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Reward Work, Not Wealth

Oxfam: 82% of New Wealth Last Year Went to the Richest 1%

According to a new Oxfam report, 82% of the wealth generated last year went to the richest 1% of the global population, while the 3.7 billion people who make up the poorest 50% of the world saw no increase in their wealth. What happened?

Can Small Investments Create Large Returns for Energy Production?

Incoming Premier William Lai is wasting no time, cracking the whip to jumpstart Taiwan’s ambitious new infrastructure program, focusing on green energy, offshore wind farms, digital infrastructure upgrading, and easing employment regulations. Will the government’s strategy of using small investment to stimulate large growth pay off?

Taiwan Social Trust Survey

Judicial Reform Long Overdue

Taiwan is facing many challenges, including a shortage of trust in some key institutions. CommonWealth Magazine’s “Social Trust Survey” reveals the public’s greatest concerns and provides the new government a roadmap for change.

Taiwan's First 'Digital Life Survey'

Who Rules the Cloud?

In its first ever "Digital Life Survey," CommonWealth Magazine found Taiwan's Internet users to be among the most avid fans of social media across the globe, and have distinct online behavior patterns that will dictate how companies position themselves in the future.

Top 10 Hottest Products of 2014

Looking back at 2014, other than a host of shiny new products, retro designs made a big comeback. Will this year's popular commodities blow over, or remain big sellers in the coming year?

Attitudes on Life and Medical Care Survey

Good Death or Poor Life, What Do You Choose

A CommonWealth national survey on attitudes toward end-of-life medical treatment lays bare the struggle between choosing a good way to die for oneself on the one hand and being unable to let go of family members on the other.

Survey of Taiwan's Critical Care Specialists

Futile Medical Treatment Commonplace

Why do terminally ill, dying patients receive futile medical treatment that often prolongs their suffering? CommonWealth Magazine and the non-profit surveyed Taiwan's critical care specialists to get the answer.

Rewriting the Final Chapter of Life

The Need to Let Go

When is it time to say goodbye to loved ones? Taiwan has grappled with the question at great expense, resulting in considerable medical futility in end-of-life care.

2014 CommonWealth Taiwanese Talent Survey

Taiwan's Dire Brain Drain

How competitive are Taiwanese professionals on the international stage? CommonWealth Magazine's latest survey discovered three key factors determining the direction of Taiwanese talent: a stage to perform on, salaries, and ambition.

The 1% vs. the 99%

Taiwan's Vast Wealth Gap

Taiwan's rich-poor divide is at an all-time high, with the top 1 percent of income earners enjoying most of the gains of economic growth. The situation is unlikely to change unless Taiwan overhauls its outdated tax system.

Taking Taiwan's Pulse on Nuclear Power

An Ambivalent No to Nuclear Four

Popular pressure has forced Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant to be put on hold. CommonWealth Magazine's latest survey looks more closely at what the public was thinking and if it is ready for the consequences.

2013 CommonWealth Survey of Junior High Students

Prospects Dubious Without New Approaches

Taiwan's 12-year national education system formally goes into effect in 2014. At this juncture, CommonWealth has undertaken a survey that takes us into the classroom in search of a new direction for Taiwanese education.

Entrepreneurship Survey

Kick-starting the Dream

Nearly three out of four Taiwanese want to start their own business. But how does ambition differ from reality? CommonWealth Magazine compares the expectations of the public with the experiences of ten top entrepreneurs.

Cross-strait Youth Culture

The Post-90 Generation

The new generation of Taiwanese and Chinese youngsters born in the 1990s differs from any other that preceded it. How will they change the future on both sides of the Strait?

Higher Education Survey

66% of Professors: We Don't Oppose School Closures!

Taiwan's universities have slid into a quagmire of diminished performance. CommonWealth Magazine's first poll of university educators seeks to find a way out for higher education.

Guey Lin Elementary School

A Heaping Helping of Healthful Greens

When other schools are promoting just one veggie day a week, this grade school in rural Yunlin County has already made it four, and inspired the whole community to focus on healthy living.

Happiness Index Survey

Seeking Taiwan's Happiness Equation

In the first survey of its kind, CommonWealth Magazine ponders five key metrics measuring the well-being of Taiwanese society.

