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Investigative Reporting

Investigative Reporting
Taiwanese Academics

Undercutting the Academic System

Taiwanese academics find themselves fatally attracted to conferences and journals offering easy and fast publication of such papers and less than rigorous peer reviews. In the second half of CommonWealth Magazine’s investigation on Taiwan’s mingling with predatory publishers, we take a look at how and why the phenomenon has taken hold.

Investigative Reporting
Predatory Journals

Commercial Academic Publishing Preying on Taiwan

A CommonWealth Magazine investigation has found that many Taiwanese academics are publishing articles in dubious “predatory journals” in relatively high numbers. What is going on and how is it affecting the country’s academic community?

Investigative Reporting
Taiwan’s First Big Data Air Pollution Analysis

Uncovering an Emissions Controversy

Pollution data suggests Taiwan’s air quality should be getting better. But a CommonWealth Magazine investigation has found that the data may be tainted, with companies using various tactics to hide high air pollution emissions readings. 

Investigative Reporting
Behind the Digital Newsroom

‘Taiwan: The Water-Starved Island’ Interactive Maps

When CommonWealth Magazine ran a series earlier this year on “Taiwan: The Water-starved Island,” then digital editor Jessica Liu had barely a month to put together a digital package for the project. Here’s the back story on how the maps were done.

Investigative Reporting
Paradise Papers Fallout

The Undiscovered Asian Offshore Tax Haven

CommonWealth Magazine has been scouring the Paradise Papers since their release in late 2017 and discovered that one of Taiwan’s wealthiest families has parked a large share of its assets in overseas tax havens. At the same time, Taiwan was recently ranked as one of the world’s most financially secretive countries. Is Taiwan really that deeply tied to the seamy world of money laundering and tax evasion?

Investigative Reporting
Where Has All the Water Gone?

Taiwan: The Water-starved Island

Taiwan has extensive water resources and a strong network of reservoirs, yet still faces water shortages. CommonWealth Magazine takes a look at the key reasons why, including problems lurking below the surface of the reservoirs themselves.  

Investigative Reporting
Manpower Employment Outlook Survey First Quarter of 2018

Taiwan Has the Best Employment Outlook?

In a new year when the global economy is expected to grow and employers are planning to hire more, how come laborers are not responding accordingly to this seemingly prosperous job market?

Investigative Reporting
Fish Depletion in the Taiwan Strait

A China-made Environmental Catastrophe

CommonWealth Magazine reporters went out on the Taiwan Strait to tell the story of the mullet trade. What they saw was the encroachment of Chinese fishing boats in Taiwanese waters and the environmental catastrophe those vessels are creating.

Where Does Our Fish Come From?

Taiwan is the fourth largest fish consumer in the world, however, Fisheries Statistic Yearbook shows that Taiwan’s coastal fisheries have only 160,000 metric tons of fish left now. Are Taiwan’s coastal fisheries and waters overfished?  Do we know where the fish we eat comes from?

Investigative Reporting
Confessions of Bicycle Parts Giant SRAM:

'We Had No Choice' but to Use Farmland

The factories clustered northwest of Taichung established Taiwan’s fame as a “bicycle kingdom.” But component maker SRAM, a pioneer in cutting-edge shifting systems, has had to resort to building factories on adjacent agricultural land.

Investigative Reporting
Battling the Spread of Illegal Factories

Taiwan’s Industrial Land Crisis

Thousands of Taiwanese factories are operating illegally on land zoned for agricultural use. In many cases, they want to become legal but have found few options for doing so, in part because of land speculation and mismanagement. Is there any hope to solve this problem?

Investigative Reporting
Panama Papers

Spurring Taiwan to Action on Taxes

Though there were no smoking guns related to Taiwan in the Panama Papers, the renewed attention on the global use of tax havens to avoid taxes could finally spur Taiwan's Legislature to action on long-stalled anti-tax avoidance amendments.

Investigative Reporting
'Banana Kingdom' No Longer

Taiwan's Farmers under Assault

Taiwanese consumers have gotten into the habit of buying a banana at convenience stores, but that banana may ultimately stir up nightmares for Taiwan's farmers. CommonWealth Magazine takes you behind the scenes to explain why.

Investigative Reporting
Offshore Tax Havens

Taiwan's NT$300 Billion Drain

While Taiwan loses billions in tax revenue to overseas tax havens, the rest of the world is chasing down its rich tax dodgers. Why is Taiwan still taking a hands-off approach?

Investigative Reporting
Offshore Tax Havens

Where Taiwan's Billionaires Stash Their Cash

Are the offshore dealings of Taiwan's billionaires legal wealth management, or do they border on financial crime? Leaked information on companies, trusts and tax haven funds gives us a glimpse of the financial dealings of the super-rich.

Investigative Reporting
Taiwan's Offshore Island of Siao Liouciou

Underwater Cleanup Brigade

With coral reefs in peril, along with the fish they support, this little island's tourism industry operators have taken a very hands-on approach to the problem of underwater trash.

Investigative Reporting
Survey of Taiwan's Land Resources

'River of Life' Lost

Southern Taiwan's landscape has undergone a shocking transformation since being pummeled by Typhoon Morakot last August. What has happened to the land of Taiwan?

Investigative Reporting
Typhoon Morakot Disaster

The Warning from Buried Siaolin

CommonWealth Magazine investigates why Taiwan's national land policies have been stymied and why authorities have sat on the sidelines as the problem festers.

Investigative Reporting
Eyewitness Account

Hard Rains Fall

Typhoon Morakot pounds southern Taiwan, and a CommonWealth Magazine reporter, having visited just days before to investigate the area's drought, returns to find the once parched earth buried under churning waves.

Investigative Reporting
Taiwan's Climatic Extremes

Fatal Water

With the arrival of Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan suddenly swung from drought to flooding. How are the woes of water altering life in Taiwan, and what can Taiwan do about it?

Investigative Reporting
Dounan's Gutsy Experiment:

Little Landlord, Big Tenant-farmer

Dounan in Yunlin County has become Taiwan's biggest growing area for potatoes and carrots, with the two crops bringing in NT$200 million annually. No longer is an NT$1 million a year salary an unreachable dream for farmers.

Taiwan's Fractured Farmlands

High oil prices and food shortages are suddenly making globalization seem less than invincible. As local economies regain the initiative, can Taiwan's land and farm policies keep pace with the modern era?