is expanding green spaces and opening arts districts, to remake itself as a "great city to live in."

Golden Service Champion

HSR: The New Benchmark for Travel Culture

Unveiling a ticket verification system that has wowed counterparts in Europe and Japan, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. is starting to shape a new culture of sophisticated travel in Taiwan.

Golden Service Champion

EVA Air Aims High with 'Taiwanese Quality'

Flat-lying beds, Bvlgari overnight kits, premium steak, lobster feasts… EVA Air targets the top of the pyramid, leapfrogging Singapore Airlines to become the king of airway service.

2012 Golden Service Award Survey

Who’s the New Service Industry King?

A reshuffle has taken place in many segments of Taiwan's service industry. Which tricks of the trade did the winners of this year's Golden Service Awards use to grab consumers'attention,and money?

2012 Golden Service Awards

Transit Hubs Sparking New Travel Vogue

Taiwan's high speed rail line and a highway service area earned high marks in the second CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards. What's driving the trend?


The Wolf King of Chinese Retail

Taiwan-based RT-Mart had sales of 61.6 billion renminbi in China last year, far outpacing Carrefour and Walmart. How has the company carved out its imposing retail empire there?

Grand Ocean Department Stores

Trumping Sogo to Triumph in China

With operating revenue last year of NT$25.8 billion, Grand Ocean, a relative unknown in Taiwan, has taken the lead from big players like Far Eastern and Sogo in setting up a department store empire in China.

Top 500 Service Enterprises

Domestic Demand Heats Up

Taiwan's domestic demand-driven industries are flourishing, but people's complaints about rising prices are growing louder too. How can the service industry respond to these trends and continue to attract customers?

Taiwan's Food & Beverage Industry

A Bountiful in Banquet in 2012

With the once gleaming high-tech sector losing its luster, the thriving hospitality industry is luring both jobseekers and investors, as more chain restaurants go public to tap the capital market.

The New Energy-saving Model

ESCOs Turn Taiwan 'Green' with Efficiency

An innovative financial service that finances "green" equipment with projected savings in energy costs is gaining traction in Taiwan. But its continued growth still faces serious challenges.

Domestic Demand Reshuffles the Deck

2010 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan's growing domestic demand has invigorated the market. And in an unprecedented move, Fubon Financial Holding voluntarily relinquishes its top spot.

Taiwan Makes a Stand in the Talent War

2011 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan's top-level talent is being seduced away by high pay offers, forcing the country's most admired companies to use emotional appeals to hold on to their prized executives. Is the strategy working?

Golden Service Enterprise Ikea

Giving Customers That Perfect Match

In CommonWealth Magazine's recent service industry survey, Swedish home furniture giant Ikea reigned supreme in the "atmosphere" category, enticing the island's consumers with its warm, friendly, real-life ambience.

Golden Service Enterprise PC Home

The Unbeatable Lightness of 24-hour Delivery

In the world of online retailing, only one question is paramount: "How to deliver the goods to the consumer as quickly as possible." At PC Home, the secret weapon is not working faster, but a 24/7, three-shifts-a-day operational culture.

Golden Service Enterprise E.Sun Bank

Mastering the Art of Service

E.Sun Bank was rated tops for service among financial institutions in CommonWealth Magazine's first ever Golden Service Awards. What does E.Sun know that others don't?

2011 Golden Service Awards

Those Decisive Five Seconds

Taiwanese consumers were given the chance by CommonWealth Magazine to evaluate their favorite service brands for the first time. The winners were companies giving customers a deeper level of service.

2011 Golden Service Award Survey

Taiwan's Favorite Service Enterprises

The service industry is now prime turf in Taiwan's business world, and everyone with a nose for profit is grappling for a stake. Being eager to serve, and knowing how to do it, are the qualities Taiwanese consumers demand most.

Golden Service Entrepreneur Steve Day:

Shutting Out the Competition with Value

In an industry where personal warmth is key, restaurant group Wowprime focuses on keeping employees content, and dishing out value that rivals find hard to match.

Golden Service Entrepreneur Hsu Chung-jen

My Competitor Is My Customer

Grasping, and even creating, the latest lifestyle trends is what keeps President Chain Stores one step ahead of their customers, making themselves indispensable through constant improvement.

Proxy Shopping

Taiwan's Borderless Buying Binge

Buoyed by the strong NT dollar in recent months, Taiwanese are making more and more overseas purchases. Proxy shopping has become a viable platform for great savings and new opportunities.