How to Become More Competitive:

Embrace Happiness

How can Taiwan survive in a competitive world market and enable its citizens to find satisfaction with their lives? The answer is: Change, on both the national and personal level.

Survey of Taiwanese Teens

Survey of Taiwanese Teens

CommonWealth Magazine's civic education survey found that Taiwan's Internet-savvy teens strongly support equal rights but have confused core values that could complicate a push toward "digital citizenship."

Taiwan's Future Leaders

Building Their Own Stages to Shine On

The future belongs to those who create their own opportunities. CommonWealth Magazine looks at some of the future leaders who will reshape Taiwan in the years to come.

Education Survey

Science Losing Luster among Taiwan's Students

Nearly 70 percent of Taiwan's secondary students say they like science, but 80 percent do not want to become scientists. CommonWealth Magazine's 2010 Education Survey reveals they are being turned off by the way science is taught.

Green Consumer Behavior Survey

Taiwanese Embrace a Green Premium

Environmental consciousness is higher than ever among the Taiwanese public, particularly women, middle-aged and older consumers. Precisely where on Taiwan do the green business opportunities abound?

The 'Bubble' Decade

The 21st Century's 10 Most Absurd Phenomena

The world will soon enter the second decade of the 21st century as 2010 rolls in. For many, the first decade will be remembered for burst bubbles, and Taiwan was no exception.

The Hottest Industry of 2010

Surveying the Digital TV Battleground

The wave of digital TV upgrades sweeping across Europe, the U.S. and Japan is coming to Taiwan. With electronics, telecom, and media giants on board, the battle for this NT$800 billion market heats up. Who will emerge on top in this visual revolution?

Life Education Survey

Have Taiwan's Students 'Lost Their Direction'?

What does the new generation of Taiwanese expect out of life, and what difficulties do they encounter? Lacking role models to inspire them, the island's young urgently need to find their way in the world.

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Barry Lam's Star on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine's list of Taiwan's 10 "Most Admired Entrepreneurs" has seen its biggest upheaval in 15 years after the country's legendary “god of management” passed away.

Consumer Behavior Survey

The Rise of the Cyber Complaint

Dissatisfied customers who don't complain on the spot pose the greatest hidden threat to retailers. But dealing with them isn't easy, because, as a recent CommonWealth Magazine survey shows, no two are exactly alike.

Prime Single Ladies

A Bright Spot in a Dull Economy

Independent living, autonomous spending, not following the crowd – Taiwan's 530,000 single women around the age of 40 are a hot new consumer block willing to yield to the urge to splurge.

University Student Survey

The Age of High Unemployment: Students, Are You Ready?

With more and more people holding higher degrees, and university educations holding less value in the marketplace, new college grads face a harsh labor environment. Are they prepared for the challenges?

Innovation and Resolve

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

The ranks of Taiwan's top ten most respected business leaders are filled with familiar faces this year – legends of industry sharing certain qualities that have led to great success.

2008 Tax Reform Opinion Survey

Cut Taxes, but Make the Wealthy Pay More

CommonWealth Magazine recently conducted Taiwan's first-ever general survey on how Taiwanese people view the tax system and their expectations for tax reform. Here's what they had to say.

2008 Top CEO National Policy Survey

The Executive Take on the Presidential Election

What kind of expectations does Taiwan’s business community have toward the next president? In the run-up to elections, CommonWealth Magazine surveys the anxieties and hopes of Taiwanese execs.

Youth Dream Survey

M-shaped Dreams: Does Social Status Determine Opportunity?

What do Taiwan’s two million students think about themselves, society and the educational system? What is the difference between their reality and the perceptions of their parents and society?

Insider Trading Crackdown

Are Prosecutors Running the Country?

With prosecutors aggressively clamping down on financial irregularities, Taiwan's corporate world is beginning to panic. Will these crackdowns restore order and promote fairer competition? Or are they an impediment to business?

The Happy Workers Awards

Getting Employees to Love

What kind of employer can get employees to love their jobs? Four companies have won the Happy Workers Awards for winning the hearts and minds of their workers.

Top 1,000: HR Strategies and Favored College Graduates

The Wish List: Sales, R&D, Quality Control

Over three-quarters of Taiwan's top 1,000 enterprises are planning to hire first-time job seekers this year. Which industries offer the highest salaries? And what qualities are they hoping to encounter in fresh recruits?