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Corporate Citizen (CSR)

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Guest Writer Submission

Is Taiwan Ready for the Circular Economy?

The paradigm shift is likely to disturb and shake up our conventional thinking, but authorities should stop dithering and start educating businesses and consumers on the value of using raw materials in the smartest possible way.

Top Mercedes-Benz Exec Plants Trees, Eats Stinky Tofu

“What’s cool about Taiwan is that it’s got both the mountains and the sea. A city like Taipei has the beautiful forests of Yangmingshan, and just half an hour down the mountain is the gorgeous coast. It’s stunning,” exclaims German national Eckart Mayer, the top executive at a leading automobile importer to Taiwan.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
12 Years of CommonWealth Magazine CSR Awards

Setting Ambitious Standards for Corporate Social Responsibility

Compared with previous years, Taiwanese enterprises made greater progress on the CSR front this time. In 2017 alone, companies poured NT$8.2 billion into charitable donations. The companies that made it into the top 100 corporate citizens employ a total of 460,000 people, accounting for only four percent of Taiwan’s employed workforce. However, these companies generate annual revenue in excess of NT$14 trillion, or 80 percent of the island’s GDP.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Landlord Drafts Tenants to Give Back

Taipei 101: World’s Tallest Public Service Platform

From the world’s tallest building to the world’s tallest green building, Taipei 101 wants to be the world’s most welcoming skyscraper. How will it fulfill this ambition?

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Delta Electronics Inc.

'The Time is Always Right to Do the Right Thing'

For the third year in a row, Delta Electronics has defended its top spot in the CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Citizen Awards rankings of large enterprises. The electronics company’s outstanding performance shows that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a question of good timing; the time is always right to do the right thing, i.e. moving forward with the CSR agenda.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Editor's Pick for Earth Day 2018

Leave No Footprint Taiwan

Each year, April 22 is a day dedicated to raising awareness on environmental issues.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Mercedes-Benz Taiwan

German CEO Takes Lead in Local Reforestation

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, the country’s leading seller of luxury automobiles, continues to rack up sales records year after year. Despite being a foreign corporation, MBT has given back to society through two locally attuned programs.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Water-free Dyeing Puts Taoyuan on the World Map

The textile industry is notorious for using vast amounts of water throughout its milling processes, putting an enormous strain on the planet’s dwindling water resources. But Far Eastern New Century Corp. has had the foresight to invest in a novel “water-free dyeing” technique, saving resources and cutting costs.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Yung Shin Pharm Ind.

Little Giant Serves CSR with Volleyball

From a minor volleyball tournament to one of the biggest sporting events in Taiwan, the Yung Shin Cup is a prime example of private corporate sports sponsorship. Boosting the local economy and community development, the tournament is a platform of exchange for the sports and health communities.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Taiwan’s Sustainability Challenge

Time to Eat a Green Apple

Apple is quietly going green, including making new products out of recycled materials and pushing a 100 percent renewable energy goal for its own stores and suppliers. With Taiwan a critical part of Apple’s supply chain, how will it adapt?

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
2016 Top Corporate Citizen: Lucidity Enterprise

Raising Children, Supporting Seniors

Tainan-based Lucidity Enterprise proves every day that corporate social responsibility transcends deep pockets and resources and that a few simple ideas can make a real difference within a company and throughout society.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
2015 CSR Top 100

Small Giants on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards include the “small giant” category for the first time this year to acknowledge CSR efforts that often outshine those made by Taiwan’s large corporations and foreign enterprises.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
2014 Corporate Citizenship Awards

Corporate Governance: A Matter of Survival

A spate of transportation and industrial mishaps in Taiwan this year has demonstrated the prime importance of corporate governance. Winners of CommonWealth's Citizenship Awards showed how to do it the right way.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
New CSR Award Winners

No Fears When Following the Right Course

The winners of CommonWealth Magazine's newest corporate citizenship awards have begun to reap the benefits of sound CSR practices, demonstrating that what's good for society may also be good for business.

Turning Country Kids into Chemistry Whizzes

BASF Taiwan Ltd. earned honors as one of Taiwan's leading corporate citizens this year with the help of a corporate social responsibility approach that gives ordinary workers a real voice.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
2013 Corporate Citizenship Awards

The Three 'P's' of Competitiveness

The annual awards for corporate social responsibility identify companies with the traits that sustain competitiveness. This year's poll found that the frontrunners not only value "profit," but also "people" and the "planet."

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Taiwan Hitachi Co. Ltd.

Cultivating Taiwan, Creating Local Happiness

Among this year's highest ranking corporate citizens stands a decades-old member of a distinctly conventional industry – air conditioning.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Taiwan's Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2012

Invest in Employees, Beat the Recession

Truly happy enterprises are able to improve employee welfare without increasing costs or undermining growth. Viewing employees as assets is a key to sustainable business.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Planet Technology, Merry Electronics

'Sounding Out' a Beautiful Life

With their small scale and limited resources, isn't it too much to ask SMEs to go full bore on corporate social responsibility? Planet Technology and Merry Electronics are proof positive that SMEs can make a difference.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
2011 Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens

Shattering the Myths of Corporate Social Responsibility

In its fifth annual survey of Taiwan's CSR landscape, CommonWealth Magazine reveals the common strategies that have allowed companies to thrive and help sustain Taiwan's beauty.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Tainan Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Undercover Guardian Angel of Tainan Culture

Adopting public parks, conducting ecological surveys, revitalizing historical sites, caring for the elderly – one company plays a leading role in safeguarding Tainan's heritage. What are its motivations?

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens 2010

The Social Responsibility Race Heats Up

In CommonWealth Magazine's annual survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens, Delta Electronics edged TSMC by the slimmest of margins for the top spot, an indication of just how fierce a battleground corporate social responsibility has become.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Delta Electronics

Public Service Meets Profit

With record net after-tax profits last year, Delta Electronics is living proof that public service and concern for the environment are not antithetical to running a profitable business.

Science-based Company Boosting Science Education

Whether bringing science education to 34 elementary schools with a mobile science van, or helping reconstruct classrooms in the wake of Typhoon Morakot, Bayer Taiwan combines know-how and passion for a different kind of public service.

Knowledge Base Empowers People

With its unique Knowledge Management framework, the engineering firm CTCI provides its personnel with an arsenal of expert advice. What is the secret of this low-profile but high-power knowledge base?

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Top Corporate Citizens 2009

Responsibility Generates Vitality

CommonWealth Magazine's survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens found that in these trying times, being socially responsible is more than a way to build an image or give back to society; it is now critical to reviving sagging bottom lines.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2008

The New Corporate Battleground

"Corporate citizenship" is no longer merely a moral concept to which companies give lip service; it's the new battleground for corporate excellence.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Citizen Economy on the Rise

Cyber Dumplings and Specialty Noodles

From single mothers to disadvantaged families, in every corner of Taiwan, resolute people are developing businesses that help others in life.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Corporate Citizen, Planet Technology

A Classroom of Hope for Disadvantaged Students

One up-and-coming SME has invested NT$50 million to found Taiwan's first educational trust, in the hope of helping students lagging in their studies to get back on track.

Corporate Citizen (CSR)
Corporate Citizen, Hewlett-Packard

The Green Supply Chain

At HP green thinking has become a guiding principle, not only in R&D, design and marketing, but also in its relations with contract manufacturers.

CommonWealth's Top 50 Corporate Citizens

Around the globe, companies are making social responsibility an essential part of their business strategies. In this survey, CommonWealth unveils the most exemplary corporate citizens of Taiwan.