Top 500 Service Enterprises

Bouncing Back

After a dismal performance in 2009, Taiwan's service industry delivered a robust rebound in 2010, with bright performances in shipping, tourism and retail sales. Can it sustain the momentum?

The Age of Value Marketing Has Arrived

The sales and profits of Taiwan's top 1,000 companies hit three-year highs in 2010. The secret to their success? Winning customers' hearts in an age when consumers are pricklier than ever.


Taiwan: Veggie Heaven

With rising health-consciousness, vegetarian restaurants are enjoying a boom. And predominantly Buddhist Taiwan is riding the crest of the veggie wave, with innovative gourmet restaurants that even carnivores adore.

Food in Taiwan

Taiwan's Irresistible Hot Pot Power

In Taiwan, eating hot pot has become a national pastime fit for any season, and the dish's many varieties and flavors are enticing ethnic Chinese from around the world.

Private-Sector Investment

Taiwan's Service Sector Surge

In the wake of the financial meltdown, Europe and America are still in the doldrums, but Taiwan's private-sector investment surged 32 percent in 2010, marking a 45-year high, the second highest in history in terms of absolute value. Will 2011 be just as good?

Bookoff Corporation

Redefining Japan's Publishing Industry

Japan-based Bookoff has developed a new model for selling used books that is changing the face of Japan's publishing sector and reading environment. What are the secrets of its success?

Taipei's Songshan Airport

Soaring Again, with Direct Tokyo Flights

Things are looking up for Songshan Airport. With a new direct link to Tokyo, it's taking an ever-bigger bite of the commercial market pie, and Taiwan's importance in the Asian airline industry continues to rise.

Vietnam's Noodle King Ly Qui Trung:

I Want to Create 'the McDonald's of the East'

With its sleek, modern interior, Vietnam's popular restaurant chain Pho24 is taking the traditional bowl of noodles to new heights. How did founder Ly Qui Trung win out against the multinational fast food competition?

Huayi Brothers Media Corp.

The Making of China's Mega Movie Studio

Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, China's largest film and TV producer, topped 200 million renminbi in revenue in the first half of this year, but aspires to venture beyond entertainment, into the wider world of cultural industry.

Top 1000 Listed Companies of Greater China

Taking China with Taiwanese Quality

Despite a late start, Taiwan's leading retailer is already a respectable challenger in Shanghai. Now it plans to enter the fray in China's first- and second-tier markets, offering consumers the alternative experience of Taiwanese-style service.

2010 Top 1000 Enterprises

Thriving through Flexibility

The global financial crisis claimed plenty of casualties in Taiwan, but its top enterprises brandished one critical asset that helped many of them thrive: flexibility.

Formosa International Hotels Corporation

Buying Regent, Going Global

At long last, Taiwan's FIHC has acquired the Regent brand. Chairman Steven Pan reveals the strategy he used to close the US$56 million deal, and his company's global ambitions.

Shrinking Consumption Reshuffles Winning Industries

Top 500 Service Enterprises

Feeling the pinch of a straitened economy, Taiwan's service industry suffered a decline in overall revenue in 2009. Yet not all sectors were equally impacted. Flexibility is the key as companies fight for survival under trying conditions.

Lion Travel Tour Guides and Travel Bloggers

The Internet has dramatically changed marketing in the travel industry, and Lion Travel Co. is taking advantage of Web-based social networks to build and expand its customer base.

The Energy ‘Doctors'

Taiwan's New Green-collar Class

A newly emerging class of "green" experts is using specialized knowledge of electronics, physics and refrigeration to help companies save energy and money.

Electronic Books

Who Can Translate Kindle into Chinese?

Amazon's successful e-book reader Kindle has sparked a worldwide craze. Now major Taiwanese companies are hoping to get in on the action. Will any succeed in this fierce contest to create a Kindle for the Chinese-speaking world?

Exclusive Interview: Ou Chin-der

How to Save the High Speed Railway?

An engineer with a public image of a troubleshooting hero, Ou Chin-der is stepping in as the new chairman of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, in the hope of digging the company out of its financial hole. But how?


All the Right Plurks

The Plurking craze has swept over to Taiwan's business sector. And BenQ's affable avatar Ah-Ji the Lion has done particularly well cozying up with Netizens. What is BenQ's secret formula for social media success?

Fortune Motors

Mining Facebook for 40% of Sales

How did a twentysomething salesman with few personal connections make use of the Internet to establish a customer base stretching from Taipei to Jiayi, and rise to the top ten in a sales force of more than 500?

Consumer Trends

Fussy Customers – the New Business Op

A growing cadre of "fussy customers" – shrewd, tech-savvy and hard to please – is making Taiwanese companies pay heavily for mistakes, but some cagey enterprises understand that cracking these tough nuts may be the best path to success.

Cathay Life Insurance

Grabbing China's Insurance Market After 12 Years of Groundwork

The first Taiwanese financial institution to have set up shop in China, Cathay Life also ranks third among foreign insurers in terms of number of sales offices there. What will be its next step?

2009 Top 500 Service Enterprises

Soaring Revenues, Concentrated Growth

Glittering in the face of a lackluster economy, Taiwan's service sector remains remarkably vital. Yet some industries are booming more than others.

Elite Talent Changing Course

High Tech Loses Its Luster

With rising unemployment grabbing the headlines, an important trend in Taiwan's labor market is flying under the radar: The country's top talent is gravitating toward the service sector at the expense of high tech.

The Power of Intelligence

Trade-Van: Pinpointing the Pivotal Product

Managing cohesive electronic logistics intelligence for 15 major chains and two thirds of all manufacturers in Taiwan, Trade-Van also provides marketing information analysis that makes businesses smart about sales.

Taiwan's Media Shake-up

Next Media Gets into TV, Hires Spin Doctor

Just as his flagship Apple Daily has begun to lose money, Hong Kong media baron Jimmy Lai has boldly entered Taiwan's highly competitive cable-TV business, hiring PR veteran King Pu-tsung. What does Lai have up his sleeve?

The Age of Precarious Employment

Temp Work - Trap, or Springboard?

Taiwan has a temporary workforce 150,000-strong, bouncing between short-term positions. How can temps protect their rights? And how can they avoid sliding into a lifetime of odd-jobbing?

Nike Running Club

Building Grassroots Fans to Generate Buying Power

The recession has most companies scaling back their advertising budgets, but Nike is investing big in a different marketing approach: cultivating loyalty at the grassroots level.

How McDonald's Taiwan 'Reads the Air'

Perceiving Customer Needs with all Five Senses

In the quick-paced world of fast food, customer needs and individual preferences are often neglected. How does fast food giant McDonald's train its staff to hone their five senses to grasp what customers want?

Service Innovation:

The New Engine of Growth

Taiwan's top 1000 enterprises are experiencing expanding revenues, but contracting profits. Yet many companies are beginning to turn heads by mining high added-value "service riches."

Acer Unseats Taipower at the Top

Top 500 Service Enterprises

In 2007, Taiwan's service sector finally exceeded NT$6 trillion in revenues. But all was not well, as profitability declined. How did Acer buck the trend and vault pass Taiwan Power Company at the top?

China Mobile

The World's Telecom Behemoth

Boasting 350 million subscribers and 230,000 base stations covering 97 percent of the Middle Kingdom, China Mobile has become the world "telecom giant" within a brief decade.

Taiwan's Top 500 Service Companies

Shifting Markets, Going Global

In 2006, Taiwan’s service sector suffered negative revenue growth for the first time in five years. Yet a market shift has begun to favor those enterprises with global reach.

'Express Enterprises'

Fast, Flexible and Making a Fortune

Able to fill an array of orders with efficiency, precision and a low overhead, Taiwan’s "express enterprises" are the new darlings of the stock market and, increasingly, the secret inside the world’s latest lightweight gadgets.

Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin

A Confucian Capitalist Goes Global

Haier is China’s most respected brand, and its CEO is the country’s most respected business leader. With a determined dedication to quality, China’s premier home appliance brand has now cast its eyes on the world…

Yannick Company

Empire-building Is No Piece of Cake

From a humble cake shop in a small coastal town, Yannick has blossomed into a patisserie chain with millions in annual sales. What challenges did it face on the way?

85。C Cafe Challenges Starbucks

Ordinary Joe Versus the Yuppie

With a 30 percent market share of the Taiwanese coffeehouse/bakery industry, three-year-old 85C is putting the squeeze on Starbucks. What winning elements hide behind its shiny corner-windows?

The Rise of Taiwanese Pastry

Baking Means Big Dough

Taiwan’s homegrown coffee-and-pastry shops are throwing down the gauntlet at the multinational chains, and even beginning to export themselves. Can Taiwan make it on the world munchy map?